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  1. @Jason Carr Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. Nothing was changed in MS-DOS (Platform), except adding PC Booters (Playlist) and now MS-DOS (Platform) is at the top of the platforms list. Am I missing something? It should stay in its sorted position, right?
  2. Hello @Jason Carr I figured it got missed. No problem, and thanks for looking into it. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Anyone else having this problem, and is this going to be fixed?
  4. Here are a couple of screenshots. It's a handful of games. Seems to be any game that contains the same word as a 1 word named game.
  5. Hmm, the problem I'm having doesn't have to do with downloading images. All the correct images download to the correct games, but once everything is downloaded correctly, I click on them and they are sharing images. Psycho pinball had images from Psycho (an adventure game) and Elite Plus (a VGA game) had images from Elite (a EGA game.)
  6. I've got a couple of games I had to rename and redownload their images because they are grouping images together as if they are the same game. Examples are Psycho and Psycho Pinball, and Eilte and Elite Plus. As a temporary workaround, I renamed Psycho to Psycho: Arcade Quest and I renamed Elite Plus to Elite+.
  7. Ranthalion75

    LaunchBox.Next Now Available

    Weird, With the new version of .Next, any DOS game I edit no longer loads. Nothing at all, doesn't even start DOSBox. ๐Ÿคจ Ahh, no, it's a mounting problem. If I add a mounted image, it no longer launches DOSBox. Looks like only CD-ROM mounts do it. Not floppy. Okay, it was because of mounting an image with an ' in the file name. No error saying why it wasn't loading DOSBox. I renamed the image without the '. From Dragon's Lair to Dragons Lair and it now works. But LaunchBox gives no error about it, and I believe it used to.
  8. I've hit the weirdest problem with LaunchBox (both LaunchBox and LaunchBox.Next). It's mounting a default directory even when it doesn't exist in the setup. I've tried looking in the data files and didn't see anything, but I'm no expert on LB. This happens with any DOS game I've tried using with a different emulator. When I use basic DOSBox it's fine. When I try to use another version from the "Emulators" list it seems to be using a .conf from somewhere else. But I can't find it anywhere. Here's the setup: Then I get this: The "D:\Launchbox\Games\MS-DOS\HDD\TOMBRAID" isn't in my setup anywhere as you can see. I've even deleted the previous setup completely and added Tombraider again from scratch and nothing changes. Thanks guys, Ranth
  9. Ranthalion75

    What about BigBox updates???

    Sad to hear about the bezels, but very happy about the pause menu. ๐Ÿ™‚
  10. Ranthalion75

    LaunchBox.Next Missing Features Thread

  11. Ranthalion75

    LaunchBox.Next Missing Features Thread

    Has anyone brought up the missing feature when adding a new game, LaunchBox should highlight (select) that game on finishing the addition? .Next doesn't. Hope I'm not bringing up something that has already been mentioned. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚
  12. Thanks! I had these set up a while back and reformatted and forgot about them. I'm set up again! ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. Ranthalion75

    Add To Games DB

    I'm having the same problem.
  14. Ranthalion75

    Need help getting WinUAE to work with Rocket Launcher's Multigame

    I did post my other topic on the RL forums, but I didn't get a response there either.
  15. Hey guys, I can't change disks using the RocketLauncher pause menu when running multi-disk Amiga games through WinUAE. I disabled the pause function in WinUAE because my RL Pause menu is activated by the pause button on the keyboard. So, that isn't a problem any longer. But when I select the second disk, it doesn't do anything at all. It just takes me back to the emulator and no disks are swapped. Thanks!