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  1. MAME did a relatively extensive update in 0.227. Some with the roms (as usual) but more-so with driver source files (which actually broke a few of the Arcade Machines [I believe that's been taken care of in the Developers release]) Are your no-intro sets slated for 0.227? It may be worth testing them with an older release. 0.226 (5? 4?) or whatever the release is they were 'made for'.
  2. @Joe35car Here's what I learned... As of MAME 0.225, the only required file for odyssey2 was just "videopac.zip". Whereas before it was 'odyssey2.zip'. As of 0.227, it now also needs "i8244.zip". And still, no odyssey2.zip. I know it was (is?) a clone of videopac, just relaying what I read. MAME 0.227 softlists don't even have odyssey2 (xml nor game-roms) any more. (I know you're using a no-intro set. Just pointing out what I discovered hoping maybe it'll shed some light for you.) But the "odyssey2.zip" rom is still in with regular MAME. (historical reference??) So it looks like the associated hash file is videopac.xml as there is no longer an "odyssey2.xml" in the current set. The MAME (0.227) required files are "i8244.zip" and "videopac.zip". Again, no odyssey2.zip showing as being required. But if you run stand-alone MAME without it, it won't show in the Available list. and then if you do have it, the games for won't show as Available if they're in the ../odyssey2/ folder. BUT rename it ../videopac/, they will show as Available. Without changing anything In LB (which was basically just pointing the game to ../odyssey2/rom_file.zip, and pointing the emulator to MAME), I added the 2 fore mentioned files to my MAME/roms folder and renamed my ../MAME/software/odyssey2/ folder to ../MAME/software/videopac/, everything launched perfectly from LB. Note: for my MAME emulator in LB, I have the 2 checkboxes checked to use No Quotes and Filename Only. Thus not needing to change the path for the rom location in LB. [I'll clean that up later] Hope you can decipher all that, assimilate it to your setup and get it working.
  3. To clarify, are you wanting to set-up/use just stand-alone MAME to run Odyssey2 through LaunchBox? Or are you wanting/trying to use the MAME core through RetroArch to run Odyssey2 through LaunchBox? And do you want to incorporate Rocket Launcher when you run Odyssey2 (be it via stand-alone MAME or RetroArch)?
  4. Glad that all worked! As long as the machine (game) is 'marked' by MAME as being vertical, the others should be good to go.
  5. For getting Odyssey2 going, there's some information here: Don't know anything about Rocket Launcher (I've never used it) and have never used RetroArch to run MAME. But the above post does talk about using the stand alone MAME emulator for Odyssey2.
  6. Glad to hear it's getting resolved. Ya, if you have them scattered around (like I do ) the rompath can get messed up pretty easily. But really it's not that bad. rompath "roms;G:\Roms\MAME NonMerged;G:\Roms\MAME CHDs;G:\Roms\MAME Software List ROMs (split)" Separate each one with a ; (semi colon) and put a " (double quote) and the very beginning and the very end. The quotes are only needed if you have s p a c e s in your path_name [like all mine are], but just put 'em in anyway and save a headache down the road.
  7. My bad... I was looking at my "test" LB install and didn't have any BB bindings set. Looked at my cab's InputBindings and see <InputBinding> <InputAction>BigBoxExitGame</InputAction> <ControllerHoldBinding>Button6</ControllerHoldBinding> <ControllerBinding>Button7</ControllerBinding> </InputBinding> <InputBinding> <InputAction>LaunchBoxExitGame</InputAction> <ControllerHoldBinding>Button6</ControllerHoldBinding> <ControllerBinding>Button7</ControllerBinding> </InputBinding> But you may want to do your testing and see if/what changes in BigBoxSettings also.
  8. @Zeosstud You can't really be adding new elements to the xml files. Modify existing values, ya. Adding new element/values, no. I think what you might be looking for is in BigBoxSettings.xml. ControllerAutomationCloseButton But you may want to look into why your controller is not 'playing-nicely' with BB and get that sorted.
