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  1. Also, beside videos not showing up in audit list the manual dont update automatically. Even if the manuals have the corret name, they only show up in the audit list if you open the "edit game" menu and press ok, one by one.
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    Moving rom files

    Hi there Im a new user of bigbox and i find this app really awesome! I usually google/solved most of the issues i came across pretty easily and my game collection is taking a nice shape (and space). 😅 But now i cant really find a easy/reliable solution for my problem. 1 - i have alot of arcade roms in a single folder "Arcade" 2 - i created cps1/cps2/taito/etc playlists and everything works fine ofc. 3 - but... what i really want ... is to move the rom files (and sub roms/apps associated) of those playlists (or from a platform) to separeted folders and this way create a platform for each arcade system and making my retroarch setup easier. Why bother? you ask well.. first i was thinking of doing that but had no reason except my OCD, and.... later on i found out the bezel project for retropie. I quickly managed to convert all those cfg files to the windows retroarch quite fast (using an app called text replacer tool) and having costum bezels for each game in several platforms (nes, mame, snes, etc) with minimal effort. But the arcade/mame platform (im using fba for retroarch) screwed my plans, some bezels had dif aspect ratios and i could not use the same core settings for all games like i did with all the other platforms. I quickly found out that was related to the system itself... so... basically if i place each system roms in their folder (cps1, cps2, nintendo arcade, taito, etc) i could easily setup core settings by folder in retroarch and problem solved! tl:dr Is there an easy way to move roms from a launchbox platform / playlist (and their associated apps or roms) to another folder? or i will need help from a rom manager? sorry for the wall of text, thanks in advance!
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