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  1. I believe Jason did take a look at it and found at the current time it was a bit problematic to implement so tabled it for now. Jason has shown us he works on things the users vote for as a priority. I do not think Jason's taste has anything to do with it.
  2. So what was the problem in case anyone else cannot get it to work. It was a simple set up and should work easily so it would be great to see in case anyone else has trouble.
  3. Yes, videos need to be downloaded. They are not provided by theme creators due to the size of data that would need to be stored. Also the clear logos can be different as those can all be downloaded in the style that you want.
  4. Well, if you would like us to help you figure out what is going on we would need more than this.
  5. Did you use the Mame full set importer option? If so that it why. The full set importer option is for if you actually have a full Mame rom set. If you do not you need to import the individual roms by either dragging and dropping them into Launchbox or using the import wizard to select the individual files.
  6. What about the resolution? Is the text too big, too small? More information is always helpful. I get no issues with 125% but I use a 16:9 1080. At 150% the font is smaller so will look at how I can make that auto adjust if possible. In the mean time you can edit the xaml file and change anywhere the code shows FontSize="28" to either a smaller or larger font size based on what you need.
  7. @DragoonDemon4 What exact resolution and scaling are you running? Can you also post a pic of the issue?
  8. I will try to see if there is a way I can have to text autoscale with something like this. I am sure there is a way. My code knowledge is entry level. Thanks for letting me know. I will see what I can do and post a fix.
  9. Thanks Joe. That's what I was thinking after I posted it. A lot of your scripts helped me slowly try to understand things with AHK. I was just testing something more the lines of what you posted. The one I used above was modified off of something you helped me with in the past.
  10. In this tab in the pic.
  11. Try this. I just tested and it works. There is likely a cleaner way to write it but it works. SetTitleMatchMode, 2 Loop { if WinExist("SameBoy v0.12.2") { WinActivate break } } send, ^f
  12. There is not a BigBox setting for this and as far as I have seen no one has created a plugin like what you are describing.
  13. The theme would have to be coded to show the image you want. You really cannot just pop them into an existing theme as each creator defines the media shown. The default Pause theme (not to be confused with the Startup) does show control image layout for the Arcade platform. It pulls the images in the Arcade Controls image folder to display arcade control layout so you could use that folder. You would still need to design a theme to show what you want. There is not a plug'n play option where you can just drop the images and they will show in any theme you use.
  14. Yeah that is pretty odd. Not sure what it could be. Maybe @Jason Carr has an idea.
  15. I have it on a few cabinets and just checked to make sure they all show correctly and they do. Try downloading a new version. Have you edited anything in the themes code?
  16. It should start off screen from the right of screen and scroll on screen to the left. That's how it works for me.
  17. BigBox has a controller automation section in the settings like Launchbox does. Set the controls for exiting there.
  18. Definitely add a feature request if you feel it is needed. It does not hurt to make a request. It did add it though as you stated and it does not know the region which is why it puts it in the root folder. The problem is you have a region specification and an artwork in that region folder so Launchbox is doing what you have set it to do. If you delete that image from that folder and refresh I am sure it will now show the image in the root folder.
  19. Well if you have the Euro art located in the North American folder and your region priority is North American that is part of your issue. You need to remove it or Launchbox thinks it is North American art. When you add an image from the edit box it will usually add it to the main image folder not the subfolder. It does not know if you want it to be European, North American or what ever region. I do not think the prioritization was built to determine that when you are adding an image from the edit screen.
  20. What region did you prioritize in Launchbox? Also does the region field for the game have a listing? Normally if that field is populated for a game it defines the region artwork used and if not populated Launchbox will use the region you prioritized.
  21. If you are scraping as SNK Neo Geo MVS that is what's wrong. All arcade systems are better scraped as Arcade.
  22. The FAQ on the pinballfx.com site has that info.
  23. It is likely that code. It is a hard process close. Some emulators need to close properly. Try changing the code to the one below . It should close the emulator properly in order to complete the saves correctly. If the exe file is a different name than what I have entered change that part to the actual name of the exe you are using. $Esc::WinClose, ahk_exe visualboyadvance-m.exe
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