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  1. ScummVM Backup Discs Pack

    This is a ScummVM discs pack that goes along very nicely with Klopjero's 3D boxes REDUX set.
    Bear in mind that even though they have LaunchBox nomenclature for their naming, a lot of these files could not match the ones in your set, as ScummVM has different naming conventions.
    I am adding in here a clear disc (named #Base.png) for anybody to add any clear logos they want.

    In action:


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  2. Big Box Wallpapers for loading time

    I made these wallpapers so when my Windows session starts and goes into BigBox, the transition is seamless. I figured why not share them with the community, as somebody might find them useful.
    Remove/hide the icons from your desktop, hide the taskbar and mouse cursor, and you are good to go.


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  3. 'Recently Played' Playlist Video and Clear Logo (2 versions)

    Hey guys!
    In the last few days I added the 'Recently Played' auto-populating playlist to my set, and I was bummed to realize that there is no media for this category (that I could find), so I went ahead and created two simple videos and a clear logo to go with them.
    I am nowhere near the great video creators from this forum (I would have loved to make a video with a synced equalizer, and graphics flying all over the place hehe), so be easy on me.
    Option 1
    Disclaimer; the video source clips and song are from Polygon.com by Reverse Enginears featuring P Sus. I edited stuff in and out, changed resolutions, times, blurs, fades, etc.

    Recently Played.mp4  
    Option 2 (ALT)
    Disclaimer; the video source is a fan-video made by Kriskappashox and FreankExpo's Staff. The song used is "Donkey Kong REMIX [Super Bass Boosted]" by San Holo.

    Recently Played ALT.mp4  
    Option 3 (ALT 2)
    Disclaimer; the video source is from YT user 4096 called "Evolution of Game Cartridge". The song used is "Donkey Kong REMIX [Super Bass Boosted]" by San Holo.

    Recently Played ALT 2.mp4  
    You can also grab the logo I made that goes along with the videos. The bitten gamepad is based on an idea from designevo.

    If somebody wants to improve or create a video/logo for this category, please be my guest; the more options the merrier


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  4. Unified Theme Overlays Pack (+200 in 3 versions)

    Following @CriticalCid awesome Unified theme project, and so you can seamlessly transition from the theme to the emulator, this pack consists of each of the +200 system backgrounds, made as overlays in 1080p, 3 variations each.
    IMPORTANT (In case you will be using these pngs with Retroarch):
    Overlays require at least one image (.png) and a configuration file (.cfg) in order to activate them. The configuration file should have the exact same name as the image file. DO NOT use spaces in the filenames (for this pack you will need to remove the spaces from the file names). These files (the png and its corresponding cfg) should be placed together in the libretro overlay folder. In order to activate an overlay, go to the RetroArch Settings menu. Find the Onscreen Display submenu. From this menu you can activate the Overlay system and select which overlay file to display.  
    4:3 with integer scale

      4:3 with integer scale and a drop shadow

      4:3 full screen


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