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  1. As long as you got the MAME exe revision that matches the roms (which you did), just copying the exe is good. Sounds like the nn version you got didn't apply the Disable White Border patch. K.... back to digging... Under Edit Emulator for MAME in the Details tab, is the Emulator Application Path pointing to the correct folder/file? Is there anything else in the Default Command-Line Parameters than shown here?In the Associated Platforms tab, is there anything in the Default Command-Line Parameters? Is it checked as the Default Emulator (For "Arcade")?Is there anything in the other 2 'red-dot' tabs? (1st should be blank, 2nd will have 2 lines commented [ ; at the beginning]) Now edit Donkey Kong, in the Emulation tab, is the Choose an Emulator pointing to the same one you looked at a moment ago? Is the Use Custom Command-Line Parameters box unchecked?Lastly, have you ever had RetroArch setup as your MAME emulator?
  2. Nothing like a fresh start.?.?.
  3. Just tested puckman through LB and it saved the high score. Opened in MAME standalone, it was there. Opened again in LB and it was still there. Any chance you have more than 1 copy of MAME on your computer?
  4. This will probably need to be looked at by Jason. But 1st, to be clear, you're just talking about being able to save and see the high scores inside the [MAME] game itself? And not talking about being able to physically see the high scores inside LaunchBox with the new feature that's in the latest beta(s)? If it's the first one, read on. If it's the 2nd... well, the answers to the following will probably help (someone else) too... When you get/save a high score when running MAME in standalone, exit MAME, start LaunchBox (this is important to start LB after the high score was saved and you completely exited MAME), then open the same game through LaunchBox, does the new saved high score show in the game? Which game(s) are you testing with? Look on both your "hi" folder and "nvram" folder, which (if not both) has a file for the game? Actually, in the hi folder it will be a file (rom_name.hi) and in the nvram folder it will be a sub-folder with the same name as rom_name.
  5. Your ini files look good. And I'm sure the version of MAME (no-nag) you have is fine. MAME 0.216 as well should have no issues saving high scores. The hiscore folder inside plugins is fine too with those 4 files (Yes. Put there by default [auto generated]). Oh, a kind of required to save the high scores. In you main MAME folder, is there a folder called "nvram"? Are there files in there? If so, try moving/removing those. Have you play a game to the point where you got a high score? Preferably in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place and you got to enter you initials.
  6. If you have an existing .hi and/or .nvram file for the game, delete (or at least temporarily move somewhere else) those and test it again.
  7. Some do save. Some don't. For example Cubic and Quadric Distortion won't. But base settings like "hstretch" and "vstretch" will [to the rom_name.cfg file]. And I'm not sure if in your plugin.ini file you have to have writeconfig = 1 (turned on). How's that for adding more muck to the mix?
  8. That, you're going to have to research because I have no idea. Way beyond me.
  9. For creating different settings for different games (as in, one size DOESN'T fit all), you'll need to create a System ini for the "off" games. So, you wouldn't need one for SS2T as it's 'just about ok'. But for Ultimate MK3 you'd create "umk3.ini" with the brighter settings you desire. This process in itself would be a nightmare though. Plan B is find a setting that just about fits all.
  10. Anything is possible. You could use something like Display Fusion or Monitor Profile Switcher. I can't personally attest to Display fusion (mainly because I'm cheap frugal) but have heard many great things! For my cab, I use Monitor Profile Switcher, but for when starting BB. Not on a game-by-game basis. forums.launchbox-app.com/topic/47734-easy-multiple-monitor-configuration-switching-solved So you could setup your 'monitor profiles', then then set up the games you want 'switched' to switch Automatically Run Before Main Application and the switch back Automatically Run Main Application by adding Additional Applications to each. As for turning on the AVR and projector.... that gets you into the realm of CEC or home automation and the sort. But if you can get that working, may as well connect the coffeepot to the macro too and dim the lights. 😊
  11. What you're doing makes perfect sense. The order of precedence loads mame.ini 1st, then horizontal or vertical depending on monitor orientation. So ya, put all your horizontal info in mame.ini, delete horizontal.ini and then keep vertical.ini for those vertical games. There may be some minor nuances as to why they're separated out. But really, the only reason to keep both orientation files would be to satisfy your innate obsessive complex disorder.
