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  1. Have read the first post of this topic? Simply send an email to the provided email address and then wait for the reply with the link.
  2. Yes, just drop the folders where you have your LB main folder and same for the screenshots - just use the same settings.
  3. Hey, good idea to add badges for "cached" games. These turned out nicely!
  4. Glad to see you @fraganator back to the LB forums. Thanks a lot for not only making the add-In back compatible but also upgrading it to better integrate to Launchbox! I mainly run tests on the PlayStation 2 system as all my games are Win RARed. Archive Cache Manager works great so far. Appreciate the options to chose the destination of the folder cache and also the maximum archive size limit. As mentioned on the Read.me file the game loading progress bar from LB does not runs accurate to the real time the game takes to un-archiving. Not sure I understood why that 7z switch "-bs|p" canno
  5. I suggest you to register to AutohotKey and ask the forums for help. Use the "Joystick Test Script" code as an example. There might be others with the same 8bitdo joypad issues or some advanced users that can assist.
  6. My Xbox 360 controllers work fine on the Joystick Test Script. (No need to touch on the Autohotkey icon). If your controllers fail the Test Script, they obviously will fail to Zoom on the Manuals files. Have you mapped the RB and LB buttons in the LaunchBox->Options->Game Controller->Mappings? Have you tried to temporarily close Launchbox and test only your controllers with the Joystick Test Script?
  7. 99% of the keyboard layouts out there have some accents placed differently. So I thought on using letters instead of symbols as shortcuts . Letters are less likely to change much. Therefore I used the shortcuts "i" for Zoom In and the letter "o" for Zoom Out. These letters should work for most keyboard with Roman letters. Also, I do not think both letters are used on other FrontEnds shortcuts but I have not tested this. See if this works and feel free to include it on newer releases /patches. Int. Keyboard layout.zip
  8. I found my problem which was due to my keyboard layout. I do not use a US QWERTY keyboard and obviously the symbols on my keyboard do not match those on the ahk script. So I followed your steps and compiled a new script with "my keyboard" shortcut keys. I also update the new keys on the CDisplayEx settings. That did the trick. I think there will other non-US friendly keyboard people that may run into this issue but it is not too difficult to solve thanks to your guided steps.
  9. Another little thing I noticed - Once in the manual booklet, I can successfully "Zoom out" with the LB (left shoulder button) but "Zoom in" with the RB does not work. Tried all buttons and there is no way to Zoom In.
  10. Loving the package so far! Thanks a bunch. FYI - I spotted a "path" error on the SID named "Echofied 6581". All other SIDs work fine. (Yes I heard them all :D)
  11. I use the Audit Tool : Tools-> Audit "platform" of your choice. Select the games you want to download media content then right-click and select "Download Metadata and Media..."
  12. Ok, I am back with what could have been the issues with the Plug-In not showing up on my LB system... Believe it or not but after toying around with files and folders and never being able to replicate the problem on other HDD, I started to think that it was my drive that was the problem. That's when I noticed that my main LB Installation drive was formated with exFAT file system. To troubleshoot, I istalled a fresh LB copy on an old 2TB HDD that I specially format with exFAT and added just the PS2 platform. The Plug-In did not work. I then re-formated the same 2TB drive with NTFS, d
  13. The issue does not even seem to be too difficult to fix. I guess 7zip folder path needs to be updated on the code so it matches the new locations in LB. Unfortunately, fraganator has not shown up since March.
  14. Yeah, that some weird things that happened on my LB which I cannot explain atm. I love this plugin and used it often before it crashed on LB version 11.3 release. Now just replace it by the new hotfix and it no longer starts properly. I will report back once I find the problem. Cheers.
  15. No. Just that PCSX2 plugin. I did a fresh installation of LB 15.1 Beta1 on a spare SSD and just added PS2 emulator and a couple of games to test. There the plugin work as it should. That's odd. There must be some settings on my main LB that conflicts with the PCSX2 Configurator. I will continue the investigation to what is preventing the plugin to load. Said, there is no log generated by the plugin.
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