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Jason Carr

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  System   Emulator   Command Line   Extensions Scanned
3DO 4DO -StartFullScreen -StartLoadFile .cue | .bin | .iso
Acorn BBC Model B / Master 128 BeebEm   .ssd | .dsd | .uef
Apple II MESS    
AppleWin SEE HERE!  
Arcadia 2001 MESS arcadia -cart "Drive Letter:\full path\ROM_name.zip" -skip_gameinfo -nowindow
Astrocade MESS astrocde -cart "Drive Letter:\full path\ROM_name.zip" -skip_gameinfo -nowindow
Atari 800/800XL MESS a800 -cart1 -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .rom | .bin | .zip
Atari 2600 MESS a2600 -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .bin | .a26 | .zip
Stella -fullscreen 1
Z26 -v1
Atari 5200 MESS a5200 -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .bin | .a52 | .zip
Atari 7800 MESS a7800 -cart "Drive Letter:\full path\ROM_name.a78" -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .bin | .a78 | .zip
Atari Jaguar Virtual Jaguar -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .bin | .rom | .jag | .cdi | .zip
Atari LYNX Handy   .lnx | .zip
Atari ST MESS a800 -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .atr | .bin | .cas | .com | .d88 | .st | .stc | .stx | .xex | .zip
Bandai Wonderswan Oswan 1.7+ -f .ws | .wsc | .zip
OswanHack -r=-f
Colecovision MESS coleco -cart "Drive Letter:\full path\ROM_name.rom" -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .rom | .col | .zip
ColEm -cv
Commodore 64 (C64) WinVice SEE HERE! .bz2 | .gz | .d6z | .d7z | .d8z | .g6z | .g7z | .g8z | .d64 | .d71 | .d80 | .d81 | .d82 | .g64 | .g41 | .x64 | .t64 | .p00 | .tap | .prg | .zip
Commodore 128 (C128) WinVice -autostart -drive8type 1571 -virtualdev -VICIIdsize .bz2 | .gz | .d6z | .d7z | .d8z | .g6z | .g7z | .g8z | .d64 | .d71 | .d80 | .d81 | .d82 | .g64 | .g41 | .x64 | .t64 | .p00 | .tap | .prg | .zip
Commodore Amiga WinUAE -s use_gui=no -s gfx_fullscreen_amiga=true -0 To load a config file: -f A1200.uae (e.g. of a A1200 setup) .uae | .ipf | .adf | .adz | .gz | .dms | .fdi | .zip
Capcom Play System 3 (CPS3) CPS3 Emulator   .zip
Daphne DaphneLoader v0.99.6 – 1.01*   .bat
DOSBox DOSBox (dfend_v2_beta_2 to generate conf files) -conf -noconsole .conf
Fairchild Channel F MESS channelf -cart "Drive Letter:\full path\ROM_name.zip" -skip_gameinfo -nowindow
Final Burn Alpha (FBA) FBA %name -r 640x480x32 .zip
Future Pinball Future Pinball /open /play /exit .fpt
GCE Vectrex MESS vectrex -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .bin | .gam | .vec | .zip
Kawaks Winkawaks -fullscreen .zip
Magnavox Odyssey2 MESS odyssey2 -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .bin | .zip
O2EM -fullscreen
MAME MAME -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .zip
Advance MAME -device_video_output fullscreen -quiet
Mattel Intellivision Bliss -fullscreen .rom | .int | .bin | .zip
Nostalgia -f
Bliss 32  
MSX 1 MESS msx -rom -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .mx1 | .zip
MSX 2 MESS msx2 -rom -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .mx2 | .zip
Nebula Nebula   .zip | .cue | .iso
NEC PC Engine Magic Engine   .pce | .zip
NEC Turbo-Grafx 16 Magic Engine   .pce | .zip
Turbo Engine --fullscreen .zip
