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  1. Not sure which ETA videos you are watching but if it is one that has you naming Retroarch as the platform name when you import it then it is likely one a year or so old. You really do not need to do that. Just add Retroarch as an emulator and for each system that will use RA, enter the name of the platform in the associated platform field and in the core cell click it so the drop down box shows and choose the core you want to use. For RA you do not really need default command line parameters in Launchbox unless you are using a custom config and many times those can be done per core or per game anyway. I think the only command line parameter I have is from recently setting up Neo Geo CD and Lordmonkus found out it needed a comman line added. I do not use RA for Neo Geo so I just added it and only took a few clicks. I keep SNK Neo Geo MVS roms separated from my main Mame roms so easy enough to add it to RA. Ignore any core choices in the pic this is from my test pc. Use your core of choice. The image is just to show it is as simple as platform name and core choice.
  2. Should not need any tricks. If you cam close demul in the other systems the same should close when playing Atomiswave. It still demul that is running. Maybe you have a weird mapping conflict? Try putting the below AHK in the Running AHK of demul $Esc:: { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} } or this one which closes it a bit more carefully $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe demul.exe }
  3. Nice @viking Looking forward to these. I am building a mini desktop cab for my daughter and she requested clean and simple for BigBox media. This will be perfect.
  4. Yes, there currently are no settings we can adjust to get marquee images a certain way. I have tried editing a theme to get it to work, only partial success. I could get the clear logo shown, but never a static background image. It would always default to the marquee image or the next priority. So, we have to wait until Jason is ready to take on updates to marquee images and priorities. He did say it will be coming.
  5. Do you hav any of the "Hiding Games Missing..." items checked? These options are located under the View menu.
  6. Right now there is no way to set banner image or set a default background with logos changing out over it. Jason has mentioned he will get to some updates for marquee support but for now he is trying to finish up the items that got the top votes from last year's user poll. Marquee support just missed out on making that list. I have been waiting patiently for quite some time on some updates to marquee options. Hopefully soon. For image priorities related to the marquee BigBox pulls first images from the Arcade - Marquee folder and then it looks like in absence of an image in that folder it follows what you have set for your Box priorities.
  7. Select a platform in Launchbox, go to >Tools >Download Media and Metadata this will bring up the download wizard. Skip through the first couple of options and the when you get to the EmuMovies piece select the video options then follow the prompts. This will tell it to only search for EmuMovies video files. You can do this for each platform.
  8. At the top of the forum is a "Help & Support" Menu with a "Report A Bug" feature. The responsiveness of the dev for Launchbox is great considering it is just 1 man doing it on his spare time. It is not a big team working full time. He does take things in priority so some items unfortunately have to get pushed down the list. The controller implementation is working for pretty much the vast majority of users, this board does not get mentioned a lot on the forum or discord so it may be why it has not been looked into at this time. It is not affecting very many users. Not discounting your need or issue just applying a little perspective.
  9. Each emulator should have its own controls configuration setting. You have to make sure you set them up, they do not always "just work". You should be able to just open the input configuration settings and click each item and hit the corresponding button. Snes9x should accept inputs from x-input or d-input style controllers. So if your alphacade controls replicate keystrokes or controller button presses it will work. Just tested with both and no issues binding controls.
  10. Double check in MameUI and make sure you have the rom path set. Should be under Option > Directories. Did you change settings or update MameUI recently.
  11. Glad you found the edit, but themes can matter because a theme developer can choose what metadata is shown. One thing of note is if you try to edit Launchbox's default themes the edits will not stick. It is designed that way to ensure BigBox and Launchbox always have a working theme. You would have to copy the theme and rename it something else. Than any edits you do to it will stick.
  12. Thanks. Just checking since that is what @DOS76 tested with and same with me. Test in mame tonight as you said and let us know.
  13. Do you know what version # Mame you are running?
  14. We always recommend when adding new systems and when something stops working. Test directly in the emulator first. This way, as was mentioned, we rule out the emulator. As long as it works in the emulator we can have an easier time of troubleshooting Launchbox.
  15. Good to hear. Glad you are sorted.
  16. You create the manual playlist then you go to the games you want and right click then select "add to playlist". You can also change your Launchbox view to All Game and then bulk select as many games as you want and then right click and add to playlist.
  17. Correct. Auto-populate does just that. In the Auto-Populate tab you choose the criteria you want to set it to. Then anytime you add or remove games it will get added or deleted from the playlist without you doing anything. Say you want only an Arcade Shoot 'em up genre. You set auto to Platform="Arcade" and Genre="Shoot 'Em Up" and it pulls only games in the Arcade platform with genre listed as Shoot em up.
  18. Those games need the Midway Sound file midssio.zip. Make sure you did not delete that.
  19. A playlist on Launchbox is like a playlist on anything else you may use. The playlist can be unique to whatever you want it to be. It is your choice. You can have it auto-populate games or set it to manual where it only updates when you say "add this game to this specific playlist". You can call a playlist whatever you want, have it show up under any Category, Platform, or show up on its own as a main category if you so choose. You can see in the image I set this specific playlists up to only show up under the Category of Playlist. If I wanted I can have a playlist show up under a platform just by changing the tick boxes in the parents tab.
  20. What version of Mame are you running? If you are using an older version of Mame go to >Tools>Manage Emulators and edit your Mame set up. In the first tab under the Default Command-Line Parameters field delete "-keyboardprovider dinput" and try to run them.
  21. You can make pretty much any kind of playlist under a platform. When you create a new platform under the Parents tab you can choose what you want it to show up under. Same for an existing playlist. Just right click the playlist name, edit and look in the Parents tab as well.
  22. You can set an AHK per game if you need. Right click a game and edit then in the Additional Apps tab you can set an AHK to launch before, after or both if you need.
  23. Right click a platform and edit then look in the Folders tab. You can set paths for images there.
  24. Yeah piece mailing like that is probably the issue, plus I believe Rpi typically uses a very old version of Mame roms. I would recommend downloading a more current full romset.
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