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  1. I absolutely agree! There are at least 3 different variations of a lot of devs and pubs.
  2. I have a question that's not covered in the guidelines. Should developer and publisher be full names, like "MicroProse Software, Inc." or just "MicroProse"? I'm asking because sometimes the company or organization can change and be a completely different group, but only have changed "Inc.", "Ltd." or something similar.
  3. I seem to be having an intermittent problem with it entering the year. It happened with once last night entering Space Taxi for C64. I have the correct date in, 01/01/1984, but it ended up entering 2017 (year only.) It just happened again with M.U.L.E. for MS-DOS. The year in LaunchBox is 01/01/1983, but it entered in 2017 with "Year Only" ticked again. It's also entering Max Players: 1 when there is no field in Launchbox for that. M.U.L.E. would be Max Players: 4. Might be better if it didn't enter Max Players, than enter possibly incorrect info. This really is one of, if not THE best plugin for LaunchBox though. Thanks for making it and working on it.
  4. Is there any way I can do a mass edit and change the root folder of all of my DOS games at once? Launchbox defaults it to the specific games directory, which is incompatible with some games. I'd like to just do a mass edit and change them to my DOS root folder. There is no option in the mass editor, and I've tried to change them all in the MS-DOS.xml with Notepad++, but the changes don't reflect when I load LaunchBox again.
  5. I would think that as long at it's within the height and width dimensions of the box art it would be fine. I don't think anyone will care much if the depth is off a little.
  6. Awesome job! Thank you SO much! This is extremely useful. Especially the log file! Makes me wish I could make plugins. Only saw one thing that could be better. Can you get the "MS-DOS Games in your library not found on GamesDatabase" list alphabetized?
  7. I'm a Commie user and went to college for graphic design, and I can say these are very nicely done! I appreciate the hard work. Did you use Illustrator?
  8. I don't think you'd have to reorganize you're setup if the database changes, but the database change would be nice for the people that want the choice of separating those platforms.
  9. @SentaiBradDo you know if we will see Win3.x or Win9x platforms in the database anytime soon? It'd solve a lot of my organization problems.
  10. I agree. If the binary is designed for a specific system, even if it's repackaged in an emulator or virtualization for a different system, no matter who repackaged it, it's still a binary for the original system. It's not a game for the new system whether you can run it there or not. A DOS game on Windows is still just a DOS game on Windows, it's not now a Windows game.
  11. The problem with C64 box sizes is that back then there wasn't really a standard. I've had quite a few over time and almost none were the same size. I do know, however, that they were all wider than a cassette case in their dimensions. They all varied in depth, height and width. I know that doesn't help much, but it is a little info.
  12. Awesome! I'll check it out ASAP.
  13. I've always hated the way the screenshot output from emulators (DOSBox, WinVICE) for older games give you a squashed looking screenshot, and I'm sure many of you do too. There is a technical reason for this that I won't go into, but I do have a solution. I was searching around today so I could try to fix all of my odd sized screenshots and found Fotosizer. I'm not sure of the rules of posting external links, even though it's not my software, but it's free and easy to find. For those of us that contribute screenshots to the database, I believe this will really help with the quality of the shot. I'm going to be uploading my shots with the aspect fixed. All you have to do is drag and drop your shots to the program, set the software to do a stretched output, and set it to 640 width and 480 height. Hit start and they'll look like they're supposed to. I can try to help if anyone needs it, because I really like the uniformity and professional look of the screenshots after correcting their aspect ratio.
  14. Yep, that fixed the ones that were messed up and new ones work too. I do have a request though. Can you please make an Unset All button so you don't have to go through and unset each individual game? I have tons of incorrect matches because the games don't exist in the database yet. I'm going to use your plugin not only to find matches, but also to find the games that aren't in the database yet and enter them, it'll be an invaluable tool for that too. Thanks for all the great and fast work BTW.
  15. Cool. Thanks. I'll try it out.