Nintendo DS (NDS) DeSmuME   .nds | .zip
Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Nestopia   .nes | .unf | .fds | .nsf | .zip
Virtual NES
Super Nintendo (SNES) ZSNES   .sfc | .smc | .swc | .fig | .mgh | .gd | .zip
Snes9x -fullscreen .zip | .gz | .jma
Nintendo 64 (N64) Project 64 To get Project64 1.6 to work with LaunchBox, you must create a .bat file with the following contents: cd /d "C:\Program Files (x86)\Project64 1.6" SET STRING=%1 SET STRING=%STRING:"=% start Project64.exe %STRING% NOTE: Change the path "C:\Program Files (x86)\Project64 1.6" to wherever your Project64 Install is located. Then when adding an emulator to your N64 import, point LaunchBox to the .bat file rather than the Project64 .exe .rom | .n64 | .v64 | .z64 | .jap | .pal | .usa | .zip
Mupen64 Plus (Retroarch) -L cores\mupen64plus_libretro.dll
Mupen64 v0.5 -nogui -f -g
Nintendo Gameboy VisualBoyAdvance-SDL -f -4 .gbc | .gb | .zip
Nintendo Gameboy Color (GBC) VisualBoyAdvance-SDL -f -4 .gbc | .gb | .zip
Nintendo Gameboy Advance (GBA) VisualBoyAdvance-SDL -f -4 .gb | .sgb | .gbc | .gba | .zip
Nintendo Gamecube (NGC) Dolphin /b /e .elf | .dol | .gcm | .iso | .wad
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Virtual Boy Mednafen SEE HERE!
Raine Raine32 -g -nogui .zip
ScummVM -f .1c
Sega Dreamcast nullDC -config ImageReader:defaultImage=   ALSO SEE HERE! .iso | .bwt | .cdi | .b5t | .b6t | .ccd | .cue | .mds | .nrg | .pdi
Demul See Here!
Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive KEGA Fusion -gen -auto -fullscreen .cue | .bin | .iso | .smd | .32x | .raw | .gen | .zip
GENS -gen
Sega 32x KEGA Fusion -32x -auto -fullscreen .cue | .bin | .iso | .smd | .32x | .raw | .gen | .zip
GENS -32x
Sega CD KEGA Fusion -scd -auto -fullscreen .cue | .bin | .iso | .smd | .32x | .raw | .gen | .zip
GENS -scd
Sega Master System KEGA Fusion -sms -auto -fullscreen .sms | .gg | .sg | .sc | .zip
Sega Game 1000 (SG-100) MESS sg1000 -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .zip | .sg
Sega GameGear KEGA Fusion -sms -auto -fullscreen .sms | .gg | .sg | .sc | .zip
Sega Model 2 Model 2 Emulator   .zip
Sega Model 3 SuperModel Emulator -res=1280,1024 -fullscreen Change the resolution (1280,1024) to whatever is required.  
Sega Saturn Yabuse -i .iso | .bwt | .cdi | .b5t | .b6t | .ccd | .cue | .mds | .nrg | .pdi
SNK NeoGeo MAME -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .ngpc | .npc | .ngp | .zip
WinKawaks -fullscreen
SNK NeoGeo Pocket Neopop   .ngpc | .npc | .ngp | .zip
SNK NeoGeo Pocket Color Neopop   .ngpc | .npc | .ngp | .zip
Sony Playstation One (PS1) ePSXe -nogui -slowboot -loadbin   ALSO SEE HERE! .bin | .iso | .img
pSX 1.13   .cue .bin .ccd .img .sub .mdf .mds
Sony Playstation 2 (PS2) PCSX2 --nogui --fullscreen --fullboot   ALSO SEE HERE! .iso | .bin | .mdf | .nrg
ePSXe -nogui -loadbin   ALSO SEE HERE! .bin | .iso | .img
Sony PSP PPSSPP --fullscreen .iso | .cso
Texas Instruments TI-99/4a MESS ti99_4 -cart -skip_gameinfo -nowindow -nonewui .rom | .bin | .zip
Visual Pinball Visual Pinball -play .vpt
Sinclair ZX Spectrum MESS spectrum -flop -skip_gameinfo -nowindow .zip | .blk | .dsk | .fdi | .mdr | .rzx | .scl | .szx | .tap | .trd | .tzx | .udi | .rom | .bin | .raw | .csw | .voc | .wav

