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  1. The roms are renamed according to the Hyperlist database (xml files). Do you think I shouldn't modify the names of the roms of the No-Intro sets?
  2. I have all the Snes roms (No-Intro) renamed as they are in the Hyperspin XML DB (807 total). When I import the roms from Launchbox and check the Emumovies option (videos HQ), I only care about 300 videos when they should be at least 807. Why does this happen?
  3. I have the same problem. Only playstation games adds the first. For example: Final Fantasy VII (USA) (CD 1) Final Fantasy VII (USA) (2 CD) Final Fantasy VII (USA) (CD 3) In Launchbox only leaves Final Fantasy VII , the rest is missing
  4. Ok, no problem. But is there any way to do the following? I have the DB of Hyperspin with NEC Turbografx CD and NEC PC Engine CD. I Have the roms in folders separate. How could I have 2 system in Launchbox? NEC Turbografx CD is easy because it is default, but how can I include the NEC PC Engine CD outside of Turbografx CD. Sorry for my english. Bing Translator
  5. Can you get separated NEC PC Engina and Nec PC Turbografx ?? In RLauncher is ok Also in NEC PC Engine CD and NEC PC Turbografx CD
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