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  1. I apologize. I assumed you were sort-of combining the 2. Sometimes after importing images, they won't show (regardless of the "-01" suffix). If that does happen, you can select all games in that Platform, then press F5 to refresh images. (Or for just one game, select it and press F5) But the "-01" shouldn't be a factor as it's there by design. Regarding the 3D-Boxes, that's sounds like a Theme specific issue. Which Theme design is a whole 'nother can-of-worms beyond me. xaml (and WPF) and I don't get along. lol
  2. Ahh.... the caveats of 'converting' one program to another. That (unfortunately) make sense. LB has done pretty well with importing games (unless you're using some obscure curated set(s)), matching the names to the LB database ID then downloading media from both LaunchBox and EmuMovies, with little to no "...Hey!! That image [or video] doesn't go with that game!". Ya, some slip though, but it's gotten way better. I don't know for sure, but I think to a degree they do. I have found that if I had an imported game that I didn't 'link' with a LaunchBox ID, that it [sometimes] could fi
  3. If I'm reading this correctly, you basically have to 2 sets of MAME roms. A Full Set that that is maintained with monthly[ish] updates. And your 'personalized' curated set you keep in LaunchBox. If so read on. If not, ignore me. There's probably an easier way, but the way I (used) to do it was through a simple batch file and using robocopy. After updating the Full Set, I simply run the batch file. Rem ******************************* Rem Copy/overwrite files from source directory to destination directory Rem ONLY if they already exist in the destination driectory. No other f
  4. Don't use the Sega Model 3 UI (or whichever variation you have) program to run it in LaunchBox. Just point it to supermodel.exe.
  5. That's some pretty good filtering that LaunchBox does for you already considering there are over 13,600 working Machines (games) in MAME to begin with. Talking about it here is a good start. But also putting in a Feature Request will give it a little more weight. At the top of this page, click Help & Support and then click Request a Feature. I believe this has been talked about before and may already be a requested feature. And if it is, definitely vote for it. On occasion the Developers will put out a Features Poll to the LaunchBox/BigBox Community (you, me and everyone
  6. I think this still works... Follow the Setting up: and Using: directions and on step # 4, enter in: cpc6128 -cfg_directory ".\cfg\%1" -joy -snapshot ...then click Finish. The result for the game(s) should look likeI've never set up cpc6128, but I assume "-joy" is a standalone parameter so that it can be in the 'middle' as show. You'll need "-snapshot" at the end as LaunchBox will automatically add the rom_name to the end of he string.
  7. I've never had that issue. But then again I only have the one free table (Fish Tales). So never attempted opening a 2nd table.
  8. Then Importer Tool is never wrong. lol jk However, unless I'm totally misreading what your wrote, that stands true in this case. ??? The [!]** was removed (in MAME) as of MAME revision 0.221. As per [0.227] cdi.xml. **The addition of the [!] is used in the TOSEC naming convention. As are the use of iso/cue files (vs chd's). Which appears MAME (at least in this case) doesn't use. (I hope I didn't misunderstand you and go on an abstract tangent)
  9. MAME did a relatively extensive update in 0.227. Some with the roms (as usual) but more-so with driver source files (which actually broke a few of the Arcade Machines [I believe that's been taken care of in the Developers release]) Are your no-intro sets slated for 0.227? It may be worth testing them with an older release. 0.226 (5? 4?) or whatever the release is they were 'made for'.
  10. @Joe35car Here's what I learned... As of MAME 0.225, the only required file for odyssey2 was just "videopac.zip". Whereas before it was 'odyssey2.zip'. As of 0.227, it now also needs "i8244.zip". And still, no odyssey2.zip. I know it was (is?) a clone of videopac, just relaying what I read. MAME 0.227 softlists don't even have odyssey2 (xml nor game-roms) any more. (I know you're using a no-intro set. Just pointing out what I discovered hoping maybe it'll shed some light for you.) But the "odyssey2.zip" rom is still in with regular MAME. (historical reference??) So it loo
  11. To clarify, are you wanting to set-up/use just stand-alone MAME to run Odyssey2 through LaunchBox? Or are you wanting/trying to use the MAME core through RetroArch to run Odyssey2 through LaunchBox? And do you want to incorporate Rocket Launcher when you run Odyssey2 (be it via stand-alone MAME or RetroArch)?
  12. Glad that all worked! As long as the machine (game) is 'marked' by MAME as being vertical, the others should be good to go.
  13. For getting Odyssey2 going, there's some information here: Don't know anything about Rocket Launcher (I've never used it) and have never used RetroArch to run MAME. But the above post does talk about using the stand alone MAME emulator for Odyssey2.
