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Silver Ring - ClearLogo Set


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Some new comic banners. Publishers, creator, some lesser known groups and websites.. Could somebody with some graphic design talent try to recreate this insignia for St. John Publications? The only scans I can find of it are pretty low resolution.Stjohnlogo.png.1c81d67c37a41a94e6b4dc0ef7404338.png



aspen comics.png

crossgen comics.png

Dark Horse Comics.png


FE Howard Publications.png

Image Comics.png

Shonen Jump.png

Snafu Comics.png

Top Shelf Productions.png

Viz Media.png




Jay Naylor.png


Oni Press.png

Universal Press Syndicate.png

Pantheon Books.png


DC Digital First.png

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On 7/2/2017 at 8:37 PM, GreenGriffon said:

Hey Viking, would you mind doing a logo for online games distributor "Good Old Games" (gog.com)?



Thanks in advance!



Page 12 has these


GoG ver2.png

GoG ver1.png

GoG ver3.png

GoG ver4.png


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2 minutes ago, ALIE said:

Ok I gotta ask and I don't mean this as passing judgment on anyone. But Furry isn't that technically porn related just not sure if those logos should be shared here 9_9

The logos themselves don't have any pornography. Thought that should be okay.

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