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No Filler Mame Rom Set Version 2


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Mame 195 just came out so that means in 5 months time we will be getting 200 so in celebration I was thinking it would be a perfect time to compile a No Filler Version 2 set. Yeah I know 5 months seems like a long ways out but I wanna get a head start on making the lists.

This is gonna take some prep work and I am gonna do this from scratch instead of using the existing No Filler lists. I also wanted to make this a community effort so people can give their opinions on what games to include. When listing the games you would like to see included please separate them using the categories below.

Should the list be capped to prevent too much bloat ? 500 / 750 / 1000 ?

Should I use the Split, Merged or Non Merged rom set ? 
After discussing this with some people I have decided to use the Non Merged set. I realize that this will require a larger download to use the batch file on but the pay off will be a more streamlined and easier to manage set since every game rom will be self contained.

I won't be including anything that requires a CHD because I simply won't be downloading a CHD set for testing. Of course though if someone else wants to take the final lists and edit them to include any CHD files they would be more than welcome to do so. Nor will I be including anything that requires non standard joystick controls such as light guns, trackballs, spinners or steering wheels / yokes.

Once the lists are done I will download the 200 set that is chosen, create the batch files and test it all to make sure it all works and then upload the batch file/s for everyone to use. I would love to be able to upload and provide a download for a fully filtered set but obviously for legal reasons I would not be able to do this openly and I simply don't have the internet speed to be able to upload it.


How to use this:

First you will need to download the Non-Merged rom set that the batch file was made with, using a different set than the bat file was intended for may or may not cause incompatibilities in roms. Then simply copy the batch file into the folder with all of the roms and double click the bat file, it will make a new folder within that folder and copy all of the roms into that newly created folder. From there you can copy that new folder of roms to anywhere you like and import them into Launchbox, be sure to update your rom path in your mame.ini to point this rom set location. You can now do whatever you like with your full set you downloaded, it is no longer needed for the NoFiller set to function, though you may want to keep a backup just in case.

Here is the up to date batch, spreadsheet, text list of roms and text list of games files:
NoFiller v2 - 200.bat
NoFiller v2 - 200.ods
NoFiller v2 - 200.txt
NoFiller v2 - 200 - Games List.txt

There is currently 434 rom files in the set with some duplicate games for arcade games that have 2 and 4/6 player roms such as TMNT, Gauntlet and X-Men.

If you have a seedbox and a PleasureDome account you can download the Non-Merged set to your seedbox server and then using WinSCP you can copy paste the text list of roms into the filter. That will only show you all the files in the list for easy download to your home computer without having to download the full Non-Merged set which is over 100 gigs, the full NoFiller v2 set is 3.6 gigs. If you have a seedbox and use this filter method you can easily update your romset without any hassle, WinSCP will compare the files and only download updated and / or new files.

I will not be providing updated playlists for these, that will take too much effort. Maybe if Jason allows a way to see if a game is associated with a playlist I might do that in the future but for now with no way of knowing it's really time consuming.

Games that have more than 1 rom file for 2 player or split screen variant.

darius2 (3 screen)
darius2d (2 screen)
gauntlet (4 player)
gauntlet2p (2 player)
tmnt (4 player)
tmnt2pj (2 player)
xmen (4 player, 1 screen, pick any character)
xmen6pu (6 player, 2 screen, coin slot determines character)

Games that have problems importing into LB, will need to be imported individually.

Akai Katana - akatana.zip
Crossed Swords 2 - crswd2bl.zip
KaGeKi - kagekiu.zip
Sailormoon - sailormnnu.zip
Wrestlefest - wwfwfestu.zip

As a bonus here is a NeoGeo NoFiller batch copy file. It will copy out 63 NeoGeo rom files so you can have a separate NeoGeo NoFiller rom set to import to its own platform. There will be quite a bit of overlap with the Mame set since that has 45 of the 63 games that this one copies out.
NeoGeo NoFiller.bat
NeoGeo NoFiller.ods
NeoGeo NoFiller Roms List.txt
NeoGeo NoFiller Games List.txt

Will I be updating this in the future ?

I certainly won't be updating this on a monthly basis and more importantly I wont be updating it for a couple of games. I have provided a good solid foundation of games here for anyone to start out with and it is very easy to maintain and build your own set upon. I also provided the necessary tools tools to maintain and update your own sets, the bat file and spreadsheet files are all you really need. Using the rom file text list with WinSCP today I was able to update my romset in 2 minutes from my seedbox, very quick and painless updating.

This is now continued over in the Third Party Apps and Plugins downloads:


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Updated the list which can be found on page 5 of this thread.

