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  1. The beauty of it all is that depending on how it is implemented, people could just make and download Icon packs to fit their theme or style Just wanted to show how they can have different styles
  2. Automated would be nice, but I still want to be able to edit/change it myself. Also it should be able to show more than 1 icon if more input types are supoported
  3. I was wondering if there is a way to add a place for controls/controller icons. Purpose/example: In my DOS collection there are some games i am able to play with a controller/joystick and others I am able to play with Keyboard and Mouse. It would be cool to see an Icon of say a controller (allow different controller icons to be selected such as PS4 or XBOX360/ONE Controller) or a Keyboard/Keyboard Mouse. This would also be beneficial for Wii Games since they use various controllers and controller addons this would help to quickly see what controller would need/supported to be used (s
    Love IT. I Integrates perfectly with kodi, feels like a seamless experience.
  4. I must have made a mistake somewhere. When I start the game from Launchbox it opens the FS-UAE Launcher and not the game... hmm...
  5. It Works! Though there is a big(ish) delay/transition from kodi to big box, But it does work! Great Job!
  6. Still will not load bigbox from within the windows kodi app
  7. I know this may be another can of worms, But I am unable to get this to work with the Windows APP Version of Kodi...Any Ideas or are you able to get it to work and it's just me...
  8. When a submission is rejected, is there a way to search for only those that were rejected?
  9. Cebion said FistyDollars said Jason Carr said How could I forget!? Sorry guys. And the winners are... 1. @Cebion 2. @FistyDollars 3. @HardcoreHubz @Ruester, you were number 4, but you put in such a great effort, I'll go ahead and give all four of you a forever license. Please send an email to me at jasondavidcarr@gmail.com with info on who you want the license to go out to (name and email). Thanks! :) Phew! I need a break... Indeed! Someone started to upload 3-D Boxes of every snes game! Took me forever! Kudos for the work though. And now we're all strategy game speci
  10. Cebion said FistyDollars said Freestate said Well, i have to point an issue attached to this conquest madness, i understand the point on the contest is to manage the bunch of contributions of this days BUTTTT!! i see obviously that acording to seeking the prize the moderation is been a disaster and a next-next-next-clicking madness only to achieve the prize. By mistake i upload a widescreen fanart as disc image and SURPRISE ! 3 moderators aprove it. Without a system to audit good moderation the result of this contest is auto-accept entries like a robot. I agree that there should
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