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  1. Wow, this is a great addition to any C64 retro gamers :). Thanks @Zombeaver .. I integrated this into my main Launchbox setup, and it seems to work nice except for one thing. The button mapping to bring "Controller Layout" collide with my global quit key-combo. Is it easy to change this, and where do I change it? The best would be if I could disable the global quit key-combo for just C64 Dreams platform, but I have no idea if that is even possible i Launchbox.
  2. Great theme @Jason Carr and @CriticalCid , looks and feels very good. Thank you so much guys!
  3. @Klopjero: Great work, they look very nice!
  4. @CoinTos I have a little feature suggestion for a future release. It would be nice to have support for UNC path´s. This is beacuse I have noticed problems with mapped drives, it doesn´t always work.
  5. Hello @slipsystem, did you solve this? Been away since my NAS crashed last summer so I haven´t tested for awhile since I have not rebuilt a new one yet If the addon is not Kodi 18 compatible, that would be a nice feature for the upcoming release
  6. @CoinTos Thanks for a great addon
  7. Ok, hope that the pluginsystem will open up that approach to launch games. Will subscribe to this thread to follow your work.
  8. Hey, it worked great after DB update :). Now the only emulator I can´t get running is dosbox. Will provide a log for you. I also have some questions/requests: 1. Will there be support to pull the AHK script that is provided in launchbox with each emulator. Me for example have a custom script for keymapping the C64 emulator. 2. Provide or clone the function "quit key combo" (Close the active window) from launchbox. Now some emulators is hard to quit without a keyboard. Many thanks slipsystem for this great addon kodi.log
  9. Thanks, that was fast! Now C64 works fine. Did you see any reason why Commodore Amiga wouldn´t even show the games? I will check more emulators tonight and see if I can get them to run
  10. Hi slipsystem Ok, since it works for you I decided to remove my Kodi install and start over. I actually discovered that MAME was the only emulator that worked, but the others won´t. When I checked the logs it seems like the addon sends the right commands, but still it wont work What I tried and logged for you was: 1. Choose Commodore Amiga platform but it didn´t even show the games. I got an error message that told me to check the logs for more information. 2. Start a NES game nothing happend, just the busy screen. 3. Start Commodore 64 game, the emulator starts up but no game boots. 4. Start a MAME game, worked as it should. Extra info: Tried both stable and beta version of the addon, no difference. Can also add that I always get dual messages that tells me that one of the platforms has been updated whatever I click on in the addon. Doesn´t matter if I press yes or no, it still tells me that there was an update. I hope my info is enough for you to see whats causing my issues, thanks again for looking into it. Love the idea of your addon and hope I can use it soon kodi.log
  11. Thanks for a great addon, to bad I have my Launchbox install on a NAS so it wont work for me. The share is mapped with a driveletter in Windows 10 but dosent work anyway. Is that BUG on your todo list?
  12. Great theme, my new default
  13. Looks great :). Will redo my Amiga setup someday too when I have the time, want something looking like yours.
  14. Worked great! Thank you so much, very easy to setup
  15. Sorted for now, generated my own Commodore 64.xml containing AdditionalAplication for each game.
  16. Thanks for the tip. Will have to see what I can come up with if I fail with editing the XML file
  17. Can add that I have also tried to solve the keypresses with a AHK script but the damn "ALT"-key always get "stuck" so it messes things up for me. So thats why I have choose JoyToKey to see if it could solve my problems
  18. Ok, I was actually wondering about a .bat file. But I doesnt know how it can check if JoyToKey is running when terminating the .bat through LB?. Maybe I can edit the Commodore 64.xml file to add "AdditionalApplication" instead if I can come up with a idea on how to automaticly add all entries with the right GameIDs. Im running CCS64 at the moment and the keys I want to emulate is diskchange, joystick switching, space key and some other must have keys when running C64. Would be nice if I could eliminate the use of a real keyboard
  19. Hi, As the topic says, is there a way to add JoyToKey to all games automatic so that it starts with the emulator/game and ends when emulator closes . I saw that you could add this manually game by game but that aint a option on thousands of games. So have I missed something or is that not possible (yet?)?
  20. Thanks for sharing, was just configuring C64 and was thinking how I should solve disk change. Hm can´t get it to work with my Xbox controller. If I change Joy(random number):: to a keyboard such as Enter:: it works. Edit: Ok, seems like there is problem with Xbox One controller and AHK...
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