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  1. I agree this frontend runs terrible. I remember when I bought a premium license a couple of years ago it was so fast now after every update it gets slower and slower.
  2. Okay running this version of Mupen http://www.emucr.com/2018/10/m64p-20181016.html Much better performance and it actually upscale's in HD.
  3. Sorry stupid bad typing I meant PS2 emulation.
  4. I am using these cores in PJ64 https://github.com/gonetz/GLideN64/issues/1574 I tried them in Mupen64GUI but I had video judder issues with vysnc on and Star Wars Rouge Squad had massive graphic corruption, in retroarch it crashes and only PJ64 can run it properly with the GlideN64 WIP plugins. With Retroarch which can run simpler games like Mario 64 and Zelda 64 the Mupen core again as video judder with vsync on but the parallel_n64_libretro runs it smooth. I also upscale everything so I get at least 1080p HD graphics in N64. Maybe Mupen64 works better at native Parallel core at 480p which with a gaming PC I won't bother with i want to play it in 1080p or higher.
  5. No problem. I just messed around with M64p with the Retroarch cores and even messed around with the standalone M64p and I find the performance lacking compared to P64. Of course I still can't believe the sorry state of N64 emulation and don't even get me started on Saturn. It seems the higher end systems like Dreamcast (redreem), Gamecube, Wii, PS2 have better emulation than the last gen systems.
  6. I have a fast gaming PC and I can tell you Mupen64 is garbage. Really I don't see what the big deal is with PJ64 and it's nag box. If you use Launchbox you don't get it and if you have to change settings you can edit the ini file. Too me I stick with PJ64 as some games just crash in retroarch and Mupen64 video stutters all the time.
  7. Mesen standalone is now my favorite stand alone NES emulator. I was not even looking for it and found it by accident. I always prefer standalone emulators on the PC as I hate retroarch it is a PITA to configure and very easy to corrupt. Many times I just changed one setting and something stops working had to restore a full backup on my external drive. Standalone emulators I rarely corrupt.
  8. I understand however ETAPrime said 8.5 would retire the old UI. Anyway I love the new UI, first version was horrible but it is much faster and easier to use now.
  9. Really enjoying Launchbox Next and I would like to have all my MAME roms to show up in Launchbox. I don't like EmuLauncher. It is a PITA to configue, easy to corrupt and quite often crashes when I quit the program. If I am quitting no need to crash. However it does import all my roms unlike Launchbox.
  10. I thought Launchbox next was going to be the main launcher with 8.5?
  11. Great thanks for actually listening to user feedback. I am using EmuLoader as it imports every working game but I prefer to use MAME in Launchbox.
  12. Some games won't work with Retroarch they just crash and only work with P64 but I agree the nag screen is annoying thank goodness Launchbox bypasses it.
  13. I use this for MAME as Launchbox skips many games the most glaring is the Batman Arcade game from 1989.
  14. Same issues which I why I don't like BigBox. Don't regret getting premium as I want to support the dev but BigBox is a major disappointment so when I hook up my PC to my TV I end up using the standard Launchbox UI.
  15. I am on Mame 0.197 so I am not behind like I was months ago when I was on 0.139. Tried many programs that messed up my games. Then went back to Romcenter and fixed any games red manually and now they all work great. Staying with 0.197 right now as I got the games I want (no clones except Pacman and 2 player fighter games) instead of GB of files that won't even fit on my Hard Drive. Question on Mame. Why do so many games don't even work like mechanical games? They just load and quit.
  16. Anyway to get the Saturn core to look in HD like PS1?
  17. Romcenter at Romcenter.com (no they don't have roms so I am not violating the rules). It is the easiest most straight forward program that will let me fix individual roms and never corrupted them. I have to use the RC2 version to work with MAME 0.192 and up.
  18. Thanks I am staying with Romcenter. I can only fix the games I want and not have it create a a bunch of invalid files. It is easier to find just go to romcenter.com (no violations as there are no roms there that is the name of the program) even a stupid search engine like google can find it. It also never once messed up my roms unlike Clrmamepro.
  19. Thanks I tried to get TorrentCheck and tried RomVault just as confusing as Clrmamepro. I am sticking with Romcenter I have been using it since the early 2000's and never had issues simple to use even with the new ribbon RC2 interface but thanks anyway.
  20. Thanks I will have to try it but I still always keep a backup of my MAME games before messing around with any third party program. Edit, can't find it can someone PM it to me I don't want to break any forum rules. Thanks.
  21. Clrmamepro gives me a headache and always makes a mess of my roms which I why I use romcenter. I have to use the RC2 version which will work with the newer versions of MAME and it supports 7z but I never really have any issues. It is much simpler. I create a database file point my roms and it marks which once are yellow that can be fixed and red that have to be updated. As for Clrmamepro nothing is user friendly and even following detailed tutorials I get lost and it ends up making my 650+ Mame roms turn into over 2000 roms most that won't work anymore. Then I have to restore my backup as Clrmamepro backup feature is a joke too.
  22. Big deal. It was like when all I wanted was to convert single files to zip or 7z (1.file, 2.file to 1.7z, 2z) to use in Launchbox instead all I found were confusing scripts that compressed all my files in a single file (1.file, 2.file to 1.7z). Thanks anyway.
  23. Thanks. Really I could not find a script that did this for the life of me. Using Google which is useless the autohotkey community gave some samples and told them to figure it out themselves. I tried them and they did not even work. Coding is annoying reminds me of math which I hated and nearly failed in school. Just like math it has to be perfect and as soon as you learn how to solve the problem yet again it you have to learn a different way to solve it. What a PITA it is like having to learn a new language every time. Imagine if browser extensions were like that I would have just gave up on them. Anyway thanks.
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