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  1. When changing this, the line above it (in the ini file) is what will be set to "Reload". InputOffscreen = "KEY_S,JOY1_BUTTON2,MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON" ; point off-screen InputAutoTrigger = 1 ; automatic reload when off-screen Since your Wii "A" button reloads, I'm guessing it's mapped (remapped?) somewhere on the "InputOffScreen" line. Shown here is the default [but with "InputAutoTrigger" changed to "1"]. I have no idea how the Wii controllers get mapped, but if it's to "Joy1" (and assuming you didn't change anything on the "InputOffScreen" line) I'd say your Wii "A" button EQUALS JOY1_BUTTON2. But it may be the MOUSE_RIGHT_BUTTON 😊 [from the readme.txt file...]
  2. @Jocusenz If it's running full screen it should 'fit' to the screen. But you can set a custom resolution per game in your ini file. Example: ; Start Wars Trilogy [ swtrilgy ] XResolution = 800 YResolution = 600 line comment rom_name (include the brackets) X resolution Y resolution In your ini file go to the "Analog guns (Ocean Hunter....)" section. On the InputAnalogGunX(Y) lines remove reference to the JOY1 axis'. ; Analog guns (Ocean Hunter, LA Machineguns) ;InputAnalogGunX = "MOUSE_XAXIS,JOY1_XAXIS" ; analog, full X axis **ORIGINAL ;InputAnalogGunY = "MOUSE_YAXIS,JOY1_YAXIS" ; analog, full Y axis **ORIGINAL InputAnalogGunX = "MOUSE_XAXIS" ; analog, full X axis **REVISED InputAnalogGunY = "MOUSE_YAXIS" ; analog, full Y axis **REVISED
  3. Yes. LaunchBox sees the [Daphne] batch file 'exit', so then runs the Run After Main Application. Try a "wait" instead of "exit". @echo off start /w "" daphne.exe %1 vldp -framefile vldp_dl\%1\%1.txt -blend -ignore_aspect_ratio -blank_searches -min_seek_delay 1000 -seek_frames_per_ms 20 -homedir . -fastboot%bank% -nocrc -noissues -noserversend -sound_buffer 2048 -fullscreen -x 1920 -y 1080 This way, the batch file will 'hang around' until Daphne exits, and THEN close itself. Alerting LB to execute the Run After Main Application app. (note the pair of Double-Quotes after /w) In fact, you could eliminate the "Run After" batch file altogether by putting its' code after the "Start /w" line. (if you wanted to)
  4. I agree. Get the mame64.exe from MAMEDev and use it. Make sure you edit mame.ini with the rompath as previously mentioned. Then start mame64.exe and look for:At the bottom of the screen you'll see (verify) that it is the cdimono1 romset.Double click that and look for Hotel Mario And again at the bottom you'll see (verify) the romset.
  5. What files are in the cdimono1.zip file that you have? If it has 5 files (the 3 .rom files that spycat shows) and the last 2 are cdic.bin and slave.bin, then your roms are from an older MAME set. So you need to have the version of mame64.exe that matches your roms. Never mix rom-set versions and MAME executable versions. That last MAME revision to use the 5 files [inside cdimono1.zip] I mentioned was revision 0.221. But again, your best bet is to download the MAME executable from MAMEdEv with the same revision of the roms that you have.
