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  1. I do not believe this is possible. LB will only allow 1 folder for an image type per platform and all game images need to be in the folder.
  2. Not all image types have an image priority setting. Steam Banners does not.
  3. Glad you at least figured out Power-up. Easy to mistake which exe you have set if you have a few emulator options in your set-up. Dredd imported fine for me just by drag and drop of the zip. If you already have the other Acclaim version you need to make sure you check the "Import Duplicate" box.
  4. That only 2 important settings in the game are what shows on in the "Launching" spot and the "Emulation" spot. Can you confirm in the Launching section it is pointing to the correct folder path and rom file? Your other games work, correct? Otherwise I am not sure why it would not launch. All LB really does is send the command line to Mame to tell it what game to launch. Below are my settings.
  5. Again, how you imported should not be an issue as I went through same steps and it works fine. Can you confirm it does at least launch directly from Mame for you? Also when you right click and edit the game then go to the "Emulation" page what emulator does it show. For all, no. There may be some oddities like this. Jason did mention them looking at the Mame import process and see if they can make it less over zealous on importing and blocking some manual imports. But for now, at least there is a way to get stubborn ones imported.
  6. Importing it that way is not the issue. That is how I imported it. Images for both games show fine for me. Try refreshing the image cache. Does it run directly in Mame. Just tested both in LB and no issues.
  7. Change the importing emulator to Retroach then run it. It will then show the game but it will import the zipped name. Change the name to the game's name and it should import media. Then when imported change the emulator back to Mame.
  8. No, if you are scraping from EmuMovies there is an issue with their API LB uses. We recommend doing EmuMovies scrape in batches. Also, just an FYI if you already had media for the games you deleted and reimported you could still use the original media. LB upon import and naming the games would reattach the original media since it was already named after the game.
  9. It could be EmuMovies if you are also scraping media from them. We know there is an API issue causing some download issues. If you uncheck the media options and do not scrape for media from EmuMovies and just scrape from the Games DB does it give you the same issues? Once you highlight all the games you want to run media for you do go to >Tools >Download Media and Metadata. The screen will show you how many games you are trying to run media for. You can see I selected 2 games and the screen confirms 2 games in the text.
  10. When you imported your Mame roms did you use the "Full Mame rom set" import option?
  11. What version Mame are you using? Dredd just imported fine for me. I had to uncheck either the "Skip game Unplayable" since the Mame.xaml lists it as "Imperfect". Power-up Baseball I think you need to make sure "Skip Prototype" is unchecked.
  12. Just click the platform and then select all the games or how ever many you want. FYI you can also run the option to audit the platform and then select games from there. Just to give you another way of doing it.
  13. I merged your threads. There is no need to 2 threads with related issues. Looking at your images path access is being denied. Any chance you have a folder set to "Read Only"?
  14. Does the game play when ran directly in Retroarch without LaunchBox?
  15. Could be a setting, a missing "Associated Platform", or selected core. Various things it could be. Can you go to >Tools >Manage Emulators and edit your Retroarch. 1. Post a pic of the "Details" tab 2. Post a pic of the "Associated Platforms" tab. What system are you trying to launch? What is the exact name you gave the platform in LB? What core are you using in RA when you run the game?
  16. Have not seen any mention of LB marquees being worked on. BB marquee support did get some back end upgrades to allow custom theme builders more option to displaying media. As far as the marquee support for LB there is a feature request ticket open. Please be sure to vote on it to let the devs know more users are interested in this. https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/4555/have-ability-to-use-second-screen-for
  17. You need to make sure the first 2 boxes in the image are unchecked. If they are LB will not download an update. The only time it automatically downloads without you acknowledging "yes" is if you have the 2nd option ticked. As far as reverting to an older version if you do not have any old installers in your \Updates folder than you cannot fallback easily as we do not house old versions on our site. You really should never have to do a "clean install" and delete the entire LB folder. Most times simply re-running an installer over an existing build will fix some experienced issues. Either way, it is usually a good idea to back up data data even if you choose to start with a clean slate.
  18. So if you right click on the item downloading in FireFox you do not get an option to Pause?
  19. In the theme's folder. Since it is images tied specifically to that theme it would be in there. I would also recommend spending some time looking in the various LB folders it will help you see how things need to be named and filed.
  20. There are a few in our \Downloads section under BigBox Custom Themes. This is one of the latest ones made by our Project Mgr.
  21. Thanks for clarifying. Without knowing the full details of how you set things up I could only make guesses. That's the thing though. I do not believe it should since the coding is designed to show marquee and main UI on separated screens. It was not originally designed to flip when they are both set the same screen. The original intent was an arcade cabinet that had a main monitor and a marquee screen above it. So this is something that would require a plug-in or you can submit a bitbucket ticket request to log an ehancement/feature request for marquees. Feature requests can be done using the link at the top of the forum located under "Help & Support"
  22. I assume you can do the same in GroovyMame as you can in Mame and set the ini file to tell GroovyMame what screen to run a game. If so, then tell GM to run the game on your CRT and tell BB to set primary and marquee as the same monitor. I know your initial post says you set them both to the same screen but the game runs on that screen as well, can you set GroovyMame to launch on the other screen like you can in standard Mame?
  23. Are you using emulators other than Mame?
  24. A plugin maybe. Doubtful a custom theme would be able to do it without some sort of user created plugin.
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