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  1. Salut Viking ! Tout d'abord bravo pour ton taff sur ce thème (et tes précédents thèmes), ça fait plaisir de voir un Frenchy qui brille autant ici J'ai pas eu/pris le temps de tout lire, mais avec la version 11.10 sortie, une vue est prévue pour utiliser au mieux la nouvelle WallView ? Je me sers pour le moment du thème "The POC" pour ma borne, mais j'avoue que la classe et le polish de ton thème me donne envie de basculer sur celui-ci, mais pour le moment je le trouve trop orienté pour une utilisation pour une utilisation sur PC/TV que sur une borne --------- Hello Viking ! Fi
  2. Is it possible to remove the Sepia effect on the background picture before they show themself in color ? Not very fan of the effect EDIT : manage to remove the sepia effect
  3. Lol, I just switch LaunchBox to English .... And it works like a charm ....Your theme is anti-french !
  4. Try again after uninstall, fresh install again, just import 10 SNES games emulated with RetroArch, and same error pop when I switch to "The POC" theme Any ideas @faeran ? Your theme doesn't like frenchies like me ?
  5. Got this error as soon as I launched your theme. Fresh install, just import one system (Sega Genesis). Default Theme and Critical Zone work fine
  6. Hmmm, I donty have any errors, just asking about if it was doable
  7. Hmmm is the community theme creator tool uptodate with the new wall view ? I'm totally awful at coding ....
  8. Love the second view ! Do you think ArcadeFlow, from AttractMode, can be done with the new wall view ?
  9. It requires an Emumovie subscription to download from their FTP
  10. Hi and thanks for this awesome launcher ! How can you achieve to have a normal bezel (normal = 4/3 ratio) for some games, and a vertical one for others (like 1941 and mostly all arcade shoot) ? Thanks in advance !
  11. Thanks for the release ! I've tried it yesterday, and no bug so far if I follow all your advices for artwork and cover. Thanks again for this awesome theme !
  12. If I can help, do not hesitate
  13. @faeran : no more news ?
  14. Hello @faeran Still no news for your awesome theme on theme manager ?
  15. Any date for release ? Can't wait for it !
  16. Please make it available quickly ,can't wait to use it !!! 😍😍😍
  17. It will be a very great news (for me :p) if you can make such a view, with just the picture of the system and not and the wheel logo in front of it
  18. Beautiful, exactly the theme I wanted ! Just a minor thing : is it possible not to show the wheel logo for the platform ? The layout is beautiful, and I think that this black logo on top of the wheel disgracious
  19. Ok, thanks for your quick reply !
  20. Hi, I love this theme too. Is it possible, in an easy way, to show a screenshot of the game for 3 seconds, and then the video, in order to make the scrolling between games much smoother because it doesn't have to load every video if you scroll fast between games ?
  21. Waow !!!! Never tried to make a theme, but with this, I will definitively give it a try ! I wanted to port an atttract theme to Launchbbox (theme which was never released), and I hope your tool can allow me to do so ! Do you think a theme like this one can be achieved through your tool ?
  22. Well it's working again, but I have tried to install it anyway on an other hard drive, and this time, every thing is fine too .... Guess the bug came from my computer and the reboot helped (but it was running for two hours only, CPU and Ram were fine) Sorry to have bother you for nothing
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