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  1. Awesome dude thanks, I have the tosec as of this morning and going through it just now , thanks for the other link too now how did you get 23 matches to work lol i can't find what triggers it at all thanks again for the great set of covers
  2. Awesome set dude, thanks for your effort and time on this. Now i have to find just under 200 roms to match the great artwork, I already had around 80 in my collection after a great hunt last year but would be interested if there was a great resource for you finding a helluva lot more than that. I know the usual places and the vectrex fan sites but is there something i am missing because i can only see what i saw last year plus a few new ones. Any pointers from your search would be great thanks
    More great stuff from Klopjero thanks dude
  3. hey all, i have been told to post here my problem to see if it can be resolved. First thing i should say is that i had a few problems with the System to begin with. I installed the roms as you normally would but ran into problems launching them through RocketLauncher as it was not sending the file to RL it was sending the Full path to file which meant as i was a hyperspin user the RL was being sent a shortcut lnk file as the rom (Its set up this way in RL so it can pass the rom audit with all roms being detected) so i was told on discord that in order to use cemu properly its best to set
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