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Here are a couple for Atari ST. Oids is probably more iconic, but SunDog: Frozen Legacy is a really interesting game that's worth a look too. Additionally, while there are several ports of Oids (including the ever-present Amiga), there are only two versions of SunDog - Atari ST and Apple II (with Atari ST being the vastly superior version).

SunDog - Normal:

Atari ST.png

SunDog - Sketch:

Atari ST.png

Oids - Normal:

Atari ST.png

Oids - Sketch:

Atari ST.png


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Here's one for Atari 8-bit which, currently, is a custom platform but should be incorporated into the DB at some point, consolidating the current Atari 800 and Atari XE platforms and encompassing the entirety of the Atari 8-bit line of computers.

Stealth is a game that's not super well-known but it should be because it rocks. It's on the C64 as well, but I think the 8-bit version is a bit better.


Atari 8-bit.png


Atari 8-bit (sketch).png

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So I decided that I wanted to revise these to add in a border because I think it makes them look a bit snazzier. I just got finished updating them all. I will probably only be doing them all like this going forward, I just think they look better this way. These are all from the "sketch" variants and, going forward, I think that's the only kind I'm going to do just because again - I think they look better.

Download link for the entire set

3DO.pngAmiga.pngArcade.pngAtari 8-bit.pngAtari 2600.pngAtari ST (Oids).pngAtari ST (Sundog).pngClassic PC.pngCommodore 64.pngCPS1.pngCPS2.pngDOS.pngDreamcast.pngGameboy (Pokemon).pngGameboy (Zelda).pngGamecube.pngGBA.pngGenesis.pngJaguar.pngN64.pngNeoGeo.pngNES.pngPC Engine.pngPC Engine-CD (Dungeon Explorer II).pngPC Engine-CD (Rondo of Blood).pngPC.pngPlaystation.pngPlaystation 2.pngPSP.pngSaturn.pngScummVM.pngSega CD.pngSega Master System (Ninja Gaiden).pngSega Master System (Phantasy Star).pngSega Model 2.pngSNES.pngTurboGrafx-16.pngTurboGrafx-CD (Dungeon Explorer II).pngTurboGrafx-CD (Rondo of Blood).pngWii.pngX68000.png


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