  6. @stevaside You can use the MAME 0.226 standalone (vs MESS [but will work also]) to run Phillips CD-i. For the rompath, what I've found to be the easiest way to this for MAME softlists (aka Software Lists, aka MESS) is... in your MAME main folder, create a new sub-folder called "software" to put all your softlists in. From here, you'll need to follow certain MAME naming conventions, but it's really not that bad. Back to that later... In your "mame.ini" file (not mame.cfg) which you found in the "ini" sub-folder, set the rompath to "roms;software". The "swpath" I believe is only for softlist images (pictures) and the sort. But go ahead and set that to "software" as well. Also double check you don't have a "mame.ini" file in your MAME root folder AND in the ini sub-folder. (it can happen. just double check ) The softlist 'short-name' for Phillips CD-i is simply "cdi". And the 'short-name' for Hotel Mario is 'hotmario'. So back to our sub-folders.. for Hotel Mario it will look [something] like (adjust the path to MAME accordingly) D:\Emulators\MAME\software\cdi\hotmario\hotel mario (1994)(philips)(eu).chd Because we added "software" to the rompath, MAME knows that if you're launching a softlist rom/game, to 'drill down' in [one of] the rompath folders. In this case, per the command line (cdmono1 -cdrm), it knows cdimono1 fits into "cdi" so it looks there. For soflist bios [and device] files (cdmono1.zip in this case), I like to place those in the 'software' folder. Thought being keep all the softlist files in one place. D:\Emulators\MAME\software\cdmono1.zip You should be good to go now. 1st check that it works in MAME before testing in LB. Though if I didn't forget anything, it shouldn't be an issue. NOTES: When I was testing this, my .chd filename had a "[!]" in it. My guess I had it from an older MAME softlist set and it's since been renamed. I removed those 3 characters and it worked fine. So may want to double check that with yours. Shown above is the correct file_name.chd for Hotel Mario. The "cdi" folder name comes from the MAME hash files. (ref: ../MAME/hash/cdi.xml) In LB, in your MAME emulator settings, 'check' the boxes for "Don't use quotes..." and "Use filename only..." (which is the default setting for MAME). CD-i has a bit of a loading time. You'll get the light blue-ish screen for a bit (you can press/hold the "Insert" key, which is MAME's default Fast-Forward key to 'speed it up'). Then at the main screen click
  7. @jayjay is correct that a Return will stop the rest of the script. (just read that myself) @Zombeaver That simplification is awesome! Note, the Return is not necessary. Even with the 8 controllers. When a hotkey is assigned all on one line, a Return is implied. (just read that one too.) 😊 #If WinActive("ahk_exe CDisplayEX.exe") :*:z::- ;implied Return :*:x::= ;implied Return ...etc..... I just tested on a gui ahk that I had... and ya, putting it at the top buggers everything up! lol It opened, but only in the taskbar (inside the ^). Had to right click to and Exit to close it. I moved those 3 lines to just after the Gui, Show... line and it seemed to work. And as for you messy mess..... Ugh. lol There might be a way to somehow OR all those. (Not sure exactly how off the top of my head) Maybe even a For Loop... For x = 1 through 8, Do xJoy5, xjoy6.....
  8. It doesn't need to be in a loop. The # tells it to make the hotkey always available/checked. Also get rid of the last "Return" at the same time you get rid of the loop. I've never done an extensive script like this with hotkeys in it. So I don't know if it's ok to put it after the other [awesome looking] loop that checks when 1 or the other programs close. To be safe, I'd say put before. But ya, take it out of its' loop. ;Loop ;{ #if WinActive("ahk_exe Cdisplayex.exe") :*:z::- Return #if WinActive("ahk_exe Cdisplayex.exe") :*:x::= Return ;} ;Return Can probably even throw them in at the top right after #WinActivateForce.
  9. That was my next guess. Glad it's working!
  10. It's [very] case sensitive. CDisplayEx #if WinActive("ahk_class CDisplayEx") :*:z::- Return
  11. I'll look into more in a little bit... but try putting them in squiggly brackets. Send, {-} Send, {=}
  12. Is "Cdisplayex" the Window title or the exe file_name? I think the "If WinActive" is looking for a window title and it's not directly finding it. Title (I think) need to be exact. So "Spider Man 01-01 - Cdisplayex" will not be found the same way. Anyway, so it then jumps the the Else statement. Try: $z:: if WinActive("ahk_class Cdisplayex") { Send, - } Else { Send, z } Return Or tidy things up a little..... (same result) #if WinActive("ahk_class Cdisplayex") :*:z::- Return The second you press "z", it'll instead send "-" ONLY if Cdisplayex is the active window. Otherwise a Z by any other name is still a Z.