  14. Glad to hear it's getting resolved. Ya, if you have them scattered around (like I do ) the rompath can get messed up pretty easily. But really it's not that bad. rompath "roms;G:\Roms\MAME NonMerged;G:\Roms\MAME CHDs;G:\Roms\MAME Software List ROMs (split)" Separate each one with a ; (semi colon) and put a " (double quote) and the very beginning and the very end. The quotes are only needed if you have s p a c e s in your path_name [like all mine are], but just put 'em in anyway and save a headache down the road.
  15. My bad... I was looking at my "test" LB install and didn't have any BB bindings set. Looked at my cab's InputBindings and see <InputBinding> <InputAction>BigBoxExitGame</InputAction> <ControllerHoldBinding>Button6</ControllerHoldBinding> <ControllerBinding>Button7</ControllerBinding> </InputBinding> <InputBinding> <InputAction>LaunchBoxExitGame</InputAction> <ControllerHoldBinding>Button6</ControllerHoldBinding> <ControllerBinding>Button7</ControllerBinding> </InputBinding
  16. @Zeosstud You can't really be adding new elements to the xml files. Modify existing values, ya. Adding new element/values, no. I think what you might be looking for is in BigBoxSettings.xml. ControllerAutomationCloseButton But you may want to look into why your controller is not 'playing-nicely' with BB and get that sorted.
  17. It might be in the ../MAMEUI64/INI/ folder. If it's not in the MAMEUI64 [root] folder or the INI subfolder, then you need to "create" one. (easy peasy) Launch MAMEUI64.exe Click Options and then "Default System Options" Check (or Uncheck [opposite of what it is]) one of the boxes (say... "Run in a window") Click "Apply" Uncheck (or check [reverse]) that same box Click "Apply" Close that window and exit MAMEUI64 Your mame.ini will (should) now be in the ../INI/ subfolder. If it's not... yup, get rid of it and get the Official version of MAME.
  18. That's an option. A long_download option. But an option non-the-less. My thought is if they worked just a few weeks ago, there's really no reason they shouldn't now. Though sometimes a 'fresh start' can be good. But if you want to troubleshoot some, leave a reply.
  19. @JaysArcade From how I'm envisioning your Vertical Theme (which I could be totally off base), sounds like a "Default Marquee" folder in "platforms" is what's needed (vs adding marquee priority options). Kind of likeOf course I added that in myself, so t'ain't going to work. But if say... in Atari 2600, if 'Adventures of Tron' didn't have its own marquee, whatever is in that folder would show instead.
  20. I tested sfiii and sfiii3, jojo (Don't have Jo Jo's Bizarre Adventure, just Jo Jo's Venture) and redearth (don't have Red Earth 'Wizard')... all chd's and all worked. MAME stand-alone revision 0.227. Of those 4 chd's, the most recent one is dated 2019. As in I've updated the MAME emu, but have not checked if the chd's have/had been updated [for a couple years]. When you open MAME [stand-alone] and then click "Available" on the left hand pane, do those games show up? If so, can you show us a screen shot of the red box error message that pops up, please.
  21. Could it be the 2 right above "Viking's Nostalgia.."? (I am not affiliated with the creation of these themes. We [the actual creator and I] both just happen to have cool names. )
  22. [For stand-alone MAME] you say "many" of them show the loading screen then just go right back to LaunchBox. Does that mean "some" of the games will load and run correctly? I presume they 'all' worked in the past. Again, I haven't had any issues with LB/BB betas (nor Official Update Releases) causing emulators to stop working. That's not to say it doesn't happen. If you run MAME outside of LaunchBox, do the games work there? (You can right-click a game that isn't working in LB and select "Open MAME..." to start MAME. Look for that game and double-click it.)
  23. The game orientation detection is emulator based and is not for LB/BB to decide. That said, for MAME edit "mame.ini"... search for "# CORE ROTATION OPTIONS" and set "autoror" ['auto rotate right'] to "1" to automatically rotate the screen clockwise 90º for "vertical" games. Set "autorol" to "1" rotate it counter-clockwise. If you'd rather feel like you have a little more control, [instead of above] in your ../MAME/ini/ folder create a "vertical.ini" file and put in there # # CORE ROTATION OPTIONS # rotate 90 ror 0 rol
  24. Are you wanting to run your setup with both emulators for "Arcade" (stand-alone MAME and RetroArch w/MAME core)? I haven't seen any issues with using the recent betas and MAME (stand-alone). (I don't (won't) use RA for MAME/Arcade).
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