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  1. actually scrap that realised i didnt have the latest, other than some shifting when the game starts it lands in the right spot - awesome - as usual - thank you - regards Light Gun Lunatics
  2. Hi folks been a while. I have latest updates. How do I stop this example from occurring? I have marque screen on the right in display settings.
  3. Thank you, shared on Light Gun Lunatics
  4. great little app emumovies is problematic these days, need more options
  5. Yep agree. I've used skraper now emumovies should not be the only option it simply doesn't work well.
  6. Yep you did sorry. But yep when I selected all of those games and infact ALL mame games it's zero. Never had this issue before.
  7. amazing brother ill share a link on Light Gun Lunatics and give credit - thank you so so much
  8. Dont know what to say, i've tried any ps2 or any games/emulator for that matter, used the login/password test, says is logged in all the other artwork gets downloaded, ZERO videos.
  9. Cool thank you. So the link to the updates lightgun files?
  10. Just checked discord I note a few. But have tried just doing PS2 same problem. Spools ups downloads art, emumovies logs in and zero! Tried to manually download says can't find it via emumovies. All other art no issues.
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