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  1. lol, you're right, for some reason I was in LB and thought I was in LB.NEXT. Not to worry, sure it's on it's way.
  2. Notice it does work now. THANKS!
  3. It looks like you've added the spacing code to this beta? That was the only thing stopping me using .NEXT, now it's perfect. The performance during caching is a lot better now too. GJ!
  4. When you have a lot of games in the section (say the SNES for example) the UI becomes almost totally unresponsive while it caches the images. Once done though and you switch back, it's a lot quicker, but just saying the first time isn't great. Maybe it needs to use less resources to do the caching so you can still use the UI while it's doing it's thing. CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 1600x GPU - Nvidia 1070 RAM - 8 Gig HD - Mechanical
  5. Hi. I don't know if this has even been implemented into LB.Next yet or not, but when I set the number of text lines to show in the Spacing section of the Theme options to 2, it still shows more than 2 lines anyway. Not a major issue but I like to set the number of lines to 2 to keep things tidy in the game list as more than 2 lines and LB starts to shrink the image of the game to compensate for the extra lines. Loving LB.Next BTW, so much more responsive that the normal LB. Keep up the good work!
  6. This is one the one I've been after. Perfect, thanks!
  7. Love the theme, it's now my default set up. However, I'm having a couple of minor issues that are setting my OCD off. First one is the Amiga CD32 logo on the platform selection wheel. Every other platform's logo appears OK, but the CD32 is text only. I've checked and double checked and all the names are correct and match what it should be, and it scrapes as 'Commodore Amiga CD32'. There's also a CD32 clear logo in the images, but it's just not appearing. Ignore the fact Daphne is showing in the background of the image I've posted, I caught the screenshot as it was switching. Any ideas?Secondly, on some of the game lists for certain platforms, they too appear as text only, instead of clear logos. There's a few of the platforms doing this, even those who's platform clear logo works fine, but the games for it don't. Again, there are clear logo images in the LB images folder for each platform. Thanks for any help and keep up the good work!
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