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  1. I agree this frontend runs terrible. I remember when I bought a premium license a couple of years ago it was so fast now after every update it gets slower and slower.
  2. Okay running this version of Mupen http://www.emucr.com/2018/10/m64p-20181016.html Much better performance and it actually upscale's in HD.
  3. Sorry stupid bad typing I meant PS2 emulation.
  4. I am using these cores in PJ64 https://github.com/gonetz/GLideN64/issues/1574 I tried them in Mupen64GUI but I had video judder issues with vysnc on and Star Wars Rouge Squad had massive graphic corruption, in retroarch it crashes and only PJ64 can run it properly with the GlideN64 WIP plugins. With Retroarch which can run simpler games like Mario 64 and Zelda 64 the Mupen core again as video judder with vsync on but the parallel_n64_libretro runs it smooth. I also upscale everything so I get at least 1080p HD graphics in N64. Maybe Mupen64 works better at native Parallel core at 480p which with a gaming PC I won't bother with i want to play it in 1080p or higher.
  5. No problem. I just messed around with M64p with the Retroarch cores and even messed around with the standalone M64p and I find the performance lacking compared to P64. Of course I still can't believe the sorry state of N64 emulation and don't even get me started on Saturn. It seems the higher end systems like Dreamcast (redreem), Gamecube, Wii, PS2 have better emulation than the last gen systems.
  6. I have a fast gaming PC and I can tell you Mupen64 is garbage. Really I don't see what the big deal is with PJ64 and it's nag box. If you use Launchbox you don't get it and if you have to change settings you can edit the ini file. Too me I stick with PJ64 as some games just crash in retroarch and Mupen64 video stutters all the time.
  7. Mesen standalone is now my favorite stand alone NES emulator. I was not even looking for it and found it by accident. I always prefer standalone emulators on the PC as I hate retroarch it is a PITA to configure and very easy to corrupt. Many times I just changed one setting and something stops working had to restore a full backup on my external drive. Standalone emulators I rarely corrupt.
  8. I understand however ETAPrime said 8.5 would retire the old UI. Anyway I love the new UI, first version was horrible but it is much faster and easier to use now.
  9. Really enjoying Launchbox Next and I would like to have all my MAME roms to show up in Launchbox. I don't like EmuLauncher. It is a PITA to configue, easy to corrupt and quite often crashes when I quit the program. If I am quitting no need to crash. However it does import all my roms unlike Launchbox.
  10. I thought Launchbox next was going to be the main launcher with 8.5?
  11. Great thanks for actually listening to user feedback. I am using EmuLoader as it imports every working game but I prefer to use MAME in Launchbox.
  12. Some games won't work with Retroarch they just crash and only work with P64 but I agree the nag screen is annoying thank goodness Launchbox bypasses it.
  13. I use this for MAME as Launchbox skips many games the most glaring is the Batman Arcade game from 1989.
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