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  1. I made this simple Clear Logo for myself since I like having all of my rom hacks and fan-made games in their own separate category and figured I'd share it in case any one else does the same thing and would like to use this one too.
  2. An issue has just popped up for me in Big Box mode. All of the SFX for navigating the menus are silent, including the "Launching Big Box" effect when booting it up. Audio for my game clip videos is working, but none of the SFX in Big Box itself work. I have checked all of my settings in Options and effects should be playing. I was in a Game List and pressed the Back button on the controller when the sounds stopped working. I have tried all of the Sound Packs (currently using Clavius Sci-Fi 1), different themes and completely re-installed LaunchBox altogether, but it still doesn't work. I have a short video attached if you need further clarification on what I'm talking about. Anyone else have this? Should I bug it? Desktop_09_30_2016_-_21_20_06_03.mp4
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