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  1. @PiperCalls Remove both "return". And if the Esc function doesn't work, put a "$" in front of it. Run, C:\DisplayChanger2\dc2x86.exe -configure="1080p60.xml" Run, E:\Launchbox\Games\Teknoparrot\Sega Nu\Luigi's Mansion Arcade\exe\x64\Game Loader All RH.exe $Esc:: Run, C:\DisplayChanger2\dc2x86.exe -configure="4K60.xml"
  2. If that's a direct quote, then no. You could have either an hi file, an nvram file or both. After seeing I had an hi file, then next thing I checked was if there was an nvram file, and there wasn't. For MAME to create (and read) a high score file (hi or nvram), what it needs is located in the ../MAME/plugins/hiscore/ folder. What hi2text needs to read the file(s) is its hi2txt.exe and hi2txt.zip files. I believe it's pretty self contained, but for some games it may need (or that is merely capable of utilizing) the ../MAME/plugins/hiscore/ hiscore.dat file. Is there a hiscore.in
  3. @GreatStone I did some troubleshooting with Bubble Bobble. With the latest hi2txt release 1.12 (which is what LaunchBox is currently using) hi2txt gives an error reading bublboblr.hi [Clone], but has no issues with bublbobl.hi [Parent]. The error reads hi2txt.exe -rd bublboblr.hi ERROR: Wrong SPECIAL ITEM COUNTERS value (0x0E) encoding detected: it can be due to a temporary corrupted .hi or nvram file However when using hi2tx.exe release 1.10, it reads both bublboblr.hi and bublbobl.hi just fine. (I didn't have release 1.11 to test with) Attached are the debug and traces f
  4. @filarenas3 Which version of the rom are you using? bublbobl.zip? Or a different one like bublboblr.zip? I got the same error with bublboblr.zip, but when I switched back to bublbobl.zip, it worked.
  5. You are correct. Though some emulators will let you mix around the parameters, Yuzu doesn't seem to like it. (actually tested it this time 😊)
  6. I think this works. (I believe if you place %romfile% somewhere in the custom command line, it'll move "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE" to that location. It may not reflect on the edit emulator screen, but will when it executes) yuzu.exe -g %romfile% -f Or just put the -f first yuzu.exe -f -g
  7. @Cnells2000 On your 1st one here, you left out "ahk_exe". (kind of important. ) $Esc:: { WinClose, ahk_exe noxplayer.exe ExitApp } Also, if you "think" it's called "noxplayer.exe" and it turns out it's not, it's not going to work. (also kind of important. )
  8. I read that too but had no luck either. Well, I think it worked once but couldn't reproduce it again after that. Go into Configure.. - Hotkeys and verify that the Fullscreen Action is set to F11. In the back o f my head I think I also [had to?] remapped "Exit Fullscreen" to something arbitrary like "J". I gave up on all the other theories that [supposedly] "work" and just put this in the Running AutoHotkey Script for the yuzu emulator. SetTitleMatchMode, 2 Loop { ifwinactive, yuzu { send {F11} break } } Sleep, 1000 SetKeyDelay, -1, 110 MouseMove, 192
  9. I reread your post (a lot more carefully this time). Since your script is an already compiled exe file in which everything works, what you can do is: Write another script and compile it. Then in LaunchBox, Edit your Raiden IV game, go to the Additional Apps section, click Add Application. Browse to the location for this newly compiled script and select it. Check the box for Automatically Run After Main Application. Click OK. In this new script, put WinClose, ahk_exe MyRaidenScript.exe Replace "MyRaidenScript.exe" with the name of your compiled .exe file that you're wanti
  10. I looked into this a little... A_Hour only returns a two digit (whole) number (00-23). So we only got "lucky" when we changed what we thought would be the minutes, when in fact it was the 'hour' change (from 23 to 22) that made it work. lol We live and learn. I don't know what the command line parameter is to load a config file for RetroArch. If you know what is, it can be added to the "Run" statement in the script. But if you're loading different ones for different games (vs different Platforms) it could get tricky.
  11. Well, I didn't change my system clock to test it. lol But ya, finetuning the variables definitely gets it more precise. in fact may want to change the upper limit. If A_Hour between 06:59 and 21:01 That way "7" and "21" are BETWEEN the two in the true sense of the word.
