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  1. I said No-Intro to say something, but I meant the entire set of games on those platforms.
  2. Can someone tell me how many gigabytes a Playstation 1, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Game Cube, Sega Saturn, Sony PSP and Sony Playstation 2 No-Intro set takes up? I mean uncompressed, no zip, rar or 7z.
  3. I have the latest Beta from two weeks ago, but I think it's not the one from yesterday. I'm going to install it.
  4. Because the rest of the themes have a lot of screenshots. Anyway, it's just a request. By the way, version 2.8 gives me an error. I get a window with a lot of text and the game detail panel does not change anything.
  5. Can yoy upload more screenshots? There are very few images. It could look a lot more if you take 20 or 30 screenshots.
  6. How much is the total cost of all three servers? If it can be known. It has to be enough.
  7. The patchs are downnloaded of Romhaking?
  8. The truth is that My PC is quite fast considering the processor I have: Intel Core i3-8109U, in an Intel NUC barebone. The normal thing is that it appears in about 10-15 seconds.
  9. 700 wheel setup? What does it mean, 700 games?
  10. Ok, and if the name of the game in spanish is in "Alternative names" (option of edit game), does LB detect it?
  11. Can anyone please confirm that the videos must have the same game title to play and what if the same game, with another region and title, does not play the video?
  12. Does the Emumovie video have to have the exact title name for it to play? I have the Spanish region of "Pokemon - Crystal Edition". It's called "Pokemon - Edicion Cristal" and since it doesn't have the same title, the video doesn't play.
  13. Does the loading bar scroll and is the percentage displayed?
  14. I have been playing Bubble Bobble and my score has not been added to Hiscore. I have played the Japan rom version 0.1 and USA version 1.0 and in neither of them my score is added. I have tried several games and they all work. So it must be something specific to Bubble Bobble, because all other games work fine with MAME. @jason carr
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