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  1. I installed the latest beta and still have black videos when using VLC. Windows Media Player seems to be the only one working still. I wonder why mines isn't working. Edit: Now its working lol Thanks brother! It looks like all videos are fixed. I noticed theme videos under manage themes work as well.
  2. Are your videos playing with VLC on the latest drivers? I'm using the Win 3 as well 1165g7. Windows Media Player works but I'd rather use VLC cause of the compatibility issues.
    Great mod that adds a little realism to your marquees. I recommend this mod to anyone using a 2nd monitor setup in BigBox!
  3. This plugin is no longer working for me, as of version 11.1 of Launchbox. This is a great plugin, I hope it gets fixed.
  4. Ok thanks. I was thinking it had something to do with the new threaded downloads added in the last update.
  5. Ok cool. It seems to be scraping a lot slower in general, especially from Emumovies. I have 1gb download speed and media files are getting downloaded at 0.5Mbps.
  6. I've been having the same issue. Have you found a solution to the problem? I noticed it today trying to setup a new launchbox on my laptop.
  7. Thanks man I'm going to give it a go. On backblaze you can set it up to only backup the external drive?
  8. Are you guys using cloud storage? I'm trying to find something reasonable that's unlimited. Right now I'm running my games off of a 8tb external HD with another 8tb external backing up with macrium. The fear of losing my data is crazy at this point, I want to find a 2nd back up solution.
  9. Hey i'm looking for anyone who wants to play some games online through parsec. Me and a friend are about to play some N64 smash bros. If anyone wants in let me know. If you are unfamiliar with parsec check it out... https://parsecgaming.com/ If you sign up just send a friend request to Dynamite Jewduh
  10. I use 0.196 some games still don't work. It's just trial and error. The games I've test to work so far are.. Operation Wolf Time Crisis (Helicopter bug) Area 51 Point Blank Lethal Enforcers Jurassic Park I'm sure there are more, I just haven't dug in too deep yet.
  11. Not sure if this was added or not, but I want to contribute my setup. I run the majority of my games in retroarch and my light gun games MAMEUI64 0.197. I'm on windows 10 with a dolphin bar. 1. Under MAMEUI64 goto options > default system options > controllers > set joystick dead Zone to 0.00 (This allows the wii remotes to be smooth when aiming) 2. Under touchmote I made a layout called MAME. Set the pointer to Left Stick and the rest of the buttons to your prefered Xbox 360 buttons. Controllers is set to all. 3. Make sure your dolphin bar is set to mode 4, and your w
  12. How do you get this theme to show the amount of games on each platform? I cant figure it out, I'm not sure if its the theme or my LB settings.
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