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  1. Someone else is going to have to help. I've never worked with multi-discs. This doesn't make sense though. Either way [combined or separated], when you double click the "Disc 1" image, LaunchBox is telling the emulator load Disc 1. No more. No less. Out of curiosity, with them combined, if you right click the game/image and then left click the one that says it's for Disc 1, do you get the same thing?
  2. With the "4 games" in LB, is there ever a need to actually launch "Disc 2" or "Disc 3" or "Disc 4" directly from LaunchBox? If not, just remove those last 3 from LB. When you say "merged", are you talking "Combined Selected Games" so that three of those are now Additional Apps to one? If so, make sure your Main/Default game is pointing to "Disc 1". If it's not or you are unsure, edit the [Combined] games and look at the "Additional Apps" section. It'll show all 4 discs. Highlight the one for "Disc 1" and click "Make Default" and then click OK. If you're talking you did something to physically merge the 4 bin files into one single bin file... Don't do that.
  3. Are you in "View Platforms"? (vs Platform Categories)
  4. How are you starting these games and the other programs? Did you create an 'emulator' that loads all these plus the game? Or do you launch them directly (with no attached emulator) like with a batch file (not to be confused with a 'script' like you show above )? If it's the latter (no emulator) which is what it sounds like, [one method is] you'd need to compile the above AutoHotkey script (convert it to an exe file) then attach it to the game as an Additional Application and set it to "Automatically Run Before Main Application". The "Return" is not necessary, but you will need to add ExitApp at the end to exit the script. Sleep, 15000 Send {F11} $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe Bluestacks.exe WinClose, ahk_exe Bluestacks.exe WinClose, ahk_exe HD-agent.exe WinClose, ahk_exe HD-player.exe WinClose, ahk_exe BstkSVC.exe ExitApp } Also "WinClose" is a lot 'nicer' way to shut down a program.
  5. Have you had this working specifically with FS-UAE before? I don't have this setup on my cab anymore, but I'm guessing what might be happening is the emu's command line is using Launcher.exe but this then spawns something else like "fs-uae.exe" or "fs-uae-launcher.exe". So when you launch a game, HRC-50hz, kicks in and then Launcher.exe starts. The problem then is (assuming I'm correct) Launcher.exe starts fs-uae-launcher.exe (or something else similar) then exits itself. Which [Launcher.exe] is considered the Main Application. So HRC-60hz now kicks in and the game plays. Unfortunately it's now playing at 60hz. And if I'm totally off base, never mind. 😊
  6. I suppose, if you're getting your Sega Model 2 roms from a source other than MAME.
  7. Oops. Ya, I was using "Daytona" as my [created] Platform. So definitely will produce different outcomes. Here some sample runs. [If I did did enough of them] you'll see a pattern. Platform: Sega Model 2 Scrape as: N/A Emulator: Dolphin (as in Not MAME) Force MAME: No Daytona USA daytonas.zip Daytona USA Special Edition daytonase.zip Daytona USA daytonat.zip Daytona USA daytonata.zip Daytona USA daytona.zip Daytona USA daytona93.zip Daytona USA daytonagtx.zip Daytona USA daytonam.zip ================================ Platform: Sega Model 2 Scrape as: N/A Emulator: Dolphin Force MAME: Yes Import Clones: checked Everything Else: Un-checked Daytona USA daytonas.zip Daytona USA Special Edition daytonase.zip Daytona USA daytonat.zip Daytona USA daytonata.zip Daytona USA daytona.zip Daytona USA daytona93.zip Daytona USA daytonagtx.zip Daytona USA daytonam.zip ================================ Platform: Daytona Scrape as: Sega Model 2 Emulator: Dolphin Force MAME: No daytonas daytonas.zip daytonase daytonase.zip daytonat daytonat.zip daytonata daytonata.zip daytona daytona.zip daytona93 daytona93.zip daytonagtx daytonagtx.zip daytonam daytonam.zip ================================ Platform: Sega Model 2 Scrape as: N/A Emulator: MAME Force MAME: N/A Import Clones: checked Everything Else: Un-checked Daytona USA daytonas.zip Daytona USA Special Edition daytonase.zip Daytona USA daytonat.zip Daytona USA daytonata.zip Daytona USA daytona.zip Daytona USA daytona93.zip Daytona USA daytonagtx.zip Daytona USA daytonam.zip
