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  1. Nice! Never knew about EXEC. It worked with enthar7, but for egghead I get I am using the MAME SWL dumps. Which just now checking, the xml says it's a 5.25 but in the History database it says it's a 3.5". eh... either way, it doesn't work (for me). No worries. Any other little ditties your holding out on us with? lol
  2. mame64 electron -exp plus3,bios=4 -flop D:\MAME\software\electron_flop\enthar7.zip The "ADFS" are 3.5" floppies and the "DFS" are 5.25". Nice find on the "bios=4"! What rom did you get it to work with this? (enthar7 and egghead didn't work) I doubt you'll be able to get these into one electron.ini file unless you learn how to create an autoboot_script to load.
  3. Definitely need the delay. classarc.zip & crazeeri.zip work. Both have a .afd file in the zip. So, if doing it straight from the command line mame64 electron -autoboot_delay "2" -autoboot_command "*cat\n\n\n\n\n\n*run !boot\n" -flop D:\MAME\software\electron_flop\classarc.zip or simply add autoboot_delay / _command in the electron.ini file, nice find @kurzih!! egghead.zip does not work (with this command) and has a file ext (inside the zip) of .ssd
  4. Hmmm..... no idea. If the tape started playing, either you pressed F2 or maybe you have an apple2p.ini file somewhere that's loading up stuff for you.?.?. But here, [even if starting apple2p empty (no cassette)] I get the logo at the top (and nothing else) like what you had....Then pressing Ctrl+F12, the screen goes black, and the ] cursor appears in the bottom left (and a white flashing block on its right)
  5. After loading apple2p, were you able to see the "]" prompt after pressing <Ctrl>+<F12>?
  6. Based on that info, I'd say try cleaning the recorder heads 1st. Here's some more stuff I've learned..... <Ctrl>+B <Enter> loads "Integer Basic" for the apple2 system. The > prompt. Some of the games need to run in "Applesoft Basic". Depicted by a ] prompt. For example "B-1 Nuclear Bomber" (cassette). You will need to load these cassettes using the apple2p system rom file (a clone of apple2). (Unless you can figure out how to load Applesoft through apple2). When the blank-ish screen comes up, press <Ctrl>+F12 (en lieu of <Ctrl>+B). Then proceed as before. A 3rd type will run from just the "Montor". The * prompt you initially see when loading apple2. An example is "3D Star Fire". But instead of typing "LOAD" and "RUN", these require a top secret set of characters to be entered. OK. So maybe not top secret, but they are a little cryptic (at least to me). In the example of "3D Star Fire", you launch the cassette through MAME using the apple2 system file. - At the * prompt, type in 30.3FR (do NOT press Enter yet!) - Now press <Scroll Lock> then <F2> then <Enter> You can find all these secret codes, or "usage" values in the apple2_cass.xml file. You can also view the using the MAME ui. Note that these will show which prompt you need to be in. So in the xml you'll see the usage value as shown above which means... At the "Monitor" prompt, type in 30.3FR (as in, don't include the "*") You may be able to create a per game ini file and under SCRIPTING OPTIONS and place the 'secret code' in the autoboot_command. At least for the ones that run from the Monitor prompt. Though I'm sure there's some other secret code that can pass Ctrl-B and Ctrl-F12 for the other 2 respectively. (still learning)
  7. The main reason is that the Community voted for other features over this suggestion during the last poll(s?). But I can guarantee you that that the author would have no issue with Jason incorporating it into LaunchBox. Though I highly doubt the author even has any rights to it. But that's neither here nor there. I'm sure it will show up on the next poll but as you know, majority rule (and of course if Jason feels like it ). Until then, a 35KB download, place the folder/file in Plugins and (as Emeril would say) "BAM!", you're in business! (actually that last part was me )
  8. It happens. lol Good to hear it was an easy 'fix'.
  9. You say you have it working in MAME just fine. Do you then have a button for Player 1 Start and another button for Player 1 Coin? (aside from the 6 action buttons you indicated). If you do, by default, the IPAC in keyboard mode has the Player 1 Start button also act as a modifier. So if you press and hold Player 1 Start, and then press Player 1 Coin, it will send "Enter". So it works just like a button combination you might set up for your XBox 360 controller. (Again noting the IPAC is seen as a keyboard whereas the 360 is seen as an XInput device.) You can test if your IPAC is still in keyboard mode by opening Notepad (or similar) and press buttons 5 and 6. Those should be assigned to the letters "X" and "Z". If nothing appears or gets typed in Notepad, try pressing all the buttons. 😊
  10. What do you mean by "can't get the games to run"? Are you meaning launch (start) a game from LaunchBox by pressing a button? When you use the keyboard to launch/start a game, I assume it's by pressing the Enter key. Unless you reconfigured the IPAC to be seen as an XInput device, you won't be able to map it as a "controller" in LaunchBox. By default, the IPAC is seen as a keyboard (as opposed to an XInput or DInput device). The joystick works because it's (usually) always seen as Up/Down/Left/Right keys.
