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  1. Ya, I kinda tried that too (but with LaunchBox). Potential 'problem' here is "BigBox.exe" spawns "BigBox.exe". Same name. That may muddle things up. Not sure though. Maybe look through your D:\Games\Rovio folder(s) for another Application File that anrgybirds.exe might spawn. See if you can start AB's directly from this 'other file'. I know. I'm kind of reaching here. If you have AutoHotKey, you could run "WindowSpy". Or do like you did with BB and look at Process Explorer when AB is running and see if it's a different executable than angrybirds.exe. Ya, ya. Still reaching.
  2. Sounds like angrybirds.exe is spawning another program that then [actually] runs (is) Angry Birds. So basically angrybirds.exe starts whatever.exe (which will be the actual game) and angrybirds.exe exits. Since "angrybirds.exe" has exited, the batch file continues on, while whatever.exe is still running. If my assumption is correct, you need to find out what 'whatever.exe' is and then account for it somehow. BTW, good find on the "taskkill" command.
  3. Not sure how off hand to close an already opened program, but this should get you going on the rest rem batch file started rem wait 3 seconds timeout 3 rem not sure how to do this, so will comment out for now rem fully Close peggle.exe rem wait 2 seconds timeout 2 rem launch D:Games/Rovio/angrybirds.exe start /w "" "D:Games/Rovio/angrybirds.exe" rem wait till angry birds has exited naturally (as in not in task manager anymore) rem the /w in the previous command line "waits" until that program has exited before continuing rem wait 2 secs timeout 2 rem launch D:/Games/Peggle/Peggle.exe start "" "D:/Games/Peggle/Peggle.exe" Lines beginning with "rem" are 'remarks' (comments).
  4. Glad you got it working! Pretty much all the info (tips, tricks and solutions) are out there. But finding the "correct" key word or phrase to search for can be frustrating. As you've found, a simple change in the lure, bait, line and even pole can make a big difference. As for 'trolling' to a different location, searching in Google will [most] always give you the best results over searching in a specific forum/site. So with the right gear in your tackle box, you too can "fish better than before." I know your son appreciates all your hard work too. "Game on!"
  5. Are either of your 2 programs being ran as admin? Try running the script as admin and see if that changes anything. Tear the script down piece by piece. i.e. To start: Have the script only close Trainer. Open Trainer then run the script. Double check syntax. i.e. my 2nd line didn't show quotes around ahk_exe Trainer.exe. (think I missed that one. Though off hand, not sure if they're actually required or not). Can you show what your script looks like? (btw the 2 picts were helpful). Myself, I cannot help you with anything about RocketLauncher. Not that I won't. It's just that I can't (never used it and have no plans to start. No offense. ) I'm off to bed and will check back in the morning. I expect a full report of your tests and findings. jk Hopefully the admin thing or breaking down the steps will help shed some light.
  6. "I think" this will work. Create a next Text file and then save (or rename) it as an AutoHotkey Script file. i.e. "F:\MyAHKs\GRwTrainer.ahk" Make sure the actual extension is getting changed to "ahk" from "txt"! The contents of the file will be something like this: #SingleInstance Force WinClose, ahk_exe Trainer.exe if WinExist("ahk_exe Ghostrunner-Win64-Shipping.exe") { WinActivate } else { Run, "F:\LaunchBox\Games\PC Games\Ghostrunner\Ghostrunner.exe" } Run, "F:\LaunchBox\Games\PC Games\Ghostrunner\Trainer.exe", , Min Sleep, 10000 Process, WaitClose, Ghostrunner-Win64-Shipping.exe WinClose, ahk_exe Trainer.exe Edit your GhostRunner game and set the Application Path to ThirdParty\AutoHotkey\AutoHotkey.exe ..and the Command Line Parameter to "F:\MyAHKs\GRwTrainer.ahk" With this, your launching the script instead of the game (which in turn will launch the game etc.). What the script does: Force the script to close if it's already running, and 'restart' it. Close "Trainer". (a simple 'catch' that doesn't hurt anything it it wasn't already running) Check if "Ghostrunner-Win64-Shipping.exe" is already running if it is { Bring its window to the top } otherwise { Run GhostRunner } Run Trainer minimized Wait 10 seconds for GR to [I assume this is what it does] spawn "Ghostrunner-Win64-Shipping.exe". It shouldn't take this long to 'spawn', but doesn't matter. He'll be 'playing' for at least 10 seconds anyway. Right? Hang out here until the game is exited. Once the game is no longer running, politely close Trainer. at this point, the script is done and will exit itself. No need to ExitApp. I think I caught from your description that Trainer and GR are independent of each other, in that one doesn't HAVE to be running PRIOR to the other. If that's not the case, this ain't gonna work as expected. If all goes well, you should be good to go. Not tested, but it "looks good on paper".