  8. Short answer: Despite what you see in Files.xml*, LB won't find/import "dayton93.zip" *** as it doesn't exist in MAME (anymore**). Long answer: I did a drag & drop [import] of the daytonaxx roms and all 8 imported. I checked the box in Neil's pict "Force Using MAME...". And then selected Import All Clones, and un-checkd all other boxes. Note: Tested with "Scrape As - Arcade" and also "Scrape As - Sega Model 2" . While testing this, I realized I have "daytona93" and not "dayton93". Looking into a little... **back in MAME Release 0.133u1: "Renamed (dayton93) to (daytona93)". *The file you want to look into is Mame.xml (vs Files.xml) if "Force Using MAME..." is checked (and/or using MAME as the emulator). Mame.xml Name FileName Daytona USA daytona Daytona USA daytona93 Daytona USA daytonagtx Daytona USA daytonam Daytona USA daytonas Daytona USA Special Edition daytonase Daytona USA daytonat Daytona USA daytonata ***If you do not check "Force Using MAME...", and "Scrape As" "Sega Model 2" AND use an emulator other than MAME, "dayton93" will Import. But you won't get the proper Names. File "daytona.zip" will be given the Name "daytona", and not "Daytona USA".
  9. @Antny The "@" probably shouldn't be at the beginning. Also your "-framefile" file should probably have the full path to it, and be in quotes. Is the "-script" pointing to a file also? And maybe flip the slashes around (not sure if that matters or not). start /b daphne.exe singe vldp -fullscreen_window -framefile "F:\JoeWasHere\singe\timetraveler-v2\frame-timetraveler-dvd.txt" -script "F:\JoeWasHere\singe\timetraveler-v2\dvd-timetraveler.singe"
  10. For what it's worth, future readers will appreciate your confirmation. Glad it's working now!
  11. @W4rCh1ld Hmmm. The last idea I have is to try setting a key delay SetKeyDelay, 0, 50 $Esc:: Send, ^q or do it 'longhand'. $Esc:: Send {Ctrl down} Sleep 50 Send {q down} Sleep 50 Send {Ctrl up} Sleep 50 Send {q up} Also make sure you've been using the dollar sign ($) in front of "Esc::".
  12. @launcherbox Assuming it's a Windows game... Can you write a batch file that has the commands to mount the disc (mount.bat). And then another one that un-mounts it (unmount.bat). Then in LaunchBox, have the 'game' point to the exe, an Additional app checked to Run Before Main Application (mount.bat), and another Additional App checked to run After Main Application (unmount.bat). Otherwise, if you have your steps 1 and 2 working, step 3 would be something along the lines of Sleep, 7000 ;give time (7 seconds?) for CivIIG to load [if it's not already] Loop { if !WinExist("ahk_exe Civilization_II_Gold.exe") ;if the exe file is not running anymore { Run, "D:\DameonTools\unmount.com D:\MyGames\CivIIG.nrg" ;ummount the disc Return ;and exit the script } } Obviously fixing the games exe filename and the path/commands/etc for un-mounting the disc. And depending on the rest of your code, "Sleep" may or may not be required.
  13. @W4rCh1ld You only need to put it in the Running AutoHotkey Script tab under Edit Emulator. (A little confusing. But ya, just the one location) If Kronos is running (either through LaunchBox or directly from Windows), if you 'manually press' Ctrl+Q on the keyboard, will it exit the game (and close the emulator)? Are you using just the keyboard? Or trying to get this to work with a controller [also]?
  14. What exactly have you tried? Have you tried this: $Esc:: Send, ^q
  15. Not for certain, but try this start /b Daphne.exe %1 vldp -fullscreen -x 640 -y 480 -framefile "D:\Emulators\Daphne\vldp\%1\%1.txt"
  16. It's not possible to make Future Pinball portable. Though I think the install doesn't add any files outside of the FP directory, it does add several things to the Registry. VPX is the same way.