===Beat Em Up / Hack and Slash===
Alien Storm
Alien Vs Predator
Altered Beast
Armored Warriors
Battle Circuit
Bucky O'Hare
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
Captain America
Captain Commando
Denjin Makai
Die Hard Arcade
Double Dragon
Double Dragon II
Dungeons & Dragons SOM & TOD
Dungeon Magic
Final Fight
Gaia Crusaders
Golden Axe
Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder
Guardians / Denjin Makai II
King of Dragons
Knights of the Round
Magic Sword
Michael Jacksons Moonwalker
New Zero Team
Night Slashers
Ninja Baseball Bat Man
Ninja Gaiden
Ninja Spirit
Ninja Warriors
OS Man
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Ring King / King of Boxer
Sengoku 2
Simpsons  2p & 4p
The Cliffhanger - Edward Randy
The Gladiator
Thunder Fox
TMNT  2p & 4p
TMNT  Turtles in Time 2p & 4p
Undercover Cops
Violent Storm
Warrior Blade / Rastan Saga
Warriors of Fate
X-Men  2p & 6p

===Shoot Em Up Horizontal===
Akai Katana
Blazing Star
Bookie Wings
Carrier Airwing
Cosmic Cop
Cotton 2
Cotton Boomerang
Darius II
Darius Gaiden
Dragon Breed
Gradius / Nemesis
Hyper Duel
In The Hunt
Last Resort
Metal Black
Parodious DA!
Prehistoic Isle 2
Pink Sweets
R-Type II
R-Type Leo
Salamander 2
Side Arms
Silk Worm
UN Squadron
X Multiply
Zero Wing

===Shoot Em Up Vertical===
1943: Kai
Aero Fighters / Sonic Wings (series)
Air Gallet
Armed Formation
Armed Police Batrider
Battle Bakraid
Battle Garegga
Change Air Blade
DoDonPachi II
Dragon Blaze
Dragon Saber
Dragon Spirit
ESP RA Deathsmiles
Espgaluda II
Fever SOS
Fighting Hawk
Ghost Pilots
Giga Wing
Grind Stormer
G-Stream G2020
Gunbird II
Kingdom Grand Prix
Legendary Wings
Macross Plus
Mars Matrix
Mazinger Z
Muchi Muchi Pork
Radiant Silvergun *not really working well enough
Raiden II
Raiden DX
Samurai Aces
Sky Shark
Sorcer Striker
Soukyugurentai / Terra Diver
Strikers 1945 (series)
Tiger Heli
Truxton II / Tatsujin Oh
Twin Cobra
Vapor Trail
Vasara 2
Wivern Wings

Bionic Commando
Black Tiger
Blue's Journey
Bonanza Bros
Cabeman Ninja / Joe & Mac
Elevator Action II
Ghosts'n Goblins
Ghouls'n Ghosts
Legend of Hero Tonma
Magician Lord
Marvel Land
Psychic 5
Shadow Dancer
Tiger Road
Wonderboy III Monster Lair
Wonderboy Monster Land

Bubble Bobble
Bubble Bobble 2
Burger Time
Buster Bros / Super Buster Bros
Joe & Mac Returns
Magical Drop
Nightmare in the Dark
Puzzle Bobble (series ?)
Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo

===Run N Gun===
Alien Syndrome
Caliber .50
Contra & Super Contra
Dead Connection
Demon Front
GI Joe
Gun Force II
Metal Slug (series)
Midnight Resistance
Mystic Warriors
Out Zone
Psycho-Nics Oscar
Robocop 2
Robotron 2084
Rolling Thunder
Sly Spy / Secret Agent
Smash TV
Space Dungeons
Sunset Riders
Three Wonders
Total Carnage
Wild West Cowboys of Moo Mesa

1000 Miglia: Great 1000 Miles Rally
Baseball Stars 2
Capcom Sports Club
Champion Wrestler
Heavy Smash
League Bowling
Mach Breakers
Mat Mania / Exciting Hour
Mania Challenge
Neo Turf Masters
Pigskin 621AD
Ring of Destruction: Slam Masters 2
Saturday Night Slammasters
Snow Bros
Super Sidekicks 3
Tecmo Bowl
WWF Superstars
WWF Wrestlefest
Wind Jammers

===VS Fighting===
Breakers Revenge
Fatal Fury Special
Garou - Mark of the Wolves
Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire
Karate Champ
King of Fighters 98 and 2002
King of the Monsters 2
Marvel Vs Capcom
Marvel Super Heroes
Marvel Super Heroes Vs Street Fighter
Mortal Kombat (series ?)
Ninja Masters
Rage of the Dragons
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
Rival Schools
Samurai Shodown (series)
SNK Vs Capcom
Soul Edge
Street Fighter (Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition)
Street Fighter Alpha (series)
Street Smart
Super Gem Fighter
Tekken 3
The Last Blade 2
Violence Fight
World Heroes Perfect
X-Men Children of the Atom

Asteroids Deluxe
Burger Time
Defender  (maybe, funky controls)
Defender II / Stargate (maybe, funky controls)
Dig Dug
Donkey Kong
Donky Kong Jr
Elevator Action
Fantasy Zone
Front Line
Galaga 3
Joust 2
Jr Pac Man
Jungle Hunt
Kung Fu Master
Lady Bug
Lode Runner
Lunar Lander
Mario Bros
Moon Patrol
Mr. Do
Ms Pac Man
New Rally X
Pac Man
Punch Out
Rainbow Islands
Rally X
Satans Hollow
Solar Fox
Space Invaders
Time Pilot
Time Pilot 84
Wizard of Wor
Zoo Keeper

===Misc=== Not sure what category to put them in
Blood Brothers
Crossed Swords
Crossed Swords II
Gain Ground
Gauntlet  2p & 4p
Gauntlet II  2p & 4p
Monster Maulers
Top Gunner / Jackal

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I put up my initial list as a starting point, feel free to suggest games to add to the list or even say why certain games I have on the current list shouldn't be on the list.

