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  1. WinVice fullscreen problem through Rocket Launcher

    Well, I've got it working, and I found the problem. I was trying to use The cycle exact x64sc. Apparently, that isn't compatible with RL. Looks like you have to use the basic x64. All good now, and looking all retro spiffy with the nice bezel you sent me. Thanks a bunch! :-)
  2. WinVice fullscreen problem through Rocket Launcher

    Awesome! Thanks! I should be able to figure out what the problem is with the .ini. and your bezel looks much more retro than the one I'm using now. :-)
  3. WinVice fullscreen problem through Rocket Launcher

    Okay, I just updated. I had a slightly older version, but I still have the same problem. Is it possible to send your vice.ini? Seems like I have something set that doesn't like working with RL. Also, where did you get your bezel? I like the one you're using a lot! :-) @Zombeaver As for CCS64, it was one of the first emulators I ever used way back in the late 90s. I left it after I found WinVICE. I did try CCS64 again using the latest version, but I still hate the menu interface. I ran into problems using it with RL too. I also don't like the idea of using RetroArch for computer emulation. I am, however, using it for every console I emulate. So the quest to fix WinVICE with RL and bezels is still on. :-) Thanks for the suggestion though.
  4. WinVice fullscreen problem through Rocket Launcher

    Can you tell me what version of WinVICE you're using? I'd like to stick with WinVICE. Been using it for years. I know it pretty well. :-)
  5. WinVice fullscreen problem through Rocket Launcher

    Thanks for the help! :-) I tried changing some stuff based on what you said, and I do now have fullscreen, but it doesn't work well with bezels. WinVICE crashed, locked and I had to reboot to get it out of memory. Do you use bezels with WinVice?
  6. WinVICE will not go completely fullscreen when loading through Rocket Launcher. I always have the "status" bar at the bottom like it's windowed. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks in advance!
  7. I've also been having the same issue. Multiple approved to delete watermarked images, but they never go anywhere.
  8. Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    I absolutely agree! There are at least 3 different variations of a lot of devs and pubs.
  9. Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    I have a question that's not covered in the guidelines. Should developer and publisher be full names, like "MicroProse Software, Inc." or just "MicroProse"? I'm asking because sometimes the company or organization can change and be a completely different group, but only have changed "Inc.", "Ltd." or something similar.
  10. Add To Games DB

    I seem to be having an intermittent problem with it entering the year. It happened with once last night entering Space Taxi for C64. I have the correct date in, 01/01/1984, but it ended up entering 2017 (year only.) It just happened again with M.U.L.E. for MS-DOS. The year in LaunchBox is 01/01/1983, but it entered in 2017 with "Year Only" ticked again. It's also entering Max Players: 1 when there is no field in Launchbox for that. M.U.L.E. would be Max Players: 4. Might be better if it didn't enter Max Players, than enter possibly incorrect info. This really is one of, if not THE best plugin for LaunchBox though. Thanks for making it and working on it.
  11. Is there any way I can do a mass edit and change the root folder of all of my DOS games at once? Launchbox defaults it to the specific games directory, which is incompatible with some games. I'd like to just do a mass edit and change them to my DOS root folder. There is no option in the mass editor, and I've tried to change them all in the MS-DOS.xml with Notepad++, but the changes don't reflect when I load LaunchBox again.
  12. Can anyone help me on box dimensions

    I would think that as long at it's within the height and width dimensions of the box art it would be fine. I don't think anyone will care much if the depth is off a little.
  13. Awesome job! Thank you SO much! This is extremely useful. Especially the log file! Makes me wish I could make plugins. Only saw one thing that could be better. Can you get the "MS-DOS Games in your library not found on GamesDatabase" list alphabetized?
  14. Commodore 64 Fan Made Box Fronts

    I'm a Commie user and went to college for graphic design, and I can say these are very nicely done! I appreciate the hard work. Did you use Illustrator?
  15. MS-DOS or Windows GameDB entry

    I don't think you'd have to reorganize you're setup if the database changes, but the database change would be nice for the people that want the choice of separating those platforms.