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Nostalgia |4:3| video Set


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Oh thanks, i'm really stoned with your videos. It's the best choice i've seen, i wait for your theme. I've seen on the forums, and i have some suggestion. The majority of themes created lastly don't use the background fanart, are designed with the videos as background and i see you are the only one that regardless put the front covers on a aceptable size. May i suggest some use of fanart backgrounds?

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This is absolutely fantastic.

I can't imagine the amount of work behind this.

Thanks a billion for sharing, much appreciated.

Quick question, out of curiosity: I noticed you called the sega 16bit "megadrive"( and not genesis), and I also noticed the Super Nintendo design (and not the US Snes design).
I can guess you're an European retrogamer, so... why the turbographx and not the PC Engine design? Any reason in particular?

(thanks again for your hard work!)

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2 hours ago, Freestate said:

Could i suggest Microsoft MSX, Sammy Atomiswave, Sega Naomi and Sega Hikaru? Everyone have sega arcades on other sections because mame don't emulate well, we need to maintain separate and use demul.

"Everyone" doesn't have Sega arcade systems in separate sections. A lot of users keep Arcade games under the same heading, and it's relatively easy to use a different emulator for a select few games.

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9 hours ago, viking said:

@Aurel : Yep, I'm french. That's why ! ^_^ Sorry, but I cant make all region variant. Too mutch work. For PCengine, to be honest, it's because I found better source image ! ^^

J'avais deviné ; )  Du coup, ce coup-ci en français, mais merci beaucoup pour le super taf que tu fais sur ces vidéos. C'est un vrai soulagement de trouver des media propres et qui ne clignotent pas dans tous les sens avec des couleurs criardes. Un vrai bonheur, vraiment. Et pour la PC Engine, / CD, je me ferais les vidéos tout seul comme un grand, c'est déjà super comme ça.

Anyway, back to English,  awesome work on the new arcade systems! Keep up the gorgeous work!

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