  12. My guess it's the splitter. But use Process of Elimination... A) Swap the outputs of the splitter. Test. B) Take out the splitter completely and run just to the DVR. Test. C) Same as 'B', but bypass the pass-through in the back of the cab. Test. D) Either 'B' or 'C' AND unplug from the DVI Is the HDMI port 'tagged' as Monitor 1 and the DVI as 'Monitor' 2 in Windows? If not, the DVI could be "hijacking" the audio such that Windows only uses the Motherboard's audio out jack.
  13. There're In-Game and Title snaps on ProgettoSnaps. (Under Software resources)
  14. @ed20910 Back to your original question (srry 'bout that)... My cab uses the I-Pac2 encoder-whatever thingy for the joy/buttons/spinner. It's Pause button is tied to "p" and for Exiting is uses Escape, which on the cab is Player1_Start + Pause. Player1_Start is set to "1", but is also a modifier when pressed with another "key". That's how it was when I got it and haven't had any issues. But it shouldn't make any difference using 2 separate buttons or a button plus a button with a modifier button. We're still pressing "P" and "Esc". Though it may make a difference if you don't press the modifier button 1st. As for the table still running, it might be table dependent. When I 1st setup VPX in LB/BB (actually fast-forward to when Jason implemented Pause) I recall that it (probably "I") was having issues with Pause even showing up. But that's all moot now. I honestly never paid attention if the table actually paused in the background or not. I didn't and don't "hear" it sill running when paused. So am I getting a "true" Pause?... dunno. I'd be more inclined to use an AutoHotkey script than incorporate joy2key, as it's already pseudo built-into LB/BB. Either way, it'd be something like... If "P" is pressed, sendkey "Q". then If "1" or "P"(again*) is pressed, sendkey "R". The "1" key being whatever you have setup in LB/BB as "Select" because both "Select" (if you haven't moved the 'cursor' in the Pause menu) and "P" will bring you out of the Pause menu. *You'd need to setup the "P" key-press in the script as a Boolean so that you can keep track of whether you're 'inside' the Pause menu or not. Ugh. If you can get joy2key working, kudos to you. lol If you want help figuring something with AHK, I'd be happy to help. And so it be known, I have never used nor ever had a desire to use Rocket Launcher. Nor have I ever experienced that other frontend. The only other frontend I've use was Maximus Arcade. Which honestly, is great for what it does. Hmmm.... don't recall if it had pause. I think it was strictly emu dependent.
  15. It is poor Pinball Etiquette to "Pause" in the middle of a game. That said, I did some looking... VPX's innate pause feature is tied to Escape. (as you stated) But the tables' programmer has to have the init_something_or_another in the script. Which most, if not all, will. Until now, I don't think I've ever tried to pause it mid-ball-roll. It seems that it will pause the ball rolling, but not RIGHT as you hit the button. But it does bring up LB's pause menu. I don't have anything special setup in LB for VPX emu.... Command Line -minimize -exit -play and the Pause tab just has "Enable.." and "Suspend..." checked. Here's my VPX controller config setup. Maybe you can see something I did a long time ago and forgot about. lol Now I can't attest to it working in BB as I usually only use that on the TV with the 360 controller. It seems kind of sac-relig to play pinball with a handheld controller. Just sayin'.
  16. @ed20910 Without looking at mine and 'shooting from the hip'.... is your cab pause button also assigned to pause in VPX?
