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  1. RocketLauncher does it. Hyperpause -> Controller, and you can put whatever image you want to show your mapping. That's what I've done, even the loading screen is much better than the BigBox one, and I set up everything in less than an hour without previous RocketLauncher experience
  2. Can you please post your modified theme please ?
  3. I saw a new Grila Theme, I clicked, I came
  4. Yes, but not when your BigBox is lock to avoid any modification in the options
  5. Well, maybe I understand your request wrong, but nested filters are not intended to sort your games, just to filter them. Maybe you can do what you want with the playlist feature, but I don't know if you can have multiple layers.
  6. Ok thanks for making my brain not useless
  7. The Kodi theme wasn't released or have I missed it ?
  8. Thanks a lot SentaiBrad, you made my day, and now I can change my setup, which I found finished until now
  9. Are the categories manageable ? (well I don't know how to translate my french thought in English ...) i.e, can we create as many categories as we like ? Or are they made by default (Arcade / Computer / Handheld) ?
  10. Hello everyone and @Jason Carr, I've a simple question : do the playlists are only showep up as a sort of plateform, or is it possible to put them in a subcategorie ? For example, now I've my systems "Super Nintendo, Mame, Sega Megadrive ..." and inside each, the games related, and so on. If I use the playlists, they show up between my systems. Is it possible to have a "Playlist" system, and inside all the playlists I created ? If it's not possible now (latest non-beta version), is it planned or is it too difficult to add ? Thanks to anyone who can answer
  11. When I use the clear images not used anymore, is it normal that the videos are not cleaned ? For example, if I delete "game A", then I click on "clear unused images", all the images linked to "Game A" are deleted (front box, logo etc ...) but the video linked to "Game A" doesn't. I've recently imported 2k+ Mame Games then make a selection (187 games) but the video folder for Mame remains a huge space of videos. And it will be time consuming to check which video I've have to delete. So is it normal or a bug on my side ? (I'm on the latest beta)
  12. Not when your bigbox is in secure mode, you can only quit BigBox
  13. With the "All" unchecked, everything is well sorted, even if I kept show counts "on"
  14. Grila needs a new theme on the forum : Amazing Theme Maker You think you've already seen an amazing work ... and he comes back quickly with a more jaw breaking one ....
  15. Awesome theme, use it on my personnal Cab. Really easy to adjust it for a 720p display screen. Thanks a lot Grila for this awesome theme ! My 720p adaptation, and everything translated in French for the games
  16. adu

    Shutdown when quit

    Done. Sorry for the post, it's the first time I request something. You can delete the post, the issue was created.
  17. Hello @Jason Carr Can you please make a very quick feature please ? When you use BigBox in Secure Mode, can you add the option to choose to authorize the shutdown of the cab ? Because I got a PC in my Vewlix Cab, and when I want to shutoff my PC, I would love to have the possibility to do it in BigBox, but the option is possible only in non-restricted mode, and I prefer to be in restricted mode, if one day one of my friend go where he shouldn't and mess with my options ... Please please can you consider this possibility ? Thanks in advance if you will add it
  18. Is it possible with the arcade version to shutdown the computer (and the cabinet by extension) when we exit BigBox ?
  19. Waow, will try it, it can be a nice addition to a Vewlix with a dynaimc marquee and controls
  20. Waow ! Love your work, awesome ! And thanks for the differents resolutions as well !
  21. Hello ! First, thanks for this amazing theme. Like Sithel above, I've noticed some bugs if I don't run un 1920x1080. My PC has a QHD Screen (2560x1440), and if I select this resolution, the blurred video is not aligned with the non blurred video. In 1920x1080, no problem, everything is well aligned. And I second Sithel, in 720p your text are cut off, even with the font you required.
  22. If one day we can skip intro video by a keypress ok, but for the moment, it is waayyyy toooo long
  23. Waow ! Amazing ! Can you make a CPS-3 one please ?
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