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RetroHumanoid - RocketLauncher Experience project for Fade/Pause


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----This was posted in the RocketLauncher forums as well,so I basically copy and pasted the post to here..I figured a lot of my media might possibly be valuable to this community,even though it's purpose is for RocketLauncher-----

-----EDIT: I'm not sure why my text is all black from here down,or if it's just my screen and doesn't effect anyone else,but sorry if it is-----

Hey all! For anyone that does not know me,I have been running a Youtube channel for a while now,and collecting all sorts of media to fill Pause with,as well as making Fade screens and other various frontend artwork. I just wanted to extend an invite for anyone interested,to check out my channel,and see what I have available. I will provide the download links,a link to my channel, and some examples of my work below. I'm currently sitting at about 360gb of media...and I upped my subscription to my upload site to 2tb of space...so I have alot more to come.

Some of the work includes..

--Custom Pause menu logos for 50+ systems /including a default set

--Over 110 custom fade screens with Layer 4's

--Over 700 NES soundtracks /tags and box art embedded
--Over 700 SNES soundtracks /tags and box art embedded
--Over 250 N64 soundtracks /tags and box art embedded
--Over 900 MAME soundtracks / tags embedded
--100's of soundtracks for various other systems /tags and box art embedded

--Tons of videos and documentaries for multiple systems

--System artwork (including console,controllers,boxes,carts,system boxes,and displays) for multiple systems

--1000's of background images for multiple systems

--1000's of Maps,Strategy guides,and Manuals for multiple systems

--Custom 1080p Marquees (for use in HyperMarquee or other marquee software) covering 70 systems,which includes 1 marquee for the main wheel and 1 marquee for the sub-wheel for each system

You can go here for my Youtube channel,which includes various release videos,and instructions - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeP60Vc-kRYCiJ1y2PvxryA

Thank you everyone and Enjoy!





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Hey man, great to see you around here! I really love your work and won’t even dare to imagine how much time that all of this must’ve cost you. I just want to say thank you for this project because I really appreciate it!

I also have a tip for everyone else who is reading this thread here: This project is not only useful for just RocketLauncher as almost all the media can be used with LaunchBox as well, so I highly recommend to everyone to take a look at this project even if you don’t use RocketLauncher yourself. Especially the soundtracks sets are superb work that you won’t find anywhere else so FrontEnd ready like those here.


13 hours ago, RetroHumanoid said:

-----EDIT: I'm not sure why my text is all black from here down,or if it's just my screen and doesn't effect anyone else,but sorry if it is-----

It wasn't just your screen. But no worries, I have fixed that for you :)

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@Porl Hendy Thanks! It's actually pretty easy to set up...but,the amount of time it takes can vary,depending on how many systems are in your frontend. You essentially just point it to the games,point it to your emulator, set the plugin to your frontend, and follow any steps provided in the module notes for each emulator. Besides Fade,one of the major benefits is Pause...which is loaded with features,and I work on the media for that constantly.

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Added 11 Default Fades designed specifically for different Frontends, as well as 2 system Fades for PAL. They can be found in the same folders as the previous collection in my MegaUpload folder.


The official release video is here...


and here are some examples of the new work...


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Added ScummVM media for over 100 games including soundtracks,videos,artwork,magazines,maps,backgrounds,and strategy guides. They can be found in the same folders as the previous collection in my MegaUpload folder.


The official release video is here....



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On 5/1/2017 at 1:48 PM, Porl Hendy said:

wow these look stunnning, i really want to set up RL just for fades and bezels. What are the other benifits and is it a pain to set up? It was years ago since i set my hyperspin build up with RL. Thanks

I specifically use RL for Fades, Bezels, and The very awesome PAUSE feature.  The best part about PAUSE is that it has a save state and load state menu that you can setup with the emulators key presses in the RL autohotkey area.  I forget where it is in the RLGUI, but I could show you how to edit the text file directly for it.  Soooooo nice to be able to hit a key,  bring up pause, save and load states right there from the menu. 

Not to mention the bezels for arcade games, really kick arse.  Especially if you get Metalzoic's stuff off of the emumovies ftp. 

Also easy once you select launchbox as the RL plugin, and then go to launchbox and set RL to the emulator.  Adding stuff to launchbox is just a matter of importing and then selecting rocketlauncher as the emulator.  Then once it's in launchbox, it will populate in RL next time you launch it, and you can configure all the particulars for the emulator and games right in there.  Another cool thing, is you can set up specific emulators for specific games within a platform in RL.  It can get a bit tedious making everything smooth in RL, but once it is set, it's just beautiful, and works great with LB.  I'd definitely recommend getting back into it and dusting it off to help polish your LB setup.

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Thanks for the info :) I actually started to set up RL last night, I set up master system and snes. Didn't do the media... Just set it up to work with RL. Going to try crack on right after I have been to gym.

Do you use retroarch for most systems? If so how do I select which core retroarch uses within RL? It's simple in LB but obviously I now choose RL as my emulator now.


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I actually only use retroarch for handhelds, because for some reason I have never had a retroarch install of any version number recognize all the controllers I have plugged in except my first xbox360 controller, and sometimes if i'm lucky my second one.  Even if all other controllers (SNES, GC, Playstation) plugged in show up with the yellow text that comes on when you first start up, the mapper never shows them in the list.  only the xbox360.  So I gave up trying to get anywhere with that, because that's a pretty big deal to not have working.

Actually for most systems I use mednafen, which now can do sega saturn.  Easy to map controls on that, can do it right in the emulator and re-do mappings on screen.

i know you can set the retroarch core in launchbox, but i'd have to take another look, as i haven't messed with that since I was trying to figure retroarch out like over a year ago.  i'm pretty sure it's a module setting with a gear icon somewhere.

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1 hour ago, Porl Hendy said:

I have started to use the fades but layer 4 doesnt seem to fit, they all look way too big on my screen. Half of the image is missing off the screen cos they are so big. Do you know what the problem could be @RetroHumanoid?? thank you

Here are the settings that could be causing your issue...the ones highlighted in yellow.

I tend to make all of my layer 4 images follow a sizing of 300 horizontal and 350 vertical (some may not but most do)

your animation scale may be the main cause,as it should be set to 1...but,check the others just in case.5923546f90114_Layer4Settings.thumb.png.7efc491fccfce073b2e735c4b1fdba11.png

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4 minutes ago, Porl Hendy said:

Spot on mate thank you, i see you have your layer 4 in bottom left corner. I have the title name by default there. How do i go about disabling that? Thanks

All of the text info can be disabled with these drop down menus...I assume you meant the game name/logo image of game...that is specifically where I highlighted the image below.592359a9549c8_TitleNameDisable.thumb.png.32aca15a04dfd348cf5217ab7dd4e2d5.png

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