What I have there right now is preliminary and will be refined over the next few months while we wait for the 200 release.

I also added to the original post asking whether or not there should be a cap on the total number of games to prevent bloat, please give your thoughts on it.

Should the list only contain 1 game per series ? EG: Mortal Kombat, have all 3 games or just 1, same with King of Fighters.

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One idea. For games like TMNT maybe include both the 4p and 2p versions. The reason being on the 2p version you use a character select to pick the char. On the 4p you have to push 1-4p start and most people don't have that many controllers or all 4 mapped to a single controller.

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I really like this idea. Mame is so unwieldly and cluttered. I have 0.185 atm and have slowly been going through trying to decide what to keep and what to trash. But I don't really know enough to trash any without trying them first so it is taking forever. Even the ones I'm keeping are only preliminary. I have a quick go decide if it has any potential, if so keep if not trash. Then its going to need a second pass with more playtime for each.

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There is already a No Filler batch file to pull out a set of roms here on the forums in the downloads section but it is a little out of date now since it was made for the 170 split rom set.

I hoping to get some feed back on what set people would like to see this one be based on, iI'm personally leaning towards the Non Merged set.

Non Merged
Pros: 1 game 1 rom and no reliance on parent roms

Cons: Initial download size will be quite large (over 100 gigs).

Pros: Smaller download, all games and variants, upcoming better support for them in Launchbox

Cons: Still would be a tad clunky dealing with a menu to pick which game to load.

Pros: Smaller download, easily customized

Cons: Extra work making sure all the parents and clones are included

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Yeah plus didn't some files for the audio in capcom games and such change after somewhere around 180? I suspect too much has changed now to make those reliable. I tend to go with non merged. Big but unless you want to keep the multiple versions of the same game it makes deleteing the unwanted ones much safer, you cant accidentally delete a parent rom. Plus storage is cheap enough these days that 100-150GB isn't really that huge anymore. I have the folder in LB I'm deleting things from and a separate backup of the entire set in case I delete something I later decide I want. I think I'll still keep this one for the time being even if I end up using your list when 200 comes out. As tedious as going through them can be, It has led me to try some I didn't even know about that look interesting. Also I used to play P.O.W. when I was little and coudn't remember the name just the bit at the start where you blow up the door. I was so happy when I randomly loaded it up and recognised it, I've been wanting to know what it was for years.

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I personally use a split set. I hesitate voting for a merged set because I have to be careful of an Internet cap each month. I come close to exceeding the cap way too often as it is.

Having said that, I fully support whatever the majority decide. This is a wonderful effort.

I personally think that the number of separate items should not exceed 500. I know I used to only use an updated version of the MAME 0.139 set which is much smaller than what we have today in a full, up to date set.

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Yeah I currently use a split set as well and i'm not set on either of the formats right yet at all so hopefully more people will chime in with their choice, each set has their own pros and cons.

I like the idea of the Non Merged set because it is so clean and in theory once the set is curated it should be smaller, neater, easier to manage and add new games into after the fact. But the initial download on the Non Merged is a pig.

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well basically if you set it up for split it is already setup to work with nonmerged also and really if there are clones in the list and also the parents it would work with merged also since those clones will just be inside the parent rom so it probably won't matter all that much

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Awesome idea, I love your first set! 

I've been using split for years at this point, but I think I'd prefer a Non-Merged set more as the extra 40ish gigs is nothing now-a-days. Even here in America with our trash speeds and bandwidth caps, 40 gigs isn't really a whole whole lot. if not Non Megered, Split I guess. 

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The large download of the Non Merged set is going to be a consideration. Even though I have no download caps my internet speed is not great so it will take me a few days to get it all. I just looked at the 195 Non Merged set on pleasuredome and it's 110 gigs.

I'm hoping when Jason does his Mame overhaul and support for Merged sets he's able to let us easily set the default rom to load. If he can do that I think I might go with the Merged set. Either way though, what set I end up going with is not decided upon so I definitely want to hear what people have to say on the matter.

I also would like to get peoples opinions on what to do about game series. Should this batch pull out entire series of games or just the "best" game of the series. For example all 3 Mortal Kombat or just one, other examples would be Metal Slug, King of Fighters and Samurai Shodown.

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I tend to be a fan of having an entire series. That said I'm not sure that is the best option here. This is a no filler list and I think a lot of that stuff is so similar having a bunch of them could very much feel like filler. I don't think there is a one rule fits all solution here. I think you're going to have to make judgement calls on which entries in a series deserve to be there or if you are unsure maybe put it too a vote. I think it should also depends on how many entries a series has too. I don't see a problem with MK1,2, 3 and 4 for example. each entry has significant differences. However for Street fighter I think some would need pruning., definitely so for King of Fighters and Guilty Gear.

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