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Aeon Nox Redux

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This is modern space theme that i originally designed for RetroFE.  I was inspired by other developers and ported it over to BigBox.  Those of you that have tried the first few version under Aeon Nox thank you.  But I still felt it needed something.  Thank you to the incredible work by @keltoigael for the background video and an eye for editing and polish.  This theme has been elevated to a whole new level.


  • Date and Time
  • Scrolling text
  • Sliding Animation
  • Custom Graphics and Video
  • Full Screen Theme and Game Video
  • Total Game Count (Category, Platforms and Playlist) (Supports all languages)

Supported Views

  • Two Platform Views
  • 3 Horizontal Wheel views
  • Cover Flow view
  • two Text Views that have been themed

Getting Started

Unzip Aeon Nox to your Launchbox Themes folder
Enable platform and game videos

Switch your View Option to Aeon Nox and enjoy,

Special Notes

Tested under 1920 X 1080 display

@NJDave71 (original design and concept)

@keltoigael (background Video, Graphics editing and polished look)

@eatkinola (The resource file for font embedding)

Starup Video


Arcade Playlist

Optional Plugins




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  • 2 weeks later...

Love this theme. Definitely the one I'll be using most from now on. Just one thing though - is there a way I can change the size of the genre/players/rating images on the bottom right of the coverflow view? Would like them to be just a bit bigger, if that's possible? I have no experience whatsoever with creating themes, but if there's something I can change in the XAML files to do this then I'd love to know. Thanks again for a great theme.

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  • 2 months later...

During the last few rounds of  LB Betas many of us were encountering lots of freeze ups between views or sluggish UI.   It was identified that a plugin that was used to allow random background videos was one of the causes.    Once, I have removed this plugin performance improved.  I look forward to a fix so it can be implemented again.   With that said,  I have lots of videos in my collection and many of them were done in 16:9 and look fantastic. So I changed out the smaller video on 2 of the views to show Full screen.  After making these changes and updating to the Latest release 7.15, Navigation and Functionality is much smoother.  

I hope you enjoy having the videos playback full screen as I do. 

Happy Gaming...

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  • 3 weeks later...

The Aeon Nox includes custom images used in the theme.  The startup video can be found in my Description. A large Part of the build came from emumovies and letting Launchbox create the initial build.  After everything was done,  I used the Silver ring clearlogo set for my my wheel artwork.    hope that helps









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Thanks!  But, how do I get it to look like yours?  Meaning, The layout and views of the games, the information...  The way it looks on your screenshots.  What settings do I use in BIGBOX OPTIONS to set up the displays?  Horizontal wheel 2, Show Text with Details, etc?

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46 minutes ago, shadowblind said:

Wonderful theme. On 4k, though, the view where videos are displayed top-center makes them 4:3, I believe, instead of a widescreen resolution. Minor quibble since I use the background video view, but just thought I'd point it out :) 

That may be a video engine issue, have you tried the opposite of what you are currently using?


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8 hours ago, latin625 said:

Shadow...  Can you share the configuration you used to setup it in Bigbox?  THANKS!!!!!!

Sure! I'm running on a 4k display, btw, so results may vary. I'm just gonna say what I changed for this theme, lemme know if you need more info.

First off I used these clear logos for the theme: 


I also enabled all the plugins in the plugins folder by Right Click > Properties > At the bottom I allowed it to run.


Background Fade: 60%

Images: all boxes checked except 5 and 6.

Videos: All boxes checked except Use Platform background Videos

That's it, really. Didn't change much. The most likely issue for it looking wonky is probably the plugins not running :) 

8 hours ago, neil9000 said:

That may be a video engine issue, have you tried the opposite of what you are currently using?


Yeah, tried both. The videos are still squished :( 

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For the Arcade Games (DAPHNE and MAME)I use the Horizontal View 1 (Clear Logos)  with the Video Full screen in the background
everything else I use the Horizontal View 2  (Box Art)  with the Video Full screen in the background

On occasion, I will use the cover flow view. 

Glad all is working fine.



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Thank you everyone that has download and tried the Aeon Nox Theme.   

Going forward there will be two versions.

1   AeonNox.Zip  (Full Theme complete set)
2.  AeonNoxDiff.zip (file changes and new content)

Happy Gaming


Edited by NJDave71
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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey there, i have not tried dabbling with theme files my self, so i gotta ask you, since i like your theme, although i would wish for "wheel" panel in games to be bit more compact, maybe moved to bottom and then on top add small panel with game name, developer and stuff that is now on bottom. So the result would be clean mid space for game video(with its theme) and your panel at bottom with extra stuff. Could it be done ?

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