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  1. Go to my post in this post of the same issue and click the link I provided.
  2. I cannot help with why it is not working, but I can let you know it is recommended to not run BigBox or Launchbox as admin. Doing so can cause issue with other programs ran through BigBox that would need elevation.
  3. BigBox has a setting to choose which screen is primary display screen and which is the marquee screen. Once set It will then show marquees for games as well as platforms and platform categories if you have images for them as well. Keep in mind using a stretched lcd may require a xaml edit in the theme. Since most themes are coded to more traditional aspect ratios we have seen stretched lcds not show the image in the correct location. There are a couple threads already if you search that will help you if it is needed. Marquee images for games goes in your \Images\[Platform Name]\Arcade=Marquee folders. Marquee images for platforms will pull an image from the \Images\Platforms\[platform name]\Banner folder. Marquee image for the categories would pull an image from the \Images\Platform Categories\[platform name]\Banner folder.
  4. The users cannot code their own version of attract mode. It is something Jason built into BigBox. Per @dragon57 post you can use the built in attract mode with any theme. It will randomly jump in and out of platforms/categories showing different games. You cannot launch directly into a game shown unfortunately.
  5. Worked fine on all my cabinets/builds. None of them needed re-pinning. I have had this happen in the past with other software after an update. So I don't think it is something unique to Launchbox.
  6. @cemfundog try posting here and see if one of our other coders might have an answer or maybe a plugin that could solve your issue.
  7. Moving this to the specific startup theme subforum. Also checked with Jason and this may not be possible with the standard screenshot binding <Image Source="{Binding Path=SelectedGame.ScreenshotImagePath}" /> as it would just randomly select an image from the folder. He said it may be possible with some other type of coding but would take some work/research. They have a plate full already so this may be something that, unless one of our resident theme coders knows or could help, may take some time to get solved.
  8. Try going to BigBox settings and look for Image Cache option then choose the Refresh All option.
  9. Not the best thing to do for Windows games. It should always be exited from the games menu option. So you likely will not see us recommend it. BUT, If you must and Escape does not exit a game than see if Alt+F4 does. If it does then you can try the script below. Since the button combo basically sends Escape. This AHK will then send Alt+F4 when the combo tries to send Escape. Still do not recommend as it can corrupt save files. ESC:: Send !{f4}
  10. Follow Jason's steps in this post to fix.
  11. Do the steps @neil9000 gave you. Those programs are known to cause issues with Launchbox. Sometimes they don't and sometimes after a Windows update they do.
  12. There may not be a way to do just what you want. I have tried in the past with videos without any luck. I think this is one of the things I asked Jason and he said was not currently possible. I was trying to do it with the existing folders plus adding a new folder in them. Maybe it can work if all your images are in the theme's folder. That was a while ago though. I take it you want to use a custom background folder as to not overwrite images that may be/get downloaded into the normal Fanart-Background folder?
  13. Retro808


    If you are using a set that old go into Manage Eaulators and for Mame edit it. Remove the line below from the Default Command Line Parameters section. We know this affects older mame versions. You will not be able to use the new Pause Features in Launchbox until you update to a more current version because that line is needed. Not sure why only chd games would not work. That line usually affects all of Mame. -keyboardprovider dinput
  14. Retro808


    What version is your Mame and your Mame roms?
  15. Retro808


    Did you recently update anything, move anything, or reimport anything? Those CHD games if you run them directly in Mame (Not using Launchbox) do they work or do you get the same error?
  16. Does it give you an error or does it just close shortly after it tries to start? Any chance you are running any software like RivaTuner/MSI Afterburner?
  17. The import wizard has check boxes for Mame games that are checked by default to exclude things like mechanical games. Did you uncheck those by chance?
  18. It has been brought to Jason's attention in another thread. So hopefully he will take a look at it.
  19. @lemoncadebay I see the problem. You have the check box ticked for Remember Separate View for Each Platform. This allows you to set each platform to a different view. Uncheck that box then try changing the views.
  20. It would be helpful to see images to get a better understanding. So when you get home post some pics. Also the post you linked I do not think there is an actual issue. Reading that post he mentions in the default theme Vertical Wheel 2-4 for games all look the same. Well that is because they do. The default theme did not have different style views for Vert 2-4. That post is not the same as you not seeing game clear logos. Jason built BigBox to allow theme creators options to create multiple views. Not all themes have views for all the different view styles Jason has available. Some only have maybe 2-3.
  21. Did you download the images through Launchbox or just copy them into the folders? Can you post a pic of your game clear logos for your Arcade platform? (Just a pic that would show the folder structure and some of the file names in that folder. Just want to make sure you have them in the right spot.
  22. As @neil9000 said you are indeed on Text List View.
  23. Do you actually have clear logos downloaded for your games? The themes do not come with images for game clear logos. You have to import/download them. Can you share a pic of what you are seeing?
  24. Two possible issues. 1. Perhaps you are in the Text List view. Each theme has several views you can switch between. One of which is an actual Text List View. You can map a button to "Change Views". If you go to Settings - Views you can tell what you are one. If it is Text List view change it. 2. If you are not in the Text View you may just need to refresh the image cache. In BigBox go to Settings - Image cache - Refresh all images.
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