  12. @RetroFanZ Launches both? That's not good. lol The "and" doesn't seem to doing what [I think] it's supposed to. Also you shouldn't the 2nd "If" statement. Time for Plan "B". romPath = %1% If A_Hour between 07 and 21 Run, "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch - Sega Saturn\Sega Saturn - Jour\retroarch.exe" -L "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch - Sega Saturn\Sega Saturn - Jour\cores\Sega Saturn.Dll" "%romPath%", 1 else Run, "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch - Sega Saturn\Sega Saturn - Nuit\retroarch.exe" -L "F:\Emulateurs\RetroArch - Sega Saturn\Sega Saturn - Nuit\cores\Sega Saturn Nightly.dll" "%romPa
  13. @Gerald You kinda said (and your script shows) that you remapped the Escape key to F2. (Just like you remapped Alt to x) I assumed F2 was what you pressed to quit Raiden [if a keyboard were connected]. As in, you press Escape (or the equivalent button on your cab) and it sends F2 to the game to exit it. So if you were playing the game, and say you did have a keyboard, what would you press to quit the game? Or did you not mean to remap the Escape key and pressing it actually exits the game already?
  14. LCtrl:: z Alt:: x $Esc:: { Send, {F2} ExitApp } "ExitApp" will close the script after it 'presses' F2 [to close Raiden]. You probably don't need nor want to have "#SingleInstance, Off". Thought it shouldn't be an issue because of "ExitApp", if something weird were to happen, you wouldn't want it running 2 (or more) instances. If you're adamant about having something there, I'd recommend using "#SingleInstance, Force" instead.
  15. I don't recall writing that step. So we'll start again from scratch (with a little better details). 1) Create a new text file and save it to somewhere you won't forget nor accidentally delete. Say somewhere like "D:\LaunchBox\ThirdParty\AutoHotkey\MyAHKs\" 2) Inside that text file, put: romPath = %1% If A_Hour >= 07 and A_Hour <= 21 Run, "D:\Emulators\retroarch\retroarch.exe" -L "D:\Emulators\retroarch\cores\Nintendo Famicom Dayly.Dll" "%romPath%", 1 else Run, "D:\Emulators\retroarch\retroarch.exe" -L "D:\Emulators\retroarch\cores\Nintendo Famicom Nightly.Dll"
  16. Easiest way (I can think of) is to create a new Emulator similar to the steps listed here: The script portion is, of course going to be different and you'll need to make one for each Platform (or make 1 that's a_litTLe_moRre_coMpLEx). Sample Famicom Platform: romPath = %1% If A_Hour >= 07 and A_Hour <= 21 Run, "D:\Emulators\retroarch\retroarch.exe" -L "D:\Emulators\retroarch\cores\Nintendo Famicom Dayly.Dll" "%romPath%", 1 else Run, "D:\Emulators\retroarch\retroarch.exe" -L "D:\Emulators\retroarch\cores\Nintendo Famicom Nightly.Dll" "%romPath%", 1 Adjust the paths
  17. Create a new text file and save it to somewhere you won't forget nor accidentally delete. Say somewhere like "D:\LaunchBox\ThirdParty\AutoHotkey\MyAHKs\" Inside that text file, put: Sleep, 20000 Send, ^0 $Esc:: { Send, !{F4} ExitApp } Now save the file, but save it with an "ahk" file extension. Say something like "noxScript.ahk". (make sure it doesn't save as "noxScript.ahk.txt") In Edit Game, go to the Additional Apps section and click Add Application... Give it a Name. In the Application Path, Browse to your ../LaunchBox/ThirdParty/AutoHotkey/ folder and sel
  18. MAME stand alone (i.e. mame64.exe) and MAME being ran through RetroArch, though essentially the same, are 2 different animals when it comes to troubleshooting. You indicated you have RetroArch and MAME installed and mentioned you tried 'in just MAME' (leading me to think you tried in MAME stand alone). Please clarify. A lot of times, "missing files" can be caused by using mismatched roms and the executable (or in the case of RetroArch, core). But probably more-so are caused by acquiring incomplete rom sets. Does your rom set version match the version of your MAME executable and/or
  19. You're missing files. Are you getting your MAME emulator from https://www.mamedev.org? The 1st error is referring the folders/files that should be in the language subfolder of MAME.
  20. @Jayinem Ya, I was thinking more along the lines of type that into a Google search and see what comes up. The 2.0 vs 3.0 thing just happened to have gotten caught in the snapshot. Am pretty sure there are several other things listed to check.
  21. To [initially] create the "mame.ini" config file, at the command prompt type mame64.exe -cc and press Enter. It'll either save it in MAME's root folder or in it's "ini" folder. Check both locations. But when you double clicked Save Configuration, it should have (I think) created it.Regardless, the above command will create it. If it doesn't, you have other underlying issues.
  22. You could probably write a script to check it (and possibly reconnect it). But you'd be much better off fixing the underlying issue.
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