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11 minutes ago, fygarslayer said:

It's been a while, but I'm wondering if this was ever implemented? 

I see an option for "Attract Mode Navigation Sound" in the Sound options, but it doesn't appear to mute the game videos.

No, this was never something looked at for implementation and was not something that made the poll of the current items being developed.

If there is not a BitBucket ticket for it I would recommend opening one and linking it here on this thread. The more votes it can get the better chance it has of making it to a poll to be voted on.

To make a ticket use the link found at the top of the forum under the "Help & Support" menu. Look there for "Request a Feature"

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Too funny.    I was just wondering if Big Box ever implemented a feature to change/mute the volume in attract mode.   Googled up this thread, with a link to my original feature request that I had completely forgotten about.     From way back in 2016 no less.

Can I make a donation to get this feature implemented?  :)


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We don't take donations to implement features. I took note of the ticket though and will take a look at the code and see how difficult this request would be. Can I assume we are just hoping for a new setting that is "Attract Mode Master Volume" then? That is how I've read the ticket and this forum post. I want to make sure I'm not over-simplifying the request though.

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