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  1. Hi guys, thought I'd post this here as I imagine we have a few Streets of Rage fans on the forum, Streets of Rage Remake has had an unexpected and very substantial update. The latest version includes the following: - Full 16:9 widescreen support for the main game and for Sormaker mods - 15 New tracks (both remixes and original) from BGM1401 - New scenes added and graphics updated throughout the game - All new intro and updated graphics for endings, main menu, and shop - AI has been hugely improved, providing a better challenge and better balance - Achievements added - Ov
  2. Yeah, I thought this was what the feature was for, I don't change themes for the exact same reason.
  3. World Heroes has a character named Dio.
  4. Seeing as the x68000 has a lot of excellent ports of arcade games and was a development machine for a lot of those games, I'd go with that.
  5. According to this thread: You can use --fullscreen as the command line parameter for that emulator.
  6. If there only was some sort of archive organisation for Redump files for Playstation.
  7. I would just ditch those and get Redump ROMs.
  8. Do you have the correct BIOS files in your Retroarch/system folder? https://docs.libretro.com/library/pcsx_rearmed/#bios
  9. No problem, if you have any questions setting stuff up don't be afraid to ask here on the forums or in the Launchbox Discord server.
  10. Yeah, I had an issue where some of the mp3 files from Emumovies were bad. This sounds like a similar issue. You can replace the mp3 files to resolve that issue I guess.
  11. Have you played the mp3 files outside of Launchbox, like in VLC or Windows Media Player? Do they sound ok there?
  12. Well that isn't very motivational to hear as a moderator. 🤔
  13. It's always a good idea to edit your post with your solution in case someone encounters the same thing in future and can find it easily on the forum using a search. Kudos!
  14. https://www.fbalpha.com/manual/
  15. Have you tested it with the start menu in the normal position?
  16. And also always test to see if the games run in the emulator itself before you start thinking about importing the games to LaunchBox.
  17. Have you asked on the RetroArch forums or in their Discord? Probably the first port of call.
  18. I wonder is there some setting in your global retroarch.cfg that your system can't handle? Have you tried backing up the retroarch.cfg file in your RetroArch folder and running RetroArch to generate a new clean config file?
  19. As an aside, I'd recommend Redream over Flycast.
  20. That's great, this is one of the features from the poll that I was excited about. @Lordmonkus time for me to get more Fakey McFakerton Points!
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