  7. Tools. Options. They do not get deleted when deleting a game. Easy fix though.... Tools. "Clean Up Media..."It'll scan your media (images, videos etc) for ones that are no longer associated with a game in your LaunchBox setup.
  8. The score is definitely nothing to brag about, in fact not even worth mentioning... but there at least one new "high score". With everything lowercase now, exit and restart LaunchBox, Run Time Pilot, Try to beat my Weekly high score (lol. jk), Exit the game, Exit LB and look at the most recent log file. Hopefully it'll change from something like thisTo something like this
  9. Hmm.... based off the debug log, LaunchBox is looking for the game (rom) .hi file using a capital "T", but all the others in the log show lowercase. That's why I was assuming that hi2txt searches are case sensitive since it came back with "ERROR: No XML description found for ROM 'Timeplt'". My next (and probably last) guess is Edit your game in LaunchBox and see if the filename (rom_name) it's pointing to is capitalized.
  10. Any chance you manipulating your timeplt.hi file? Though it found "Timeplt.hi", the hi2txt (I believe) needs to see "timeplt.hi". Try changing the capital "T" to a lower case "t" in your ../Documents/Mame/hi/ folder. I didn't test that particular one, but MAME should be saving the file in all lowercase.
  11. The log file only references Hyper Sports. Nothing in there about Time Pilot.
  12. ...and as it turns out I thought wrong. 😊 So back to editing each game. Unless this [hack] works.!.!.!.!.!..... Create a "crosshair" folder directly under MAME. D:\Emulators\MAME\crosshair\ Place in there a empty "transparent" png image and name it "cross1.png". If you're setup for multiple players, copy it to "cross2.png", "cross3.png".... This at least seemed to make the 'default' crosshair invisible in Big Buck Hunter without going into the tab menu. (just remove ".txt" off the attached file) Not sure if this messes up other things [beyond all games will now have an invisible crosshair]. cross1.png.txt
  13. See here: https://docs.mamedev.org/advanced/multiconfig.html Though it doesn't address the cfg files. So we'll use our noodles to make up some logic. The main purpose of the cfg file under ../ctrlr/ is to tell MAME what "mapdevice" to look for and use. And ya, basic mappings per your liking. So it kinda has to load when MAME loads. [otherwise you (possibly) wouldn't be able to use your controller to maneuver around its' UI] When a game-specific cfg file is created, it copies the default.cfg (and anything we added to that 'read-only' file) and then adds any subsequent game specific config changes you make, to it. So [in my mind] it stands to reason that if a game-specific cfg file exists, MAME has no need to look at the default.cfg. Thus won't. ..which brings us full-circle to
  14. Curiosity got to me, and here's what I found... It is indeed in the cfg file for the game(s). For your cab that you want to have NO crosshairs shown in MAME, edit the "default.cfg", save and set it to read only. <?xml version="1.0"?> <!-- This file is autogenerated; comments and unknown tags will be stripped --> <mameconfig version="10"> <system name="default"> <crosshairs> <crosshair player="0" mode="0" /> </crosshairs> </system> </mameconfig> If by chance your "default.cfg" has other 'stuff' in there, leave that there and just add the 3 "crosshairs" lines right above "</system>" (2nd to last line), leaving the rest of the 'stuff' above that point. If you already have cfg files for each game(s) (which you may or may not), you can either edit each of those [ugh], or simply delete them. Now when you launch a game, MAME will read the default.cfg file (if a game specific one doesn't exist) and the crosshairs will be set to Off. ...I think...
