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COMMUNITY Theme Creator Version 2.5 now available

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One thing I noticed was on launch will not maximize?

Once I manually maximize and exit and re-open doesn't remember to launch maximized. Even when resizing the window manually by dragging it will not remember the last position and size. Hopefully you can add in an option to remember the window position and size on last launch. 

Loving the new look and loading much faster than 2.3  :)

Good Job! Thank you for the hard work you put into this project much appreciated. Merry Christmas too you and your family!

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 I think this is maybe a Big Box issue and not CTC related?  The recent games element is always cropped on the bottom.  Even if the default theme is showing, it's still cropped.

  I'm also not sure if the key activation can be changed since it's expecting the recent games below the wheel, not above it.  Therefore it reacts to down, not up control input which is backwards.

 Does anyone use 'recent games' in their theme and what is your experience?


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6 minutes ago, PaulyC said:

@y2guru Hi mate, how does the size to content box work for the image canvas when we are creating a wheel template?

Whenever i enable it then images/templates just dissappear when checking them in the views so im not sure what i'm doing wrong.  

It was something I was playing around with so I wouldn’t enable it

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Has anyone here used the fake rom list and already added it to launchbox?

I built one through CTC so i can test out more platforms but saw i have to import all 179 Platforms individually in launchbox so if someone who has already done it and could zip up and share the all data file xmls it would help me immensely.

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@y2guru I may have found a problem.

I've set up my theme with the new remap layout to change the sizes and location of videos and sometimes after publishing this happens.   

When you publish the second time it normally fixes it though and and everything works as it should.


I forgot to add i have quite a few conditions set now but this also happened when i had very little and was just testing things out

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On 1/2/2023 at 7:21 AM, Surfdeign said:

Good Morning,

Are any animated image files like GIF or APNG supported using "image" in the template creator? I just tried GIF and I could not select that file type. Just curious before I try to convert some over to a supported file type.


animated .gif not currently supported for wheel item templates .apng not supported at all

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