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  1. You said it happens in Retroarch directly, if that is correct than likely not Launchbox related and seems like a driver issue. Are you sure all drivers are updated? You mentioned DX9 but you are on a Windows 10 machine. Latest version should be DX12.
  2. I definitely have not seen that, but then again I do not use pause on every game I have played. Can you name a few it occurs on?
  3. If you have not done so there is a debugging option in Launchbox. Try turning it on. >Tools >Options you will see the debugging section.
  4. Oh and there are some good tips in here.
  5. I am entry level on all this so happy to share what has been shared with me as I learn. First, I would recommend downloading the free version of Visual Studio. This way you can copy in a theme's code and see the grids/columns to make editing easier. Otherwise, just editing on Notepadd++ you are shooting in the dark as to exactly where things may land on the Full canvas. The theme views the layout in exactly that, Grids and Columns. So you dictate how wide, tall and how many there are. One thing to note though is when you are listing the Row or Column an element appears in the count starts a "0" and not "1" So if you have 7 rows and want an item to show up on the second row you count 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. So the second row is actually Grid.Row="1". I kept making the mistake thinking I want in on the second row that that should be Grid.Row="2". Nope, the first row is 0 and so on. Same with columns. The span just tells it how many rows or columns you want it to take up. You want an element to appear in the 3rd column and take up 3 columns you would have Grid.Column="2" Grid.ColumnSpan="3". This is all from my fundamental understanding of it. I am sure our more resident experts would have better tips and hints.
  6. Do you have the plug-in selected in Demul settings? Also can you run the game directly in Demul without trying to launch through Launchbox?
  7. You likely do not hear more people complain because this may be a pretty unique issue. Emulators run pretty well for most users. When you are trying on other pc/laptops are these all fresh downloads and builds on each machine or are you copying over the same set-up to each machine?
  8. I do not think it was ever together and then changed. I think that is just how Jason put them when he created the child playlist features. Anything that is not available automatically in Launchbox can be downloaded from our downloads section. Here is a direct link to playlist clear logos. You should fine a few styles there.
  9. It is known that older version of Mame do not work well with latest updates to Launchbox because they are missing some things that have been put into new version. You will likely need to edit the emulator setup in Launchbox and in the default command line delete the text below: -keyboardprovider dinput It was added for the new Pause features so this may affect your ability to use Pause features in Mame. With new features being added to Launchbox and those features are tested on current versions of emulators I would recommend looking to update your roms and Mame to a more recent version. 0.155 is pretty old.
  10. Yes, the focus loss has been reported, but has been hard to nail down the issue and it for now seems to affect a small amount of users. Jason does look into reported issues like this. In those threads your search found there were several solutions that have worked for some. Did you try any of them? One recommendation is to turn off Startup themes globally or just for the affected emulator and test. Another was to check the "Hide all windows that are not in exclusive fullscreen" for that emulator.
  11. Can you share a few images. 1: In Launchbox >Tools >Options and show an image of the Input-Gamepad/Joystick tab and the Automation tab. 2: >Tools >Manage Emulators and edit Demul show an image of the Running AHK and and Exit AHK tabs.
  12. If you shut off Startup themes and Pause themes for just Cemu can you exit a game properly?
  13. Did you try the fix recommended in this thread?
  14. No issues with latest version of Cemu and Launchbox. I would however recommend using the below AHK. It was discovered that original closing AHK was a hard close of emulators and with certain emulators that needed to be closed properly like Higan it would not allow for saves states to be saved. You can use this with any emulator just change the exe name to the emulators specific .exe $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe Cemu.exe }
  15. You can have your roms/games anywhere you want. When you import just tell the import wizard to leave the games where they are (Use Files in Their Current Location). To answer your specific question the answer could be "yes or no" depending on if you have already imported your games into launchbox. I do not mess with MS-DOS games so I could not confirm how it will affect the games outside of that.
  16. In older versions Launchbox you had to manually type in the command line for the core you were using. You no longer need to do that. Jason added the drop down box you select the core with.
  17. There is not a list because you can add it however you want. It is up to the user. You can put in it any category you want. Call the emulator whatever you want. You can even call the platform what ever you want. The only thing that matters is the name of the platform must be in the Associated Platform field and it must match what you called the platform in Launchbox then you must select a core. You do not even need to check the default emulator box. This is how I have it set up. That old way works, but it is not really necessary. In Launchbox I call Neo Geo "SNK Neo Geo MVS" so that is that name that must be in the associated platform. I added Retroarch simply as Retroarch. Then I enter all the platforms that will use it and select the proper cores. Again, do not go by any cores you see or names. These are pics from test machine and often times I mess around with stuff here so as to not mess up my main cabinets. This is just showing how the basic setup is.
  18. Not sure which ETA videos you are watching but if it is one that has you naming Retroarch as the platform name when you import it then it is likely one a year or so old. You really do not need to do that. Just add Retroarch as an emulator and for each system that will use RA, enter the name of the platform in the associated platform field and in the core cell click it so the drop down box shows and choose the core you want to use. For RA you do not really need default command line parameters in Launchbox unless you are using a custom config and many times those can be done per core or per game anyway. I think the only command line parameter I have is from recently setting up Neo Geo CD and Lordmonkus found out it needed a comman line added. I do not use RA for Neo Geo so I just added it and only took a few clicks. I keep SNK Neo Geo MVS roms separated from my main Mame roms so easy enough to add it to RA. Ignore any core choices in the pic this is from my test pc. Use your core of choice. The image is just to show it is as simple as platform name and core choice.
  19. Should not need any tricks. If you cam close demul in the other systems the same should close when playing Atomiswave. It still demul that is running. Maybe you have a weird mapping conflict? Try putting the below AHK in the Running AHK of demul $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } or this one which closes it a bit more carefully $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe demul.exe }
  20. Nice @viking Looking forward to these. I am building a mini desktop cab for my daughter and she requested clean and simple for BigBox media. This will be perfect.
  21. Yes, there currently are no settings we can adjust to get marquee images a certain way. I have tried editing a theme to get it to work, only partial success. I could get the clear logo shown, but never a static background image. It would always default to the marquee image or the next priority. So, we have to wait until Jason is ready to take on updates to marquee images and priorities. He did say it will be coming.
  22. Do you hav any of the "Hiding Games Missing..." items checked? These options are located under the View menu.
  23. Right now there is no way to set banner image or set a default background with logos changing out over it. Jason has mentioned he will get to some updates for marquee support but for now he is trying to finish up the items that got the top votes from last year's user poll. Marquee support just missed out on making that list. I have been waiting patiently for quite some time on some updates to marquee options. Hopefully soon. For image priorities related to the marquee BigBox pulls first images from the Arcade - Marquee folder and then it looks like in absence of an image in that folder it follows what you have set for your Box priorities.
  24. Select a platform in Launchbox, go to >Tools >Download Media and Metadata this will bring up the download wizard. Skip through the first couple of options and the when you get to the EmuMovies piece select the video options then follow the prompts. This will tell it to only search for EmuMovies video files. You can do this for each platform.
  25. At the top of the forum is a "Help & Support" Menu with a "Report A Bug" feature. The responsiveness of the dev for Launchbox is great considering it is just 1 man doing it on his spare time. It is not a big team working full time. He does take things in priority so some items unfortunately have to get pushed down the list. The controller implementation is working for pretty much the vast majority of users, this board does not get mentioned a lot on the forum or discord so it may be why it has not been looked into at this time. It is not affecting very many users. Not discounting your need or issue just applying a little perspective.
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