  15. If you start a game and do this [turn it off], exit the game... restart it and it stays off, MAME is saving 'that setting' somewhere. Given that, I'd think you'd be able to say, do that then look through your MAME folder(s) for the most recently change file. And would thing it'll be an ini or cfg file. But if to do this this [turn off the cross hairs] you have to go into the machines settings (vs MAME's setting) [many games it's by pressing F6 when the game is loading] then it probably saves it to the nvram file for the game. If that's the case, then you're back to 'going through every game'. Hopefully not. I've never even fathomed [nor looked at how to] turning off the crosshairs so have no idea of the process. When in-game, is it somewhere in MAME's tab menu?
  16. It is possible. cdimono1 -cfg_directory cfg\cdi\tetris -cdrom cdimono1 is the softlist you're loading. The 'cfg\cdi' part is the folder your particular games' config files will be saved in. For example D:\Emulators\MAME\cfg\cdi\tetris\ The tetris folder will hold 2 files. And it's no coincidence that 'tetris' is the rom name for the game you're wanting to save a specific controller configuration for. In the other forum post, "bbcb" is a different soflist (Acorn BBC Micro Model B). And "abc" is the rom name used in the example. That's good. That will load 'that' controller configuration for all cdi games you load unless you add a game specific command line here
  17. Because when you checked the box to "Use filename only without file extension or folder path" it's only adding "hotmario" to the default command line parameters for the particular Platform being launched in. Exact same way you do with Arcade roms. Looks to like you pressed {F7} to load a save state. Try {Shift}{F7}. (just like Arcade) That talks about doing it per game. If you only need to remap for cdi in general (as opposed to game specific).... Edit you MAME emulator and in the Associated Platforms tab ONLY, change the Default Command Line Parameter from "cdimono1 -cdrom" to cdimono1 -cfg_directory cfg\cdi -cdrom Save. Load a cdi game. Press {Tab} to bring up the MAME menu and set the controls as you normally would. Play the game. Exit the game. Note: That's for softlists. If you're having the issue in Arcade, see here
  18. @stevaside The last picture you attached tells me your trying to put the 'cdimono1 -cdrom' command line parameter on the Default Command-Line Parameters: for the Emulator itself. This is not where it goes and make sense why you'd be getting that error. In the image above (several posts) under Step #3, note that, on the Details tab [under Edit Emulator], the Default Command-Line Parameters: is simply -keyboardprovider dinput No more. No less. On the next tab to the right, Associated Platforms is where you put the Default Command-Line Parameters for the Platform itself as shown in the image below step #4. Can you show us snap shots of your Details tab and your Associated Platforms for your MAME emulator?
  19. It's something in how you setup your games or MAME in LB then. Show a snapshot of Associated Platforms in Edit - Emulators - MAME for your Phillips CDi Platform. I've never seen LB show the error message "Error: Unknown Option" But..... coincidentally... MAME will show that exact same text if your Default Command Line Parameter is wrong. For example if you have cdimono1 -ccdrm you will get Error: unknown option: -ccdrm
  20. I really have no idea why it works from the command line and not directly in MAME. Unless your testing using different installations of MAME (i.e. in different folders or different .exe's in the one folder like mame64.exe and mame64_backUp.exe or even worse, mameui.exe) and/or you have different copies of "hotel mario (1994)(philips)(eu).chd" (i.e. one variant in your ../roms folder and another in your ../software/cdi/hotmario folder). And/or maybe you actually do have 2 mame.ini files. (I bring this up again because that's the only way I was able to reproduce it working from the command line and not directly in MAME) As for having the 'incorrect checksum', that's probably an issue too. Hotel Mario (EU) has had the same checksum since ver 0.142. But that doesn't explain why it works from the command line and not directly in MAME. Unless there's something to be said from the 1st paragraph. Since you promise it works from the command line, it will work in LB. (As will ANY emulator or program.) 1) Make a copy of your mame.ini file and [re]name it cdimono1.ini Make sure the rompath is set to roms;software inside of it. 2) For the game, point to 'a file that doesn't exist'. But make sure you point to the correct MAME folder and then ../software/cdi/hotmario.zip (yes. a zip file that's not there) 3) Setup your MAME emulator to "Don't use quotes..." and "Use file name only..." (it should be by default) Also make sure you're pointing to the 'correct' mame64.exe. 4) Setup the Associated Platform with the Platform name EXACTLY as you have it called in LB and the Default Command-Line Parameter as "cdmono1 -cdrom". (Note "-cdrm" works as well.) 5) Be sure to SAVE all your changes and now launch Hotel Mario. 6) If this don't work, I really don't know what to tell you other than go back to page 1 of this thread and reread everything as I am pretty much out of subsequent suggestions.