  13. That's a pretty elaborate breakdown which will require some extra work on your part, as you've discovered. Personally, what I think would be the best way to organize that in LB/BB would be to have the one Platform (SNES) and then from it, create Categories and Playlists per your breakdown. (Again, just my opinion) "Proper" and "non-tedious"... probably not possible in this case. I think (there I go thinking again) the "easiest" way to do this is to start from scratch. That is, delete your current Super Nintendo Entertainment System Platform. Then.... Import your blurred out games [that don't fall into one of the other Categories] to get your SNES Platform started. (Drag and drop just those roms into LB.) In LB's left hand pane, right below "Search", select the view Platform Categories. Scroll down to SNES, right click it and select Add... New Category. Start wherever you want... name it appropriately. i.e. "SNES Hacks". Go to the Parents tab and uncheck "Root" and check Super Nintendo Ent Sys... Click OK. Now right click on the new "SNES Hacks" and this time add New Playlist. "SNES Hacks US". Unless ../Hacks/US has more of a breakdown. If so, you'll need another Category and THEN the Playlist(s). Set up all your other Categories and Playlists. (Since you can't add games to Categories, Playlists are needed.) Sounds like you know all that and ya, it's pretty tedious. But now that that's done, getting the games/roms into their respective Playlists is a little easier. Well, "easier" than going through them one-by-one. Drag and drop (using my example) just the roms located in ../Hacks/US (assuming there's no further breakdown below that) into LB, and putting them into your SNES Platform. When done, click Arrange By and select Date Added. The nice thing here is it'll show the Date, and more importantly, the Time they were imported. Select all the games that were added during the Time [of day] you added the US Hacks. Now right click on [one of] those and select Add to Playlist and then select "SNES Hacks US". 'Lather, rinse and repeat'. Hope that all makes sense and yes, we'll all agree it seems pretty tedious. But being 'completionists' and 'requiring' an elaborate breakdown comes great responsibility, time and effort. But daw-gon-it, in the end, it's a pretty sweet looking setup!!!
  14. Not so much a suggestion, but the 5 'admin' buttons I have on cab across the top are: P[layer]1-Start, P1-Coin, Pause/Play, P2-Coin, P2-Start White Green Red Green White Player1-Start is the HotKey (aka Shift-Key). So for Enter, it's P1-Start + P1-Coin. And for Escape, it's P1-Start + Pause/Play.As you can see, Player-1 Start gets pressed a lot (the little dude is warn off). If you're using an I-PAC encoder (others may be similar), the corresponding keyboard letter/numbers are (1, 5, P, 6, 2): Here's the whole thing.1, 2, and 3, below the right joystick are Left/Middle/Right mouse button clicks. For me, all I need for (use in) BigBox is Select and Back which is set to P1-Start and Pause/Play. Respectively. Well... and of course they left joystick for up/down/left/right.
  15. Must be from the PCSX2 Configurator plugin then. I saw it (SVN) in my root folder and assUmed it was innate to LB. My bad. 😊 (for the record, it was probably from an old version of the Configurator, which (I presume) now places it [appropriately] within the Plugins folder)
  16. Do you have another plugin you're using that's installing SVN there? The reason I ask is because the version of LaunchBox I have, has it's copy of SVN located in the root folder of LaunchBox. D:\LaunchBox\SVN
  17. Try: Close LaunchBox In Windows Explorer, navigate to your ../LaunchBox/Updates folder (i.e. D:\LaunchBox\Updates ) In that folder, delete the file "LaunchBox-11.7-Setup.exe". If you're updating to 11.8 or a beta, just look for the most recent file and delete it. Restart LaunchBox and try updating again.
  18. Not from within LaunchBox/BigBox itself. Your best bet is to open BB using a batch file (or AHK script if you'd prefer). Example batch file @echo off start "" "F:\path_to_run-before_program\my_OPEN_program.exe" timeout 3 cd "F:\LaunchBox\core" start /w "" BigBox.exe start "" "F:\path_to_run-after_program\my_CLOSE_program.exe" Load/Run the 1st program Pause (timeout) for 3 seconds to give it a chance to completely load. Start BigBox. the "/w" tells it to wait until BigBox exits before continuing. Once BB exits.... Load/Run the 2nd program.
