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  1. Can anyone help me with this issue? My playlist title overlaps my game names. Default Vertical theme. Thanks.
  2. Ok everything looks right with the Vertical theme. It's just the "manage themes", "manage startup themes", and "manage pause themes" that look like this...
  3. Reviving, the revived thread. I too cannot for the life of me get the text smaller. See my screenshot of my display settings. Does it have to do with portrait mode? I have the bigbox portrait theme set!
  4. Just to revive...yes it is still an issue at least for me as of the latest version. If a playlist is added while LaunchBox is open, the playlist disappears into the abyss. I cannot find it anywhere. Even after right click, undo move, the playlist cannot be found. I suggest copying and pasting into the data>playlist folder and then delete the original playlist once you are sure it loads in LaunchBox.
  5. Nothing related to Steam is running on my PC and I am having the same issues. I am using a HanaHo HotRod controller by the way.
  6. Nope. Nothing Steam related on my PC.
  7. I do get the same duplicate, hypersensitive typing when I open a notepad and press my keys. 3 or four rapid numbers or letters at a time.
  8. 4 Months Later and I still have this issue. Anyone have a solution?
  9. Hate to revive an old thread but I hope someone can help. I just installed BB and and selected keyboard mapping so that I can navigate using my arcade joysticks and buttons. I have an issue with the key pressing being hypersensitive. Every button press acts as 2 or 3 button pushes at a time and the joystick jumps 2 or 3 lines with each press. how can I adjust this sensitivity?
  10. I'm interested in this as well. In addition, is there a way to get the windows 10 welcome screen to go away after the the windows ten logo screen finishes? I know how to auto login, but even selecting that shows the welcome screen still.
  11. Mesen...I'll give it a whirl. Thanks guys.
  12. I had a modded ps3 and downloaded retroarch for it but it was like looking at foreign language to me. Then I downloaded it the other day to try it out for PC and it looked just like the Ps3 version. I freaked out and that was the last time I opened it up to try it. 😁
  13. Nah I just got rid of the emulator and went with Haigan. Easier to import all my rims that way right now. I'm happy with it for what it does. I'll revisit puNes in the future.
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