  9. It might be in the ../MAMEUI64/INI/ folder. If it's not in the MAMEUI64 [root] folder or the INI subfolder, then you need to "create" one. (easy peasy) Launch MAMEUI64.exe Click Options and then "Default System Options" Check (or Uncheck [opposite of what it is]) one of the boxes (say... "Run in a window") Click "Apply" Uncheck (or check [reverse]) that same box Click "Apply" Close that window and exit MAMEUI64 Your mame.ini will (should) now be in the ../INI/ subfolder. If it's not... yup, get rid of it and get the Official version of MAME.
  10. That's an option. A long_download option. But an option non-the-less. My thought is if they worked just a few weeks ago, there's really no reason they shouldn't now. Though sometimes a 'fresh start' can be good. But if you want to troubleshoot some, leave a reply.
  11. @JaysArcade From how I'm envisioning your Vertical Theme (which I could be totally off base), sounds like a "Default Marquee" folder in "platforms" is what's needed (vs adding marquee priority options). Kind of likeOf course I added that in myself, so t'ain't going to work. But if say... in Atari 2600, if 'Adventures of Tron' didn't have its own marquee, whatever is in that folder would show instead.
  12. I tested sfiii and sfiii3, jojo (Don't have Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure, just Jo Jo's Venture) and redearth (don't have Red Earth 'Wizard')... all chd's and all worked. MAME stand-alone revision 0.227. Of those 4 chd's, the most recent one is dated 2019. As in I've updated the MAME emu, but have not checked if the chd's have/had been updated [for a couple years]. When you open MAME [stand-alone] and then click "Available" on the left hand pane, do those games show up? If so, can you show us a screen shot of the red box error message that pops up, please.
  13. Could it be the 2 right above "Viking's Nostalgia.."? (I am not affiliated with the creation of these themes. We [the actual creator and I] both just happen to have cool names. )
  14. [For stand-alone MAME] you say "many" of them show the loading screen then just go right back to LaunchBox. Does that mean "some" of the games will load and run correctly? I presume they 'all' worked in the past. Again, I haven't had any issues with LB/BB betas (nor Official Update Releases) causing emulators to stop working. That's not to say it doesn't happen. If you run MAME outside of LaunchBox, do the games work there? (You can right-click a game that isn't working in LB and select "Open MAME..." to start MAME. Look for that game and double-click it.)
  15. The game orientation detection is emulator based and is not for LB/BB to decide. That said, for MAME edit "mame.ini"... search for "# CORE ROTATION OPTIONS" and set "autoror" ['auto rotate right'] to "1" to automatically rotate the screen clockwise 90º for "vertical" games. Set "autorol" to "1" rotate it counter-clockwise. If you'd rather feel like you have a little more control, [instead of above] in your ../MAME/ini/ folder create a "vertical.ini" file and put in there # # CORE ROTATION OPTIONS # rotate 90 ror 0 rol 1 autoror 0 autorol 0 flipx 0 flipy 0 This will rotate it left (rol [counter-clockwise]) 90º. Set rol to 0 [zero] and ror to 1 to rotate it clock-wise. At least this worked for me in the quick, couple little tests I did. And BTW, setting 'rotate' to "45" doesn't work like that.
  16. Are you wanting to run your setup with both emulators for "Arcade" (stand-alone MAME and RetroArch w/MAME core)? I haven't seen any issues with using the recent betas and MAME (stand-alone). (I don't (won't) use RA for MAME/Arcade).
  17. Grey means it's a "clone" where white titles are parents. Since you clicked "Available", that means in your ../roms/ folder is the file_name it's looking for ("mspacmanbg.zip"). The big ugly red error message [last image] means there are roms inside the zip file missing. The 3 missing roms indicate it was looking for them in mspacman.zip ("mspacman" in parenthesis). Since I don't see "Ms Pac-Man" on the listed 'available' machines (games), you probably don't have that zip file. However those 3 files should actually be in the mspacmanbg.zip file. You may have a "split" set (which I'm not really familiar with) vs a "merged" or a "non-merged" set. Regardless, the set of 1706 'games' you found may be a hodge-podge collection. As opposed a true set for MAME 0.227 [to match your mame64.exe version]. Props on doing some process of elimination and finding some that 'do' work. Now go find a romset that is truly for revision 0.227. Personally I prefer non-merged sets. But my only basis for that is I'm a creature of habit. lol And if it aint' broke, don't fix it.
