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  1. Ok, after a reboot, several try, LaunchBox has successfully started. But I didn't do anything except a reboot (Was using LaunchBox when I got the update notification, so my PC was working fine just before the update)
  2. Not at all. Just tried to install it on an other Hard Drive (with 100Gb+ of free space), but still lock on initializing
  3. Just found that at every launch, the VLC folder is deleted and then reappers during the init, but still nothing 😞
  4. Hello @Jason Carr Just updated my LaunchBox setup from 9.3 to 9.4, and it remains stuck on "LaunchBox, initializing ...." then close itself. I tried to relaunch it, same thing happens. Do you have any ideas ? What can I send you to help for the debug ? Thanks in advance,
  5. aahhhhh great news !!!! And thanks for your awesome theme by the way
  6. Hello. I'm currently using FutureState Neon Deluxe on my Arcade Cabinet. Do you mean that if @Mr. RetroLust doesn't make an update, his theme will be unusable on future versions of LaunchBox ?
  7. @Jason Carr Thank you, thank you ... And did I say Thanks for your work ? The start screen is just the thing I needed to get rid of my RocketLauncher setup .... Thank you
  8. @keltoigael and How can you re-enable video sound please ? I've managed to change the red square, but not re-enabling the sound for the background video
  9. Excuse me again, but I have an other question : I need to make some modifications in order to fit every thing correctly in 720p, so can you provide the sln and csproj files for your theme please ? It's easier to do this with VS than with Notepad++
  10. Thanks for the tips with DPI ! And I've found in the files where to reduce the font size, now it's perfect ! Thanks again !
  11. Hi ! Love your theme, and I'm currently using it on my Vewlix ! But I got a question for you : how do I change the default font, or at least how can I change its size ? My screen is a 720p one, and it's a little too big at some times, and it's overlaping ... Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks a lot !!!! Was waiting for these option sto be implemented and you made my dream comes true ! At last I can have my BB setup locked with a pin but can shutdown my arcade cabinet without unlocking it before .... thanks thanks thanks !!!
  13. Yeah, as edited quickly (but not quick enough) just found them ... Thanks CriticalCid !
  14. And do you know where to find video for categories, i.e vs fighting, racing etc .... ? Been searching to use them with playlist but no luck so far ... EDIT : nevermind ... found them here
  15. Hello ! I love this theme and use it on my Arcade Cabinet. But I got a few questions : - Is it possible to enable sound on the background videos for games ? - how can I modify the big red square which identify what system/game I'm on it ? I'd like to reduce it a little bit, and make it black transparent instead of red transparent.
  16. Thanks to you if you can resolve this issue That's the thing I miss most on my setup to have it complete (and secure )
  17. I was refering to the mode when you put a Secured pin, so if you don't know it, you can't go in the options. That's what I call secure mode (if my daughter use my Arcade cab, she can't mess up with the settings because it is secured by a pin). But in this mode, you only have exit option, but not shutdown computer
  18. Hello ! Can you add the possibility to shutdown the computer when you exit BigBox in secure mode ? If it's possible, it will be wonderful for me
  19. Somtimes the rom is playable, it's just a misconfiguration of the emulator or a PC related problem. So I don't think this "database" would be a good reference enough
  20. For my personnal use, just need a small clock in the upper right corner, because I love knowing what time is it, and when I must stop playing
  21. Maybe if you have multiple versions of the rom in different regions ?
  22. Can you add also the possibility to clean up videos as well ?
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