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COLORFUL platform video set


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18 minutes ago, faeran said:

This is a thread for the Colorful platform videos. I think you are wanting the Colorful theme's support thread

Ups, sorry I was browsing both and mixed them up ūüė≥


However, sounds like you are looking for {Binding Path=SelectedPlatform.NestedName}

Thanks for the tip, I actually haven't tried that because it was not mentioned on the documentation pdf but it works flawlessly! Cheers

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UPDATE +12 Platform Video !   :D

Already available through the usual channels, in 4K or HD.
@faeran Colors are available on our Google Sheets. I send you the PNGs by private message.



  • APF Imagination Machine


  • Apple IIGS


  • Atari 800


  • Atari jaguar CD


  • Casio PV-1000


  • Commodore 16


  • Commodore 128


  • Nokia N-Gage


  • Sharp X68000


  • Tiger Game.com


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Posted (edited)

Those are really swell. 

yesterday I found some nice looking arcade cabinet 3d models (yay). unfortunately those were made for sketchup (boo!).
the models

I can't properly render models in free sketchup (booo), but I also found a script that lets me import the model into blender (yay). but some models have really weird spokes in there wireframe which screws up the textures in the material (boo!)
I'm an absolute beginner (yesterday)  with these types of programmes, so i'm excited to see what can be done.. 

some pointers if anyone has ever dabbled with this stuff would be most appreciated :)


vs.system mockup.png

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Posted (edited)

It seems that If I open the models in Sketchup and export them as waveform objects the mistranslation of meshes occurs less frequently :)


another try out... replaced the lower resolution images baked in the material.


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I decided to do a few more missing Arcade ones, although quite simple conversions. Also got Namco ES3 and NESiCAxLive as WIP.  @viking The source / video files are on the Dropbox as always. 

Konami PC-Based. #fa584f



Raw Thrills. #ce3d3d



Sega Europa-R. #4f65d2



Sega RingEdge. #ef8310



Sega RingWide. #39b1de



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I started installing the excellent theme and resources today and noticed the Atari 7800 video was not added. I used BigBox theme manager. Manually downloaded it and added fixed it of course but just wanted to let you know.

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Posted (edited)

Summer Video Update !¬†‚õĪ
+ 12 new platform video ! 

@OdinsPlayground : A big thank you for your work and your sharing!!

@Klopjero : Many thanks for your work. The sources of the videos are missing so that I can integrate them here. Thank you very much for these 3D sources !!!



Available on the download page.
@Jason Carr or @faeran, unable to connect FTP to upload these new videos. A problem on your side?
EDIT : Everything is OK, available everywhere! =)



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Thx @Klopjero !
Few comments :

"Mame LightGun":
The background color may be too strong. Too dark and saturated. I'm afraid it's too present once in the interface.

Perfect, but know that there can only be one color per platform. So it will be the color for "Mame", not for "Arcade".

"Naomi" work in progress :
Awesome!! I looked a lot for a 3D model already made by laziness to do it myself!
On the other hand, be careful on the left: it exceeds the "square" guide. It must not be exceeded to be able to create PNGs.
You must have these guides in the PSD files.


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