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Nostalgia |4:3| video Set


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Mega Drive (Japanese)

you're right mate, the Japanese Mega Drive is the same design but it has the red stripe with purple buttons and a matching controller. I only ask as I split my Mega Drive collection up into 3 platforms Mega Drive EU/ Mega Drive Japan / Genesis US just personal preference really :D


OpenBOR is a platform for mods of beats of rage which is based on streets of rage, you can put that on a arcade system as they are all side scrolling beat em up games and would look cool on a nice arcade cab design :)

Future Pinball

no problem mate, hopefully a good gameplay video will turn up soon ;)

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Superbe travail ! C'est juste magique, bravo !

Ce serait bien si tu pouvais essayer de faire la Super Famicom, j'entends par là une vidéo pour les jeux sortis uniquement au Japon, en utilisant la Super Famicom Jr par exemple, histoire de bien différencier avec la SNES "classique" .


En tout cas encore bravo et merci ;)


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UPDATE : up to 90 platform video ... Luckily I didn't want to do too much ^^'

  • add - Nintendo Super Famicom Japan
  • add - OpenBOR
  • add - Sega Mega Drive Japan

The photo-montage for Future Pinball is done. I'm just waiting for the gameplay video to finalize.Nintendo Super Famicom Japan.jpgOpenBOR.jpgSega MegaDrive Japan.jpg


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  • 2 weeks later...

UPDATE v.1.1.0

  • All new upload for all video. For make "preview" work in LaunchBox.
  • Size opimisation. I divided the total size by 3, with no visible quality loss.
  • Renaming with good platforms standard names.
  • add - "Movie" video

Movies.jpg@Jason Carr : With these new video files, preview should work in LaunchBox. Tell me if it works!

Edited by viking
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UPDATE v.1.1.1   (a big one:) )   +13 video  total = 105 platform video

  • add - Bally Astrocade
  • add - Casio PV-1000
  • add - Emerson Arcadia 2001
  • add - Entex Adventure Vision
  • add - Epoch Super Cassette Vision
  • add - Fairchild Channel F
  • add - Fujitsu FM Towns Marty
  • add - Funtech Super Acan
  • add - Interton VC 4000
  • add - RCA Studio II
  • add - VTech CreatiVision
  • add - Watara Supervision
  • add - WoW Action Max

Epoch Super Cassette Vision.jpgFairchild Channel F.jpgFujitsu FM Towns Marty.jpgFuntech Super Acan.jpgInterton VC 4000.jpgRCA Studio II.jpgVTech CreatiVision.jpgWatara Supervision.jpgWoW Action Max.jpgBally Astrocade.jpgCasio PV-1000.jpgEmerson Arcadia 2001.jpgEntex Adventure Vision.jpg

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Excellent update Viking. Your work inspires me to add platforms to Launchbox that I would have never have done without seeing your videos.

If you do another update could I make a request for PSP Mini's and MSX 2 please?

Im not sure if this is helpful but I saw this image of a MSX 2 there seems to be many variants of the machine.


Edited by Scottad
MSX 2 Image
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