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  1. I got similar issue also, the first song Big Box will play will always be random, but the second song will always be the same and will loop forever... really weird
  2. Amazing Theme Grilla. Keep it up
  3. Thanks for all the playlist video you are making. Really amazing job I really like them.
  4. Same here... Really love that theme amazing job you are doing
  5. Amazing!! Love it haha Thanks @Zombeaver Time to update my banner right now
  6. True, but the way I see it. You take your time to share it with us. The picture doesn't really matter in my opinion. You are the one making them so you choose what you want. You didn't need to share with all of us but you do it. The most important I think is more the style of each clear logo. I'm sure almost everyone will take them because they are using the CityHunter Theme like I do. Can't wait to see some new one arrive and I'm sure the community as well is looking forward for them On a side note I really love Suikoden II not my favorite of all time but definitely in my Top 5 of all RPGs. Such a masterpiece
  7. Like always really love them Amazing job @Zombeaver Thanks to share with all of us. I like the idea to put the playlist with the genre like you did. I don't know if you could do some like Top 100 or Top 50 For exemple Top 50 or 100 SNES, Genesis and so on. Also one for Top 100 of all time. Maybe one for Best Couch/Local Multiplayer. Thanks Again
  8. Seem fine for the Sidebar sorting issue Same for me best money I spend in a long time and I always try to push everyone around me to buy it for themselve Thanks Jason for the hard work
  9. Amazing work Zombeaver I'm using this along the cityhunter theme to. Now because it look so nice I cannot even play a game I just stare at the theme with Attract mode on and listen to Dance With the Dead in the background :P. When you have time I would love those one to the list if possible. 1- Wii U 2- 3DS 3- Wonderswan Color And maybe if I don't ask to much can you make for those same platform the Clear Logo and Video style that you made in the CityHunter forum section ? Thanks again for all the hard work and being nice enough to share with all of us.
  10. Oh god... everyone you can forget about it.. Just me the nood that didn't notice when you go inside Launchbox and go to Manage Platforms. When you select the platform you want to modify at the bottom it say Videopath... well for some reason mine was pointing at a completely random video of my games... Thanks
  11. I found inside the Video folder the folder named PLATFORMS. When I look inside I was 4 video file that I don't remember if I put there anyway.. I did notice if was the one playing when I go on Turbografx, Wonderswan, Wonderswan Color and PS2. I delete the 4 files and put all the video I want with the exact name of each platform. Again, I go in Big Box and yes Turbografx, Wonderswan, Wonderswan Color and PS2 took the video I paste inside. But all the other platform still take a video from I don't know where... Really don't understand that issue. Thanks if someone have a idea
  12. Thanks DOS76 I will look when i'm back home. If I remember correctly there a folder inside videos name Platfrom. I completely forgot about this. I'm pretty sure that's the issue like you said.
  13. I guess i'm the only one with this issue... I notice something else yesterday night. I was on the console PS2 and this one for some reason the background video play randomly I was going the PSX and go back on PS2 and the video in the background was a different one. But for the PSX it was always the same video playing... I really don't get it. Hope someone else have this issue and found out how to solve it. Thanks
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