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  1. strizzuth

    Moderator Guidelines and Contributor Rules

    Is there an issue with the guidelines doc not coming back up? It's been a while now.
  2. strizzuth

    Playstation 2 adapter woes

    I appreciate you taking the time to help but unfortunately this driver doesn't fix the problem. On a lark I tried plugging it into my laptop just to see if anything changed but it gave the exact same results. Perhaps the thing is DOA? That would be weird since the device properties claim it's working properly and connected AND the analog button lights up.
  3. strizzuth

    Playstation 2 adapter woes

    So... Please don't judge me. I got one of those cheap as heck blue triangle Playstation/PS2 to USB adapters. Surprise surprise, it's not working for me. But it's not just straight up not working, it's showing some signs of life. Windows 10 64 bit detects the device properly. Plugging in a Dualshock 2 that I confirmed is working doesn't make any chime, but pressing the analog button makes the LED light up. The problem is that it's not recognizing any inputs. None. I tried a different USB port. I tried restarting. I tried using a 3rd party driver for Windows 10 (which apparently only adds rumble and nothing else). Still nothing. Supposedly this thing is a simple HID controller that doesn't need drivers so no, I can't check for a new one. Without saying "get a better adapter" does anyone have any advice? I'm fairly determined to make this work somehow.
  4. strizzuth

    N64 Mupen / Parrallel

    I don't see a way to do that, but you can assign two sets of controls per controller if that helps. I have my C buttons set to the right stick but also to a set of buttons.
  5. strizzuth

    Cxbx Reloaded hype thread

    I never load the dashboard. I don't think I have it, in fact. Let me see if I can launch it. This might take me a while...
  6. strizzuth

    Cxbx Reloaded hype thread

    It's worth seeing how many of those work. Panzer Dragoon Orta and Jet Set Radio Future are working well for me. I also don't think it can run games from the discs themselves but I don't have one handy to test that out.
  7. strizzuth

    Marquee image priorities

    *facepalms for own derpiness*
  8. strizzuth

    Marquee image priorities

    But... You can already do that...
  9. Zerodoujin: The solution is to add bootlegs to the DB. There isn't a guideline saying "no bootlegs", just that the game in question has to exist for the specified platform. If it's supported by MAME it can go in the arcade section with ease. If it's Neo-Geo specific, put it there as well. ThePowerPlayer: Why do you want a separate category for hacks that play on the same platform? I'm not sure I understand your position. The hacks that are lacking info would probably still lack info in a separate category. If what you want is to separate your hacks from original ROMs you can already do that with a custom platform but I feel like that's not what you're after.
  10. strizzuth

    Looking for Great Mame Sports Games!

    I wish there really was an Ulak Tartysh arcade game.
  11. strizzuth

    Marquee image priorities

    Have you tried adding "arcade marquee" to box front priorities? That's what I do and it works well. I have it at the highest priority since only arcade games should have those so it doesn't hurt anything.
  12. strizzuth

    Demul issues with VMU

    Start Demul, make sure no disc images are loaded (hit eject if one is) then go to the file menu and select Run Dreamcast. This should bring you to the DC's main system menu. Select the VMU icon that says "file". If you see VMUs with Xs over them, select that one and choose the option "Delete all (memory reset)". This should format it. If it still has an X over it, from Demul's menu select Config -> Maple Device Manager, select the controller port the VMU is plugged into, and click the drop down menu on that VMU's slot. Make sure it's set to "VMU" or "VMS" (VMU has the screen and controls on it, VMS is a plain memory card). Next, hit the "Edit" button next to the device in the Maple Device Manager and click "Select VMS". You should see a list of .bin files there. Select any one that you want. If a valid one was already selected, try reformatting it from the VMS editor or creating a new one. From there, go back to the Dreamcast's main menu and try browing the VMU. If you need to reformat it again from there it should work and you should have an icon on the VMS's screen.
  13. strizzuth

    N64 Mupen / Parrallel

    OMG it's better in every way! Trying to transfer my pokemon snap save over. Once I have that done I'm deleting P64.
  14. strizzuth

    N64 Mupen / Parrallel

    I'm sure people have some feelings about Project64 but I got it working with GlideN64 and it mostly runs alright. How would this setup compare to Mupen64plus and Parallel?
  15. strizzuth

    A little help with Demul

    My scache is currently 117 MB. I have DS ROMs that are bigger than that.