  19. The integrations of Retro Achievements and LB's MAME High Scores Leaderboards are 2 separate animals. RetroAchievements.org has only specific emulators supported. One emulator being Retroarch. But only specific cores are listed as compatible. MAME is not one of them. The High Score Leaderboard is possible by using the Third Party app hi2txt and ONLY works using MAME standalone (vs the MAME core in RA). Hope that helps with some of the confusion.
  20. This plugin will import “Custom” made MAME xml files. With this plugin, you can import games from a Custom xml file into any Platform (new or existing) and set the Emulator for the imported games to whatever you want, regardless of the Platforms default Emulator (if importing to an existing one). If you import them into a new Platform, the “Scrape As” for the Platform will be set to “Arcade”. The xml file MUST be laid out in a standard MAME Machines format. MAME’s softlist xml files are formatted differently and WILL NOT work with this plugin. (Use the other plugin) This only imports the games into LaunchBox giving them their 'proper' game Name/Title as per MAME. Use LaunchBox's built in Download Metadata and Media Wizard to get you game data, images and videos. You'll also need to setup any required Custom Command Line Parameters for your Emulators (i.e. DEmul - for Naomi needs "-run=naomi -rom= ") History Years ago I imported a personally ‘curated’ set of MAME roms into LB/BB. This left out a lot of games available in MAME Including clones and games (partially or otherwise) unplayable in MAME. Including Sega Model 2/3, and Naomi. I keep this “personally curated set” in my D:\LaunchBox\Games\Arcade folder. I have also keep a Full (non-merged) set updated on my backup drive. Thought being, keep the games available in LaunchBox, “inside” LaunchBox while maintaining my full set elsewhere. As time went on and my Cab and I ‘matured’, I discovered SuperModel and DEmul. Great! But I can’t even create Playlists because these games aren’t ‘pre-existing’ in LB. So now it’s just a matter of getting those roms from the full set into LB/BB. That’s where this plugin comes into play. Using the plugin Download and unblock the zip. Copy the folder inside the zip into your ../LaunchBox/Plugins folder. i.e. D:\LaunchBox\Plugins\ImportMAMExml\MAMExmlImporter.dll Start LaunchBox. Select Tools, MAME xml Importer beta 0.01 The process should be fairly intuitive by just going through the Import Wizard. Select the folder where your Custom xml files are located. Select an xml. Choose a Platform (new or existing). Select your Emulator. Filter the clones (Import: All, as additional apps, none). Select the roms’ source folder (if copying them). Select the roms’ destination folder (required to set the launch path for the games). Select Copy & Import or Import Only. Creating your own Custom xml I imagine there are many different ways to do this and even places to download them. Here’s 2 methods to create your own Custom xml. In MAME itself: You’ll need the “driver.ini” file which you can get from http://www.progettosnaps.net/renameset/. Click on “category.ini (0.22x)” to download. Inside the zip file, copy the “folders” folder into your D:\MAME\ini directory. D:\emulators\MAME\ini\folders\ You may need to add ;ini\folders to your “mame.ini”, “inipath” line. (?) # # CORE SEARCH PATH OPTIONS # homepath . rompath roms hashpath hash samplepath samples artpath artwork ctrlrpath ctrlr inipath ini;ini/folders Open MAME and click “Category” [on the left pane]. Now select “File <driver.ini>”. Under “Group” select the driver you want to sort by and then “Return to Previous Menu” You’ll now see only the games (56 in this case) for this particular driver. Now click the yellow floppy disk at top [“Export displayed list to a file”] and double click “Export list in XML format (like –listxml, but exclude devices)”. Your “Custom” xml will be saved to D:\emulators\MAME\ui\exported.xml. If you do more than one, they will be named “exported_0000.xml”, “exported_0001.xml” and so on. Tip: If you want to expand you sort filters, instead of “Category” select “Custom Filter” (selecting the File and Group as one of your filters). Using the Arcade Database website: http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/default.php Click “Machines” “Additional Filters” “Driver” tab Under “Source File”, type in the driver you want to filter by. Click Search. You’ll now be seeing just the games for that driver/source file. Now click “Options” and select “Export the results”. Give it a Title. Click “MAME (xml)” and click “Export”. Your file is now downloaded. Tip: Look through the other tabs for more filter options. I don't know if this is practical or even useful for anyone else. Or if there's already an easier way to do it. But it was fun to make AND it works. At least it does on my cab. If you decide to try it and have any thoughts, suggestion or whatever (good, bad or indifferent), ... leave a post letting me know. ImportMAMExml-beta-01.zip