  11. The Z-axis would be the 'variable' trigger on an Xinput controller (like seen on an XBox 360 controller [and others]). Variable: i.e. squeeze the trigger a little, it gives a little gas, say in a racing game. The IPAC-2 has the ability to switch [input] modes so that it can be seen as Keyboard (default), Dinput or Xinput. But it needs to have firmware version 50 which looks like may only be available in newer IPAC's. Yours, having the PS/2 connector on it is 'older', but may still accept the firmware upgrade. Not sure. But I'd recommend keeping it in keyboard mode. The relevant info for the IPAC-2 with a PS/2 connector isn't available on the site. But looking at their Mini-PAC, which does have info for its PS/2 connection model, and I believe uses the same IC chip, states: "Selective up/down key repeat", meaning that just the up/down keys can repeat (when using a PS/2 connection) helping it stay 'safe for games'. [Also, having all keys repeat via a PS/2 connection may overload the computer's CPU. No the case with USB]. This up/down repeat [ via PS/2] may have been implemented after your board was produce. I have the Mini-PAC [circa 2006] in my cab which has the PS/2 connector on it. The cable running from it to the PC is PS/2 on one end and a PS/2 & USB on the other. I don't have a PS/2 connection on my PC, otherwise I'd give it a test. But my joystick up/down scrolls though the games in LB same as the up/down key on the keyboard does. If for some reason or another it ends up that it "just plain won't work" with your IPAC-2, you could do something like assign Shift + joystick Up/Down to PageUp/Down. Where Shift (by default) is the Player 1 Start button. Just a thought.
  12. @happyskibunny I was reading up on something else and came across something regarding that if it's plugged in via PS/2 it doesn't have auto repeat. But if plugged in via USB, it does. I can't find it again right now, so I may have been looking at a different Ultimarc board. But if you can come across a PS/2 to USB cable (and have an available USB port), it might be worth a try. Plan "B" is to email Andy at Ultimarc and ask 'the man who knows'.
  13. My 1st thought was "where else would you use an IPac?" But then I 'became-the-wiser' and thought about something like a homemade Mayflash F300 of-sorts. I got a flip down 'tray' that has the keyboard velcro'd to the inside. That is an awesome idea to re-purpose that area/space to a wheel mount!! 👍
  14. That's good to know about the switch-over/Windows-recognize delay time. Thanks! [Hijacking this thread for a sec...] I got my cab years ago and for some reason all along I thought (assumed) it had an IPac-2. Taking the panel off to get a closer look, it appears I might have an older [circa 2006???] Mini-Pac 2. It does use the same IC chip as the "really old" IPac-2's (except this one is surface mounted). [my board pict] This 'new insight' is based off the 1st image in a write-up/review from here. https://www.retroblast.com/reviews/Ultimarc_Mini-Pac-08132006-01.html Also, "MP-2" was a subsequent giveaway (that I just now realized. You know, "putting 2 and 2 together." lol) [back to our regularly scheduled thread..] I'd agree with @Headrush69 that keeping it in keyboard mode is best. LaunchBox (and BigBox for that matter) doesn't need an Xinput device to function at all. And really, I can't think of anything to gain by switch the IPac mode to it. Even for emulators. At least for all the ones I use, I've been able to set them up using keyboard mode. Even Wii (Dolphin). Though I REALLY DON'T recommend it. lol That's where the 360 controller comes in handy.
  15. If that works only for the UI and not for the game, go to ..\Emulators\Dolphin\User\Config\ open Dolphin.ini. In the [Display] section (down around line #44), set RenderToMain to False. [Display] FullscreenResolution = Auto Fullscreen = True RenderToMain = False RenderWindowXPos = 0 RenderWindowYPos = 0
  16. Open Dolphin. Drag it to the monitor (TV) where you want it display on. Close Dolphin. Open Dolphin.
  17. Thank you very much. Both of you. It's been a fun project/learning experience. I haven't looked at all, but if you can find a current compiled 'category'-type file for Software Lists, it's definitely something that could be looked into.
  18. Well Snap!! The latest hash file (0.220) also [still] says "cart". Never would have thought to cross check with the -listmedia. Well played @Headrush69 Thanks! I may need to rethink how I pull the info to use in the Software List Import Tool. Then again, I'm thinking for a few anomalies, it'd be easier to stick with the hash file and answer questions later.
  19. That page pulls it's info directly from MAME itself (via -listmedia) which in turns coincides with the MAME hash xml (-cart or -cart1..). I found it (-rom1) under Media Options on the Arcade Database for the Aamber Pegasus. Don't now where they pull their info from.
  20. Use -rom1 instead of -cart in the command line
  21. To work in LaunchBox, you shouldn't need to have it in Xinput mode. That said, I didn't realize this was even possible.... https://www.ultimarc.com/control-interfaces/i-pacs/i-pac2/ Click on the Multi-Mode tab. If your I-PAC2 has firmware version 50, you can easily switch it between Keyboard/Dinput/Xinput modes.
  22. Boot from command line? That's all it was? Really? 🙄 lol Glad you solved the mystery.
  23. Your joystick connected through your IPac-2 should be tied to the keyboards Up/Down/Left/Right arrow keys. When you have a game selected, and then hold the joystick down, it should zip right through them (same as the down arrow key). The 'focus' need to be in the games section though.
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