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  1. Salut ! Non juste les descriptions des jeux, ce n'est pas moi qui suis en charge de la traduction du programme
  2. Hello, Thanks for this amazing theme ! But I encounter a strange bug. Because I'm French, I've translated everything game description in my native langage. But when I use your theme, nothing shows up under the filed Description, whereas everything is ok on other themes. Do you have any ideas ?
  3. for my part : - I5 + GTX970 with 2560x1440 under Win10 up to date : no problem - I7 + intel HD with 1366*768 under win 7 Pro up to date : no problem
  4. @viking Just test your theme with your custom video, Windows 10, beta 16 and 1920x1080 , no bug at all !
  5. @viking just spotted another "bug" : the title of the game is somehow cut on the top of the game viw with clear logo, see both G are cut Beta 7.0-16 , win 7 Pro, 1366x768
  6. @viking Got Win10 at home (win 7 pro on my pro PC),, I will test your theme at home tonight and keep you informed
  7. @viking I have not tested your theme before you made a fix, but I got no video bug at all (Windows 7 Pro, with LB latest beta)
  8. Tested your fix, and no bug for me ! Please forgive me for having forgotten your third theme
  9. Love your two themes, nice, clean and you're very quick to answer to any problems ! Keep up the good work (and I'll try this theme as weel, to make a choice betwwen emustation and this one )
  10. Yeah thanks a lot ! Merci beaucoup pour ta rapidité
  11. Ok, sorry if my explanations were not precise enough (I'm French, so wometimes it's difficult to explain myself Here is a (badly) paint image to show what I want I want to mix game view 1 and game view 2, i.e having clear logo to chose the game on the left, video in the background, box on the left, and game detail to the right of the box (instead of the game title)
  12. Hi, and thanks a lot for this awesome theme ! I will using it on my Vewlix for sure ! But I wanted to change just a little thing, but I didn't succed I wanted to hide the title screen, and show the details of the game instead (like the number of players, type of the game, serie etc ....) But I'm just too bad in XAML Can you help me to do this please ? I think that I need to show a block text "details" but everytime I tried, I just screw up your theme Thanks a lot in advance if you (or somebody) can help me to do it
  13. Impossible to download the file, can you check please ? This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. <Error> <Code>NoSuchKey</Code> <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message> <Key> monthly_2016_10/minimal_zip.e06bd6705266ec04145ff61e2e386f79 </Key>
  14. Got the same problem a few days ago. I just go to the line mentionned in the error message, and discovered that the was replaced by </Laun and that caused the error. Just take a look at the line mentionned in your error message and see if the XML tag is not partially deleted.
  15. Thanks Wattoo for your answers via PM ;) And thanks Jason too, for your amazing work !
  16. Hello, Do you think it is possible to use the new theme feature to translate Big Box ? For example, because I'm French and my daughter, who is still young and doesn't read English, I would prefer to see "Jouer" instead of "Play" when I see the Game Details.
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