  21. I would screw it so bad if I tried that! lol And even though I didn't, I did see a better (code-wise) way to write it. Loop { IF ProcessExist("Retroarch.exe") { IF ProcessExist("CDisplayEX.exe") {} Else { Gui, Hide run, nomousy.exe Process, Close, nomousy.exe ExitApp } } Else { Winclose, Cdisplayex Gui, Hide run, nomousy.exe Process, Close, nomousy.exe ExitApp } Sleep, 2000 } ProcessExist(Name){ Process,Exist,%Name% return Errorlevel }
  22. @Zombeaver Process,WaitClose will hang up everything in the code that is after it, until it satisfied (RA closes). @Headrush69's code is much shorter and to the point. Whereas I tend to be more 'long-winded'. lol So if nothing else, chalk this one up as just another approach. Note, there's an added method [ ProcessExist() ] at the end. Loop { IF ProcessExist("Retroarch.exe") { } Else { Winclose, Cdisplayex Gui, Hide run, nomousy.exe Process, Close, nomousy.exe ExitApp } IF ProcessExist("CDisplayEX.exe") { } Else { Gui, Hide run, nomousy.exe Process, Close, nomousy.exe ExitApp } Sleep, 2000 } ProcessExist(Name){ Process,Exist,%Name% return Errorlevel }
  23. If the games (Disc's) are not combined in LaunchBox, (so 4 "different games") and you double click the one for "Disc 1", I think you indicated that it starts and runs the game as it should. If the answer to the above question is "no", you should be able to just remove the 3 remaining 'discs' from LaunchBox.
  24. Close. But I think I might have been partially wrong when I said the game redirects itself to steam.exe. I think what happens is, if Steam is not running [in the background] (and it may do it anyway if it is), when you launch a 'steam_game.exe', it closes (exits) then opens Steam, then reopens the steam_game.exe. The following worked for Harry Potter [Years 1-4]. Start your Steam games (the ones that are 'game_name.exe') like you did before. As in, just point to the games' exe file. Start you x360CE like however you did before. Create a new batch file with this text in it. This said file will have a ".bat" file extension. (BTW, you can never just change a file extension to .exe and have it work.) Under Additional Apps, click Add Application and point to this new .bat file. Now 'check' "Automatically Run Before Main Application" and click OK. @echo off Timeout 20 /nobreak :start FOR /F %%x IN ('tasklist /NH /FI "IMAGENAME eq LEGOHarryPotter.exe"') DO IF %%x == LEGOHarryPotter.exe goto start goto closed :closed c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /c c:\windows\system32\TASKKILL.exe /F /IM x360ce.exe What this batch file is supposed to do is... when you start the game in LB, it (the batch file) will 'put itself in the corner for a timeout' for 20 seconds. (This should be sufficient time for your game to do whatever the heck is going on in the background.) It will then check to see if LEGOHarryPotter.exe is running (which at this point it should be). It will keep checking until [when you exit the game] LEGOHarryPotter.exe is no longer running. When it's not, it will then execute the TASKKILL operation. Using this method you will of course need to change "LEGOHarryPotter.exe" (in TWO locations) to whatever the name of your executable is. And ya, a different batch file for each game you need to use this for.
  25. Even though you're using the games' exe, it still redirects to Steam.exe. So what's happening is you load X360CE, then 'game.exe' loads, this then loads Steam.exe and 'game.exe' closes. At this point your script sees your original "game.exe" close so it then closes X360CE. And the game plays on. I don't know off hand how to do it in a batch file, but you could do something similar to the post right above yours and compile the script to an exe. Then have this Run Before Main Application. Sleep, 7000 ;give time (7 seconds?) for Steam.exe to load [if it's not already] Loop { if !WinExist("ahk_exe Steam.exe") ;if the exe file is not running anymore { Run "D:\X360CE\x360ce-Killer.exe" Return ;and exit the script } }
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