  17. No. It'll use the same numbers. If you don't mind doing a little experimenting/troubleshooting... with your N64 controller plugged in and no other controllers, try this Joy10:: KeyWait, Joy10, T1 if (ErrorLevel) Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} Launch a game and once it's loaded, press and hold your Start button for 2 to 3 seconds. If all goes well, it will close your emulator. And if not, it's probably a problem with the joy #. Read more here:
  18. Do you have more than one controller? Are you using controller #1? Are you pressing and holding button 7 before pressing button 8? Are you sure those are the correct button numbers for your controller?
  19. Try swapping Joy7 and Joy8. Also I think you need to tell it which controller you're using [by adding the "1" at top]. 1Joy8:: If GetKeyState("Joy7") { WinClose, ahk_exe {{{StartupEXE}}} } Here, you need to press (and hold) Joy7 first, and then press Joy8. Also, the "WinClose" is a better exit command to use. Just sayin'.
  20. That's an interesting way to close an emulator. Well, I should say that's new to me. But if it works, great! Any chance you tested it by pressing Escape on your keyboard? Just curious. Because if that doesn't work, neither will the following. And using Escape (just for initial testing purposes) makes it easier to troubleshoot if there are issues. Similar to Esc:: before, but using the joy button run, "full\path\to\BetterJoyForCemu.exe" 1Joyx:: { WinClose, ahk_exe BetterJoyForCemu.exe WinClose, ahk_exe dolphin.exe } Replace the "x" in "1Joyx::" with the button number corresponding to the "Close Active Window" button you setup in BigBox. (It should show you the button 'number'). For example, if it says 'button 12', you'd use "1Joy12::".
  21. @The_Keeper86 So the "command" is press the PS & ∆ buttons at the same time? Hmmm...... well then.... I have no idea. I can tell you how to say, open NotePad if the PS & ∆ buttons are pressed. [Detect an XInput Button press] But I have idea how to... if Notepad is opened, 'press the PS & ∆ buttons'. [Send an XInput Button press] Obviously an oddball example, but detecting and sending Xinput stuff are two different animals.
  22. Just did a little testing with this and it seems the Escape hotkey here messes with closing the emulator. For my tests I used notepad.exe instead BetterJoy. The Running AutoHotkey Script does indeed load BEFORE LaunchBox has the emulator run the game. But when I hit Escape, Notepad (in my sample test) closes, but Dolphin (also tested with MAME) does not. When I hit Escape again, it still doesn't close. Verified Dolphin had focus and still wouldn't close with Escape. So plan "B" (verified to work with Notepad and Dolphin) run, notepad.exe $esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe notepad.exe WinClose, ahk_exe dolphin.exe } @otavioraposojr Just replace "notepad.exe" (2 spots) with your BetterJoy executable filename ("BetterJoyForCemu.exe"?) and put this is the Running AutoHotkey Script tab as Koroth said. run, "full\path\to\BetterJoyForCemu.exe" $esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe BetterJoyForCemu.exe WinClose, ahk_exe dolphin.exe } (Of course changing the "full\path\to\" in the 1st line)
  23. Edit the game that's missing the image, go to Media - Images and select Download Media and then uncheck all boxes except Screenshot -Gameplay and click Download. If you have EmuMovies setup, be sure to uncheck/check the boxes on that tab as well before downloading.
  24. @The_Keeper86 Sort answer: no. Medium answer (which is actually a question): is there a command of sorts (or program) you can run that will actually "turn off" a controller? Longer answer: assuming the answer to my question is yes, the easiest way to do this is to create a batch file that starts BigBox, waits for it (BB) to close and then runs the "program" to turn off the PS4 controller. @echo off d: cd "D:\LaunchBox\Core" start /w "" BigBox.exe cd "D:\PS4_Controller_Folder" start "" "Turn_Off_PS4_Controller_Program.exe" If you're feeling really ambitious, you could create a plugin and use the API call "BigBoxShutdownBeginning" and then run your "turn off" program there.
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