  18. 1st off, great job with all the screenshots! Thank you for those! Fortunately/unfortunately, everything there looks great. Do the games show up in MAME standalone as "available"? (in Windows Explorer, double-click on mame64.exe then on the left pane, click "Available")(after clicking available, the number [underlined at the top] should be greater than 0 [zero]) Do the games run in MAME standalone? (double-click on "Ms. Pac-Mac ('Made in Greece'.....)" [the game referenced in you above pict])
  19. Install AutoHotKey. It doesn't have a built in editor, but any text editing program works. Notepad++ is always highly recommended. With AHK, I haven't seen a way to open a program (i.e. Paint or Photos) to a specific "monitor" (i.e. monitor #3). On the same token, you can't move a 'window' to a specific monitor # either. I think how it needs to be done with AHK is to open the image, then move the 'window' to the coordinates of the 3rd monitor (and then maybe Maximize the window. To get you started, you'll want the 'coordinates' of the 3 (actually just the 3rd) monitors. You can use SysGet for this. SysGet, MonitorCount, MonitorCount SysGet, MonitorPrimary, MonitorPrimary MsgBox, Monitor Count:`t%MonitorCount%`nPrimary Monitor:`t%MonitorPrimary% Loop, %MonitorCount% { SysGet, MonitorName, MonitorName, 2 SysGet, Monitor, Monitor, %A_Index% SysGet, MonitorWorkArea, MonitorWorkArea, %A_Index% MsgBox, Monitor:`t#%A_Index%`nName:`t%MonitorName%`nLeft:`t%MonitorLeft% (%MonitorWorkAreaLeft% work)`nTop:`t%MonitorTop% (%MonitorWorkAreaTop% work)`nRight:`t%MonitorRight% (%MonitorWorkAreaRight% work)`nBottom:`t%MonitorBottom% (%MonitorWorkAreaBottom% work) } When you run this (via AutoHotKey), you'll get 1 plus the_#_of_monitors_you_have popup messages. I have 2 monitors, so I get 3 messages. Here, my Primary monitor (#1) is a 1920 x 1080. My 2nd monitor (#2) is a 1280 x 1024 (don't ask. lol) and is LEFT of the Primary monitor (that's why its' coordinate is a negative number). WinMove is the next command you'll want to read up on. So if I wanted to move the "Notepad.exe" window to the upper left-hand corner of Monitor #2 and then Maximize that window to fullscreen SetTitleMatchMode, 2 WinMove, Notepad,, -1280, 0 WinMaximize, Notepad SetTitleMatch, 2 is used here to look for a window that "contains" the specified WinTitle parameter. "Notepad" in this case. If you open a new instance of Notepad, you will see that the actual WinTitle is "Untitled - Notepad". Play around with all this, study and learn, and when you get really stuck, feel free to ask. Again, this'll get you started.
  20. [Not to stray from "Vertical Asperations"...] @SilverChin There's some discussion about exiting FX3 here: Pressing Alt+F4, whether you launched FX3 from LaunchBox or from BigBox will (should) have the same effect.
  21. He's referring to the Game Startup Screen for the emulator itself.
  22. The alt tab might 'work itself out'. As in there isn't anything weird about FP that you need to change a setting or anything. Though I haven't really played it in a while. Give it some time then post back if it's still an issue. The fpl files are to be placed in the ../Future Pinball/Libraries folder. And then you still just launch the Table with the [regular] fpt file.
  23. In BigBox, go to Options, Game Details and check/un-check what you want to see/not want to see.
  24. I think you need to set up the keyboard/controllers in BigBox separately. [in BigBox] Options, Keyboard Mappings. and Keyboard Automation. Or if you have your IPac-4 set to XInput, then you probably need to look at Options, Controllers. and Options, Controller Mappings.
  25. Sounds like the table doesn't have 'focus'. For troubleshooting.. (as good as place to start as any) when the game loads and none of the buttons do anything (i.e. coin and start), try pressing Alt+tab to set the 'window' in focus..
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