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  1. @drewjbx I might have something working on this. Jason gave me some direction and so far so good. Not exactly as you mentioned, showing the marquee if one exists and if not show the static image then clear logo over it. I am testing it now and it does show a static image and then the clear logo scrolls with each game. Not promising anything as I am a novice at this coding stuff, but I do use a marquee so this is something I am interested in.
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    Jason did add it to the default theme. He created a specific arcade.xaml so non arcade system will point to box image and arcade system will point to the Arcade Control image Path. I just edited the theme to alter the look a little and make the image larger. Basically you just need to have a theme point to that folder in the code.
  3. Not pointless. Many users do not know to adjust that timing. So it is helpful to show people adjusting it can affect the performance of the feature.
  4. I tested on one cabinet that is only 1920x1080. I used only that specific pc resolution and I don't make mine portable so each emulator setting is set for the cabinet/pc it is in. Just go direct to ePSXe website. The latest version should be v2.0.5 and the settings menu did not look like in your images. So I went to a prior version and it matched.
  5. What are your specs? Try opening the game and then go into the Mame menu. Go to the dip switch setting and change the resolution to Low. This worked for me on a couple setups.
  6. Looks like it is that 1280x780 resolution. I had to go back to older versions of these 2 emulators as those settings are different in the latest version I am using. When I use that 1280x720 I get the scaling issue.
  7. I am on latest version and a machine on latest beta. It is something that has been reported in prior versions. For many users shutting of the startup sound got rid of it. It has not really been posted about for a while now. I will tag @Jason Carr
  8. What graphic settings in these emulators are you using? I do not get any Startup screen rescalling in either and I think this is the first mention. So would be god to try and test with the settings you are using. In each emulator setting in Launchbox you can adjust the emulator load delay. Some may need custom tweaking to get right. Try adjusting the load delay in the Startup tab for each of these emulators. The only one I do not use is Mesen. All the others I have been able to get adjusted to a smooth transition.
  9. Yeah that issue I can replicate if I have the startup sound on in my settings. Turning it off I get no stutter. Which I why I have not used it in years. Not sure why turning it off had no affect on your system. I also have all transitions set to none in my settings as personally I do not care for how the video/image shows up on screen. It could be a transition from the theme?? Maybe try turning them off and see if it changes. It definitely appears to occur only at a point the video ends and BigBox starts to load up the initial view.
  10. Do you have your default view in BigBox set to something different like Playlists or something? If it is showing in LB it should show in BB. Can you share a pic of how your platform pane looks in Launchbox (the left side that shows all the platforms). Make sure Teknoparrot is visible. Also in LB right click on the platform and edit then show a pic of the parents tab. Ne sure to expand the piece where Teknoparrot is showing. Would be good to see how it is showing in your system.
  11. So you added a new platform called "Teknoparrot Arcade" and added it to show up under platform category of "Arcade" correct? It does not show in BigBox, but does it show in Launchbox? Have you added games to it yet?
  12. Have you tried different themes? I wonder if it could be a transition in the theme. I can replicate the issue on only one of my machines, but it only happens if I have that default loading sound on. Can you post a video?
  13. There are a couple topics on other forums about Golden Tee Fore games and audio stutters. If you Google you should find some about Golden Tee Fore 2006 easily, You can apply the recommendations to the other games as well. Some options recommend running a lower resolution of the game depending on your hardware and another I saw recommended some audio setting tweaks. Google "Golden Tee Fore audio stutter" and the first few posts it locates has some options to try.
  14. Retro808

    Poll Results

    You should be able to add them as additional apps and have them show up. I added Cheat Codes to some games in pdf format documents (need to be pdf to work) and labeled as such and it shows up in my pause menu as an option.
  15. OK, well that really does not help since that is the version you say is not working. My advice was to reinstall that last version that was working. That way we can see if the issue goes away. So, again, I recommend going into your updates folder and finding the installer for the version before this one and run it. It will not erase any data. Then test the game imports. That still does not discount something causing an issue. We are trying to help so some help in return is needed. Close down all programs not needed for Launchbox and test the game import. What drive is Launchbox located on? Are you running as admin by chance? @DOS76 mentioned there could be a permissions issue. Have you recently changed anything besides downloading the new update?
  16. Reinstalled what? The same version or prior working version. It helps to clearly state what was done. Did you check anything else? Shutdown all other programs to make sure something else is not interfering?
  17. It could be the startup sound option that is glitching it the video transition. I am not at home to double check the setting but look for an option in the settings for the default startup sound and turn it off. There is a thread about it somewhere.
  18. The thing though is it is not clear it is the latest update. Nothing you have provided shows it is a bug in the latest release because you have provided no troubleshooting background. You have not even tried to reinstall the last working version to confirm. So making a blanket statement it is the fault of the developer is unwarranted. So far you are the only person having this issue. Not saying it may not be a bug, but troubleshoot first before claiming the developer “screwed up”. Two things I recommend. 1) Reinstall the last version and let us know. 2) Run a sfc /scannow to see if windows finds any issues?
  19. Probably not the most polite way to get a dev or others to help you. Telling him he “screwed up”. Have you tried to reinstall the last version it worked on and see if the issue goes away.
  20. In Launchbox right click the playlist and edit. Go to the Parents tab and there you can set where you want a playlist to show up by ticking the box. I think there is also a tick box on the main tab to show playlist in platform. Not at home so cannot confirm and it has been a bit since I messed with playlists.
  21. That is the file that is in the ggxx.zip rom file that is needed for the game. Do you have that zip file as well? You need both the zip and chd for that game and you need to make sure Demul knows where they both are.
  22. There are several threads addressing this. Mame versions that old do not work properly with the latest version of Launchbox due to Pause themes being implemented. There is a command line for keyboard dinput needed to use Pause themes with Mame. This is something that was changed in Mame around version 172 or so. You can edit your Mame emulator set-up in Launchbox and in the Default command line delete the portion showing "-keyboardprovider dinput" to get it to work again. Problem is that means Pause menu will likely not work in Launchbox. So you lose that function. Or you can update your Mame and Roms to a more current version. Something I recommend since as new features get added to Launchbox it will be tested against current versions of emulators.
  23. Are you using the stock Arcade1Up lcd? Tested on 2 of my cabinets (1 with a 16:9 and 1 with a 4:3 monitor) and no issue with some of the games you mentioned. So I wonder if something in your Mame setting may be messing with it.
  24. \Launchbox\Data\Platforms\ Then edit the platform name xaml for the game you want to edit.
  25. Yes, this does similar to what we mentioned you are just saving a custom config. Which as you see requires you to make sure you enter the -c command line in Launchbox so it knows to use the custom config. This is useful if two platforms use the same core (like Sega systems) and you want one to have certain settings. There are some older threads on the forum about this.
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