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  1. @fraganator Would you be willing to publish/open source the code for this plugin? I've got some similar ideas to previous suggestions I'd like to toy around with, as well as updating to current LB. Thanks
  2. @Jason CarrLooks like I had two things going on. Something was going funky in Windows networking and Steam, so I just fresh installed and secondly, somehow Steam decided to disable my API, so I started a new one. I'm all good now.
  3. @Jason Carr Done, same issue. Sent the new log.
  4. @Jason Carr I've been having the same issue. Noticed it a few weeks ago. I've DM'd you the log.
  5. Ran into this quite a bit. Would be useful IMHO. Also if we could list multiple platforms in the gamesDB if the game is identical, we wouldn't have to update so many entries (but then boxart would need to be specifically categorized)
  6. That's pretty awesome, crummy games or not lol Curious, you still in the TX area? Biggest "known" town to me is Granbury, TX but that won't be for long - just took a gig in Arkansas I'll be at for awhile.
  7. Comp USA...that takes me back. Almost like Circuit City
  8. My method of merging eXoDOS with existing MS-DOS library (whether that be your own games or existing eXoDOS packs): Step 0: BACKUP YOUR EXISTING LB\Data folder & HAVE LAUNCHBOX CLOSED! Step 1: setup.bat (note: if you're like me, and do this outside the intended final location, you'll have to edit meager.ini when you move the folders if you intend on using meager) Step 2: Wait Step 3: Y/N to the aspect ratio question Step 4: Wait Step 5: Delete LaunchBox.zip & ***Metadata.zip (optional, not needed unless you want to save space, don't plan on updating the pack, or figure you're going to have to re-dl in future updates anyways) Step 7: Open your LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\MS-DOS.xml in a text editor (props if you're using Notepad++) Step 8: Open the eXoDOS\Data\Platforms\MS-DOS.xml Step 9: Copy contents of the new eXoDOS MS-DOS.xml.... See additional notes below Step 9 Note A: Start from the beginning of the line with the 1st <Game> tag, and end after the last </AdditionalApplication> tag Step 9 Note B: All you should be missing from your copy, are the 1st two lines of the xml containing <?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?> and <LaunchBox> and the very last line that contains </LaunchBox> Step 10: On your existing LB MS-DOS.xml, scroll to the bottom and add a line just before the </LaunchBox> tag. Step 11: Paste the contents you copied from the eXoDOS MS-DOS.xml Hard part is over, now to move directories and cleanup Step 12: Delete unnecessary and conflicting files from the eXo DL so you don't botch-up your existing LB. Delete the following directories FROM THE eXoDOS download: \Backups \CDRDAO \Data \DOSBox \Metadata \Plugins \ScummVM \Themes \Updates \VLC Step 13: I also delete all the loose files in the base directory, except the Collection ReadMe.txt Step 14: Enter the \Images directory & delete the .background file (unless you like eXo's background ;)) Step 15: Delete the None folder (optional - it bothers me) Step 16: Move the remaining files in your eXoDOS*** download directory into your BASE LB directory. You're all set. Crank up LaunchBox and start playing. You may have to refresh images to get the new content's images to show to your specifications, but you should be good to go! I think I captured all the steps as basically and with as much explanation as should be needed...did this after the fact, so let me know if I missed something. @Jason Carr If this is helpful, would you mind editing your post in the very 1st reply of this topic and hotlink people to this post? Would have saved me reading 33 pages when I 1st did this originally
  9. @eXo I'm in the middle of a job transfer/relocation, but I'm sure if you've got a listing of titles, Fisty, myself and possibly others would me more than happy to assist! Edit: Also, if you have a list of games you're still looking for, I've ran into a few treasure troves of old rarities here in Texas. I could keep an eye out for specific titles.
  10. Damn @eXo, you're a machine! @Dan It's easy enough to import one at a time, all you have to do is to copy the contents of the MS-DOX.xml included in the eXoDOS releases and paste it under your existing MS-DOS.xml contents. Just be sure to copy from <Game> tag to the end </Game> tag or </AdditionalApplication>. Don't copy or paste past the <LaunchBox> tag. Backup before just in case you mess things up, but I can help if you run into issues. I also know eXo included a merge.bat file for XML, but copy/paste was just too easy :)
  11. You might do a quick search for a hacked version. Many of these old DRM implementations were hacked out for play-ability's sake, but purists keep the originals in a lot of their sets.
  12. I've been wondering the appropriate way to handle this myself. I've been adding several re-released games (different dev/pub) on older systems and they've been scraping/identifying as the original or visa-versa. Wouldn't be so bad if it didn't gum-up all of my artwork and the manuals/vids auto-renamed like the images do. Some of the re-releases are very different games and should definitely have DB entries themselves, but I don't want to gum things up.
  13. Not sure about the timeframe, but you may have ran across some of my submissions. I recently went through my entire Steam/GOG/Origin/etc library and ensured there was an entry for every item I had. I had to take a few showers in between, but it's not like we're a store-front for what games to play, that would turn-off would-be customers, we're hosting a collection DB. I'm not sure about others, but I like my library scanning to be correct and complete. Unfortunately, that gums-up all the time of all the people moderating the DB. Thankfully, my personal Windows import was complete about 2 weeks ago. (I've got lots of work to do...) But I gotta take another shower 1st...
  14. Hey now, we didn't ask about your gender identity I'm sorry... so off-topic, but couldn't resist.
  15. Just went through all 33 pages of this thread - whew. Thank you very much for this eXo! I didn't realize you were the author of the ScummVM collection as well, hats off to you man, I know how much work can go into a project like this! For anyone like me with worse internet than many 3rd-world countries - at PD, Folding@Home - Upload Credit Incentive Scheme™ should be a close friend! (I know what my internet will be munching on for a week)
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