NOTES: Retroarch users can use -c configs\<your_emulator_config_file>.cfg to load personal configurations. For more information or support see this thread (click here).

WinKawaks users can use this script to make importing the games to LaunchBox a much quicker and less tedious task. This will also work with other emulators, such as the Sega Model-1/2/3 emulators. Linky

Mednafen users can find all command line options for all supported platforms HERE!

If you want something adding or you see anything that needs correcting, just leave a post and I will update the list when I can.

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Hi folks. Congratulations to all responsible for the excellent LaunchBox. Here are some suggestions for the Emulators Command Line Parameters list. For 4DO emulating the 3DO Player: Command Line Parameters: -StartFullScreen - StartLoadFile Extensions scanned: .CUE .BIN .ISO The following do not need any command line parameters to run games. pSX 1.13 emulating the PlayStation. Extensions scanned: .CUE .BIN .CCD .IMG .SUB .MDF .MDS Snes9X emulating the SNES. Extensions scanned: All the common formats plus .ZIP .GZ .JMA compressed roms. BeebEm 4.14 emulating Acorn's BBC Model B and Master 128 computers. Extensions scanned: .SSD .DSD .UEF By the way, has anyone got Project64 1.6 to actually open games using the batch file fix. I keep getting the "file failed to open" message before being taken to the emulator's built-in Rom browser. Do I also need to supply a parameter.
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Hi, first, thank you for this great Launcher ! I Managed to get Demul for Sammy Atomiswave or Sega Naomi to work. Similar to N64 Emu you have to work with a batch File. Create it in the Same Folder as Demul. Atomiswave:
@echo off SET STRING=%1 SET STRING=%STRING:.zip=% SET STRING=%STRING:E:\LaunchBox\Games\Sammy Atomiswave\=% echo %STRING% start demul.exe -run=atomiswave -rom=%STRING%
@echo off SET STRING=%1 SET STRING=%STRING:.zip=% SET STRING=%STRING:E:\LaunchBox\Games\Sega Naomi\=% echo %STRING% start demul.exe -run=naomi -rom=%STRING%
Furthermore you have to adjust the Path in the Demul.ini Change the following Line according to your needs: roms0 = I have Installed Launchbox and Demul Emulator in E:\Launchbox\Emulators\Sega Atomiswave\demul-0.57\ My Roms are in E:\Launchbox\Games\Sammy Atomiswave\ So to set the Path Relative to the Games you have to insert: roms0 = ..\..\..\..\Games\Sega Naomi\ Hope it's understandable English is not my Primary Language :-) Greetings Saboti
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Hi everyone, Having a small issue launching games in WinKawaks and in MAME (MAME64). Both emulators are working fine on their own and both work through Hyperspin (minor issue exiting games in Winkawaks, but launches and plays fine in HS). Winkawaks opens and then says "No Game Loaded" even though Launchbox is pointing to the rom's location. Command line is entered as noted in the configuration table here in this post. Mame acts as if it's going to load. Small window opens, some script starts, flashes goes to a larger window, flashes as if it is going to go fullscreen and then mame closes. As I said both of these work outside of the FE and also work inside Hyperspin FE. Anyone have any Ideas? Update: Also just tried Nebula and the same results as WinKawaks. Update #2: MAME is ok, just can't run my Neo Geo, CPS1, and CPS2 games. Other games running fine. I have always used WinKawaks and Nebula for them. First time trying to run them through MAME. So Nebula and WinKawaks will be the focus.
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Hi ps4isthefuture. I never used Nebula and haven't used WinKawaks in yonks so I can really only speak for Mame. I use LaunchBox for my Mame games which include many NeoGeo and CPS1/2 titles and I have no problems. The only Mame issue I've had with LaunchBox was with the so-called romless games, where the game's name is actually the folder containing the CHD file. Mame runs these ok, but LaunchBox returns an error if you try to launch a folder. I use the dummy zip rom fix to get LaunchBox to launch these romless games. The following might be your problem with trying to run your NeoGeo and CPS1/2 games under Mame. I've noticed that there can be differences between some of these NeoGeo/CPS1/CPS2 "official" roms and their Mame equivalents, For example Progear (USA 010117) "official" CPS/2 rom has 2 extra objects that are missing from the Progear (USA 010117) Mame rom. Mame will run the "official" CPS/2 version as it contains everything Mame needs for this game. However, the NeoGeo "official" of Metal Slug 3 (NGM-2560) will not run on Mame as it's internals differ from the Mame Metal Slug 3 (NGM-2560) version. If you want to use Mame for NeoGeo and CPS1/2 gaming you should use Mame versions of the roms. Sorry for not being of more help to you. Best of luck with Kawaks & Nebula issues.
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Very odd, WinKawaks just stopped working all together. Now all of my games report missing files. I'm not sure why I never modified anything with WinKawaks, only copied roms and bios into Mame, Nebula, and NeoRageX. The joys of the emulation world sometimes unpredictable, lol. Update: WinKawaks is working again, not sure what happened. Still can't get it to launch a game from Launchbox. Fixed the crash on exit, change compatibility to XP SP3 for WinKawaks 1.62. Now runs flawless in Hyperspin, I'll keep working on trying to have it behave the same in Launchbox. Update 2: Mame is launching all systems except Neogeo, CPS1/2. I can live with that though, Mame is a bit picky on roms for my taste and Winkawaks and Nebula run the Neogeo and CPS1/2 games better on my system anyway.
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Oops! Just noticed a typo in my Emulators Command Line Parameters post above. The parameters for the 4D0 emulator should read -StartFullScreen -StartLoadFile I had originally placed an incorrect space between the - and the StartLoadFile entry. Posting this as there doesn't appear to be a previous post edit function.
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