  21. You don't need to add anything to the rompath other than "software". MAME knows that cdi (cdimono1) is in the Software Lists and thus knows to look for a subfolder called "cdi". So to be clear, at the command prompt if you type "mame64 cdimono1 -cdrm hotmario", Hotel Mario will start up and you can play it? (completely close out the above) If you open [standalone] MAME, double click on "CD-i (Mono-I) (PAL)" do you see a list of 459 cdi 'games'? Then if you [scroll to and] double click on "Hotel Mario (Euro)" you say it won't start up and you can't play? What does the the error message say in the red box that pops up? Is that a LaunchBox error message or one from MAME? Is that all it says? Can you take a screen shot of it? It's odd that it works from the command line but not directly in MAME. That said, it's not even worth trying to get it to work in LB at this point. I did a little messing around and that's why I asked about possibly having 2 mame.ini files. It's also odd that if you got it to work from the command prompt and at least started the game before exiting, that it didn't create a cdmono1.ini file. Lastly (for now) does you inipath look like above? (starting with a .; [period semi-colon])
  22. Short answer: Yes. Long Answer: The last published update for this plugin accounts for LaunchBox's switch to .NET Core ( LB/BB version 11.3). This plugin is compatible with (at least) LaunchBox versions 10.8 through current 11.8, and beyond. If you find any issues with the plugin, please feel free to post here so that they can be addressed and resolved.
  23. Do you have a "mame.ini" in your MAME root folder and in your ../MAME/ini/ folder? No? Good. Do you have a "cdimono1.ini" in your MAME root folder and/or in your ../MAME/ini/ folder? Hopefully just one in one or the other folders. What does the rompath for it look like? Does it look like the rompath line in your mame.ini?
  24. MESS has been integrated into MAME for some time now but some users will still compile a 'dedicated' copy of MESS. But for the most part, MAME will do Arcade and well as Software Lists (softlists). To generate a copy of mame.ini (or mess.ini if you decide to use a MESS compiled version) for a new installation, open the emulator and double click Configure options double click Save Configuration double click Return to Previous Menu double click Exit Softlists are unique animal in MAME compared to any other emulator/roms that you'd typically setup. Some might say they're not for the timid. But really they're not that bad. It does have it's own particular idiosyncrasies. But there are many posts on the forums here covering the different consoles and computers MAME has available. Some info general and a lot specific. The main starting point is to make sure you have the same version of the executable as you do roms. (i.e. both ver 0.221)
  25. The easiest way would be to have downloaded a MAME Software List CHD's set which will have the folder structure already in place. Next method is to open the ../MAME/hash/cdi.xml file. Then search for the game(s) in there."software name" is the 'short_name' or Folder name you want to use. "description" is the proper Title for the game. "disk name" is file_name (minus .chd) in which the rom file should be named. Or... if "you know a guy" you could ask him to make a text file that lists the short_name and file_name (minus .chd) that you could reference. cdi_Names.txt There's probably somewhere on that internet thing that with some searching you may be able to find them also. If you are able to do the "easiest way", there's a MAME Software List Importer plugin in the downloads section that can import these into LB/BB for you. But it might be an all or nothing type thing. (Like the MAME Arcade Full Importer built in to LB). That is, if you only have 25 of the 625 entries in cdi, it'll "import" 625 'games'. But you can then 'scan for deleted roms' in LB and it will remove those 600 'missing' games from your Platform.
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