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  1. This looks amazing. One constructive feedback : Maybe it is just me or my monitor (full HD) but I find that the centered platforms look a bit smaller on that large colourful background. Maybe slightly bigger systems or crop a bit of the background would allow us to see closer details of the machines and the videos. Otherwise, Well done again.
  2. I read that since version 9.2 archived games can be extracted and then launched with the emulator. I have been looking for more info about this feature but couldn't find any. My games are "WinRar" 'ed and they not extracted. Could it be that rar files are not supported? Another thing that could be useful is to keep an extracted copy of the game in a temp folder so that when we want to continue playing we do not need to wait for the PS2 game to extract again.
  3. Hi, I registered once to the Games DataBase online but cannot remember my password. I used the "forget my Password" option but after entering my email address, the website outputs Error message. Registering a new account to with my existing credentials, the website says that my email is already used for another account. So I am a bit stuck to use the Could feature in LB. Happy to share my email address with PM with admin. Thanks
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