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  1. The issue does not even seem to be too difficult to fix. I guess 7zip folder path needs to be updated on the code so it matches the new locations in LB. Unfortunately, fraganator has not shown up since March.
  2. Yeah, that some weird things that happened on my LB which I cannot explain atm. I love this plugin and used it often before it crashed on LB version 11.3 release. Now just replace it by the new hotfix and it no longer starts properly. I will report back once I find the problem. Cheers.
  3. No. Just that PCSX2 plugin. I did a fresh installation of LB 15.1 Beta1 on a spare SSD and just added PS2 emulator and a couple of games to test. There the plugin work as it should. That's odd. There must be some settings on my main LB that conflicts with the PCSX2 Configurator. I will continue the investigation to what is preventing the plugin to load. Said, there is no log generated by the plugin.
  4. I tested the recent Hotfix in LB 11.4 and now on new 11.5 Beta1. I see the PCSX2 Configurator and its PS2 logo on the context menu when I right-click on a PS2 game but then when I select it, the Menu does not show up. I made sure I delete the previous "PCSX2 Configurator Next" folder from the LB Plugins folder. I am also using PCSX2 version 1.6.. Have you guys, just overwritten the new Hotfix over the previous version or changed something?
  5. Not wanting to stress Mr. Rainman , can someone else share the link and PM me? Many thanks. Great work.
  6. Damn! This plugin is so great that it needs to be part of LB. It was part of the reason why I moved from Rockerlauncher to LB. Now my favorite games (all on DVD and archived) make me wait 4 to 5 minutes every time I resume my saves. Looking forward to seeing @fraganator back with a fix.
  7. I downloaded the original files from the official 7-Zip Website and placed in folder LaunchBox\ThirdParty\7-zip\x64. Works fine now. I don't know how these got corrupted.
  8. Yep, using a 64bit machine and I do have the folder: LaunchBox\ThirdParty\7-zip\x64 I got closer to the source of the problem: LB 10.15 Beta4 uses 7z verion 16.04 and Beta5 uses latest 7z version 19.00) My games are packed with WinRAR 5 (precisely 5.71) and for some reasion ,7z verison 19.00 creates the error. EDIT: Ignore this. Problem solved below.
  9. There is no more 7-Zip folder at the root of the LaunchBox folder. It was move to the ThirdParty folder. I did further testing and I can confirm that the potential "bug" was introduced on version 10.15-Beta5. Before that, on Beta4 the extraction work as it should. Again I am testing with clean installations on the default path proposed by the install wizard meaning C:\users\"MyUsername". I just add a Dreamcast game which is compressed with WinRAR to my Games list and use Redream as Emu. (same process of all tests)
  10. I updated to latest beta. I then noticed that compressed games were not starting and LB always show the error " 7-zip returned an error when trying to extract the archive". I though this was due to my settings of beta version and I then did a clean install of the last stable version 10.14 on another drive and the games unpacked correctly. I then uninstalled version 10.14 and did this time another clean install from versions 10.15-beta 5, to beta 8 and none worked - same error message. Could someone on beta versions test and confirm this issue? LaunchBox-10.14-Setup already had the 3rd Party folder and that worked for me. Nothing related to that matter. (I guess)
  11. When importing GOG and using the option "Scan directory for Games" I get this access denied error. If I press Ok, LB closes itself. I had to change permission on that root:\System Volume Information\ folder in order for the scan process to continue. Maybe the scan process can skip these system folder? Thanks
  12. This looks amazing. One constructive feedback : Maybe it is just me or my monitor (full HD) but I find that the centered platforms look a bit smaller on that large colourful background. Maybe slightly bigger systems or crop a bit of the background would allow us to see closer details of the machines and the videos. Otherwise, Well done again.
  13. I read that since version 9.2 archived games can be extracted and then launched with the emulator. I have been looking for more info about this feature but couldn't find any. My games are "WinRar" 'ed and they not extracted. Could it be that rar files are not supported? Another thing that could be useful is to keep an extracted copy of the game in a temp folder so that when we want to continue playing we do not need to wait for the PS2 game to extract again.
  14. Hi, I registered once to the Games DataBase online but cannot remember my password. I used the "forget my Password" option but after entering my email address, the website outputs Error message. Registering a new account to with my existing credentials, the website says that my email is already used for another account. So I am a bit stuck to use the Could feature in LB. Happy to share my email address with PM with admin. Thanks
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