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Nostalgia |4:3| video Set


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@ALIE Thx ! 
There are several reason for choosing this ratio.

  • There are already many video in 16:9. Not so mutch in 4:3. I mean here, on LaunchBox forum.
  • I have a 4:3 bartop ^^
  • You can enter a 4:3 video in a 16:9 monitor. Not the opposite. (Not without black tape)

Again, I work on a theme that will fix this problem. (At least in part) Just waiting @Jason Carr update for some wheel alignement issue and I ready for release.  
It's not an incredible thing. Just a trick applicable on any theme. Here is the idea: The video is stretch vertically and horizontally aligned right. That way, no deformation. Below and above, on the same principle, I put the png overlay to complete the holes. 

Here is a picture to illustrate the principle :Theme_BarTop_WIP_030.jpgHere are some real screenshot made this morning on my own BigBox. No photoshop here. (still WIP on wheel) It's out of the box. No code changes between each screen.

  • 16:9 ratiotest1.jpg
  • 16:10 ratiotest3.jpg
  • 21:9 ratiotest2.jpg


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                                                     me when I see new vids of yours.


Philips CD-i.jpg

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Ahahah ^^

UPDATE : up to 81 platform videos.

  • Update - all standard arcade video, with new screen bezel. More old school.arcade_style_v2.jpg

    Video concerned :

    • Arcade
    • Capcom System I
    • Capcom System II
    • Capcom System III
    • Daphne
    • Mame
    • NeoGeo MVS Arcade
    • Sammy Atomiswave
    • Sega Model 2
    • Sega Model 3
    • Sega Triforce


  • Add - Microsoft Xbox 360Microsoft xBox 360.jpg
  • Add - Sony PlayStation 3Sony Playstation 3.jpg
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Hi Viking, love your work & looking forward to the theme update for videos to fit big screens. I really like the Xbox 360 & PS3 videos & I was wondering if you could possibly update the WINDOWS platform video with some 3D games like Forza Motorsport 6 Apex ect seem as though a high end gaming PC is far more superior & think it would credit the Windows platform more. Keep up the good work.  

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Why not, but:

  • Sega MD (japan) = It's the same design as the European version, just with a red logo not? Existing video is not enough?
  • OpenBOR = OK. This is an arcade emulator right?
  • Future Pinball = I wanted to do it with the other pinball emulator, but I can't find good gameplay video. All catches found are in wide format and with camera motion in game. I need capture without any camera move. I hope to be clear, but the style of my videos imposes this on me. If anyone at that, it would be perfect!
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