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  2. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    I'm not sure how the queue is setup, but if they could be moved to the rear of your queue or forced to show if it's empty, that might be better
  3. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    Thanks for the confirmation. As a new member, I see this as being a feature that could ease the moderation task, so created a suggestion here. I've had other ideas (like grouping the 20+ edits to the same game's images and content, but looks like that's already there as an open issue.
  4. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    Quick question on moderation - I suspect I know the answer to this, but if someone has already made a rejection (with comment), can the following moderators take this information into account, or are they going in blind? I made a rejection previously that got approved and was obviously incorrect.
  5. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    That's not an issue I'm only though the A's in my library. Basically adding games until I run into one that doesn't exist, add it to the DB, moderate some, and get back to adding. I'm too particular to mass-import.
  6. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

  7. Database Moderators Needed ASAP

    New user here and first-off, apologies, I'm adding several new games to the moderation queue as I import my massive library. I am, however working to moderate at least 10x what I've been adding. One question though - I've had several additions approved, when can I expect to see those rolled-out to my local DB so I can fully add my games to LaunchBox?