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  1. @neil9000 No, no plugins or external programs. It's a pretty simple build that I made for my son about 8 months ago. Just LaunchBox/BigBox and RetroArch doing all the emulation. I was just adding some games to it when this started happening. I did just check under "Manage Platforms" like you said and the affected platforms do have the path set as "Front" instead of "Box - Front". I believe you that this is not a LaunchBox problem and something else is afoot. But at least knowing there is a simple way to change it built into the software and that this is likely how the change was made does make
  2. I have also just noticed that it isn't every platform where this is happening. Some platforms do still appear to be using "Box - Front". @neil9000 might you have any idea how LaunchBox could be made to start using a different folder like this? Is there a setting that can be changed somewhere or a value in an xml file that could make it look to a different folder? If I can get some grasp on how a change like this happened and how it can be reversed I'd feel a lot more comfortable.
  3. I've noticed that all of a sudden, many of my box covers are missing or incorrect in the UI even though the files exist in what I thought was the correct folder. I did some investigating and it seems like the folder under "LaunchBox\Images\{PLATFORM}" where 2D front box cover images are stored was changed from "Box - Front" to "Front". This is not a change that I made. In fact, if there is a way within LaunchBox to make changes to the folder structure it uses for images I'm not aware of it. So, I'm assuming this change was made during a recent update. If that is the case, I would imagine there
  4. I just started dabbling with emulating Nintendo Satellaview with RetroArch. There are some quirks to say the least. Many of the games had 4 episodes that were released one week after the other. I know for certain that the game 'BS The legend of Zelda: Ancient Stone Tablets' which had 4 weekly episodes, uses a common game save for all 4 parts. Typically, you would have to rename your .srm file to match the rom name of whichever week you are going to play so that your progress loads correctly. I've come up with a method, using symlinks and clever file naming, to make it so that you never ha
  5. @Orionsangel your bezels are fantastic! Great work! I have a humble request. Would you be willing to make bezels for the Wii, SNES MSU-1, Famicom Disk System, Super Game Boy, SuperGrafx, OpenBOR, MUGEN and Japanese Mega Drive (you mentioned in your post about the Mega Drive Japan bezel for HyperspaceMadness's Reflection Shaders that it was a rework of the original but I can't find a Japan Mega Drive bezel in the pack you linked in the first post)? One more thing. It seems like for most of the bezels you've made, the borderless versions are based on the the plain versions. That is, th
  6. Yes, in fact here is everything from my AutoHotkey tabs under the pause screen tab for RetroArch. I have not changed anything from the defaults.
  7. I use an Xbox 360 wireless controller and I have the pause menu toggle set to the Xbox guide button. I only have a handful of systems and I'm using RetroArch to emulate everything. I am seeing some very strange behavior with my pause menu. Save/Load state just does not work from the pause menu. When I try to save or load a state it just takes me back to the game. It is not interacting with RetroArch to save the state because I am not getting a notification from RetroArch that the state has been saved and if I go into the RetroArch menu there are no states saved. If I save a state through the R
  8. Yes that is correct. The RetroArch core lr-mame2015 is based on 0.160. I had a complete set of 0.159 which is what lr-mame2014 was based on back when it was still a thing, so I just wanted to upgrade one version to get it fully compatible with lr-mame2015.
  9. Thanks, I didn't think of using MAME to see what I'm missing. The results above are from hittin "Scan" on the scanner which picks up from your previous scan. I thought that would be fine and save me a ton of time. I guess I was wrong though because I did a "New Scan" overnight and it came back showing that I was missing a bunch of stuff (much more than just 3 ROMs). Either way the reults I got from my original post seem weird. I'm piecing together the missing bits now.
  10. I just finished updating a MAME set with clrmamepro. I did an initial scan on the set. Then I used the rebuilder with update packs as well as some other ROMs I had to track down myself based on what the initial scan results told me I was missing. Now when I run a scan after the rebuild the scan results are completely empty which I think is what I want to see because I think it means there was nothing missing and no problems found. But the statistics window shows that I am missing 3 ROMs. Nprmally the scan results would tell me exactly which 3 ROMs so I'm at a loss. How can I figure out what is
  11. I'll be darned. Thank you @neil9000. Based on the info you provided I think I was also trying to use RetroArch's disc control incorrectly altogether regardless of LaunchBox. It's been a while since I've messed with multi-disc game emulation. But it is working perfectly. Thanks again.
  12. Back in January we got: I am struggling to get this feature to work. Currently the only system I am working with that this feature applies to is Sony Playstation. I am using RetroArch with the mednafen_psx_libretro core for PS1. I have checked the box in the column "Use M3U Playlists for Multiple Discs" under "Associated Platforms". I then imported my ps1 games. I have several multi-disc games. My games are in CHD format. Each multi-disc game gets imported as a single game with multiple apps, which I believe is as it should be. However, when I look in the "Games\Sony Playstation" folde
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