  17. You're Welcome! And it's nice to see 'the fix' can be replicated on someone else's machine. Also, it appears I haven't checked on my tables in the last 6 months as I still only had Flintstones for VP9. The 'updated fix'.... increase the timeout period. Right now it's set to 15 seconds (-15000). Go ahead and set it to.. heck, I don't know... 60 seconds (-60000). Seems that even with this longer loading time, the PinMame banner is still the 3rd iteration of vpinballx.exe. So as soon as it sees it the 3rd time, it'll send the key and exit. Otherwise, in 60 seconds it'll say "I've waited too long. I'm outta here". And definitely!!!!... it will be used in my cab now too! 👍
  18. My inner-Geek said our proposed 'solutions' were unacceptable. Place this inside your VPX emulator "Running AutoHotkey Script" tab. Done = 0 SetTimer, WaitedTooLong, -15000 While (!Done) { WinGet, numOpen, count, ahk_exe vpinballx.exe if numOpen = 3 { send, s Exit } } WaitedTooLong: Exit
  19. Woo Hoo!!!! So you heard the 2 beeps. Did the popup go away [sooner than usual]? To get it to work differently for different tables, I see 2 options. 1 - Create multiple VPX emulators (as above) with different delay ("Sleep") times. Then find which delay time works best for each table and assign that respective emulator to that table. 2 - Download/install the Full AutoHotkey program, add the script (like our 1st feeble attempts) to each and every table [that uses PinMame] and adjust the delay time accordingly. (Optionally, with the Full AHK installed, compile each script to an .exe) ..Both of which would be a p.i.t.a. depending on how many tables you have. Plan "B" would be to settle for a happy medium, like maybe 4.5 seconds (4500).
  20. Just had an epiphany... It might be working on mine because I have Full AHK installed and the when you add an Additional App, there's a reason that it defaults to looking for an executable file... LB doesn't run ahk scripts in this manner. Remove that Additional App from you table(s) and save. Go to "Tools", "Manage Emulators" and double click your Visual Pinball X emulator. Click on the "Running AutoHotkey Script" tab and in the blank area, paste the code #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases. SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability. SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory. SoundBeep,1000,1000 Done = 0 SetTimer, WaitedTooLong, -15000 While (!Done) { WinWait Preparing Table SoundBeep,,1000 Sleep, 3000 Send {s} Exit } WaitedTooLong: Exit Note: I changed the Sleep line back to 3 seconds. Now Save and run a table. Oh, and make sure the volume's up.
  21. LB knows where to look for [it's own copy of] AHK. But based on where you said it was located ../LaunchBox/AutoHotkey/autoHotkey.exe , you're not on the latest beta version. Which shouldn't make any difference. More of a comment than anything. So you heard the beep when you drag-drop the script onto AutoHotkey.exe. But when you start a table that has the "Addition App" [the script] , you don't hear any of the beeps. Not even the 1st one. That's saying.... well... the script is not being ran at all. I think you said you have the Full AutoHotkey program on your "Z" drive. (again, makes no difference as long as LB has its' copy). In the Full version, there should be a sub-folder called "Compiler". In there, run "Ahk2Exe.exe". Point to the script ("Source") file, set the destination (same folder or wherever), then click ">Convert<". Now go to Additional App and point to the new .exe file (instead of the .ahk file). Try the table. If I mis-read and you don't have the Full AHK, never mind. Just press your Start button when you see the popup [PinMame] window. lol
  22. Set the 2nd SoundBeep to the same thing, and try AC/DC (or whichever table) again.
  23. Volume's up? Hearing aid batteries fresh? Got the audio piped through the sub woofer on the stereo? lol OK, so the sound idea for some reason isn't going to work. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!............ we know (at least we think we do) the script and AHK work. Oh snap! Uh... try changing "100" to "1000" in the 1st SoundBeep line and do the drag and drop thing.
  24. Not sure why it's looking for AutoHotkey.ahk. Drag you VPX.ahk onto AutoHotkey.exe and see if there's a beep.
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