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Launchbox 7.10 Change Log


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Version 7.10 - Released May 26, 2017

- New Feature: Plugins are now supported in LaunchBox and Big Box! If you're a developer, see documentation here: http://pluginapi.launchbox-app.com

- Improvement: LaunchBox and Big Box updates are now downloaded automatically in the background so you don't have to wait for them; this can be disabled under Options > General > Updates in LaunchBox

- Improvement: CRC checks are now used to eliminate duplicate images when downloading from the LaunchBox Games Database or EmuMovies on imports and metadata/media updates

- Improvement: The Clean Up Images option from the Tools menu in LaunchBox has been modified to also remove duplicate images

- Improvement: the Clean Up Images option from the Tools menu in LaunchBox has been tweaked to add a Cancel button and use all cores on your system in order to vastly improve performance

- Improvement: Massive startup performance increases for both LaunchBox and Big Box; in some cases it is now well over twice as fast; used multi-threading and other strategies

- Improvement: Significant performance increases when selecting platform categories in Big Box

- Fixed: Titles are no longer duplicated into the Version field when importing games that don't have a Version

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Great release, I shaved 2.5GB off my images folder and transitions between platform categories, platforms, playlists, and general navigation is much smoother than before.

Also, Big Box boots in 6 seconds with a collection of over 9,000 games ?

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Just updated and launchbox freezes every time. Bigbox works though.

Edit: Nvrmnd, after 3 forced program closes, it finally works now.

Edit2: for background updates, does the notification/confirmation box still show in bigbox so that we will know that an update is about to be downloaded?


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It downloads the update with out asking in the background of LB/BB without notification or confirmation then it asks for a confirmation to install after the download has already happened. I'm not sure if it also applies to BB but I'm thinking it will. I have a PC I have to update so I'll test real quick.

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