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    I love this theme! It has a lot of information displayed without looking overly cluttered. The sound pack, start screen and end screen complete the experence. Only minor critque I have is that I wish the pause screen would allow me to look at the manuals. Other than that, 10/10.
  1. I realize this fourm is long dead, however, I just want to say that I love your work @PaDeMoNiuM. I used a lot of your videos in my personal build. Thanks for all of your hard work for the community!
  2. Can we get support for "My Boy!"? It's GBA emulater that can actually emulate a link cable. Thanks for all the hard work!
  3. So hyped for this android version!
  4. If the icons for the types of controls icons does in fact end up high on poll, it would be possible to have seprate icons for holding the wii-mote controler veritically (like wii sports), or horizontally (like Donkey Kong Country Returens)?
  5. Not a problem! As for the steam link issue, ETA Prime made a video a while ago about getting it to work with Big Box. In short, you have to add big box as a game on steam and run it through that. Otherwise, its gonna mess with the controls.
  6. You should look into Parsec. It's a remote desktop that allows you to access your computer from another computer.
  7. Please direct your attention to the parsec intagration option on the poll. If anyone is unaware, parsec is a virtual desktop program that allows you to control another computer from your own system, at a respectable latency rate. Using this program, it is possible to play a game or ROM with a friend, without leaving the house. Wanna have 35 round game of Mario Party with your friend in Texas? No problem. Need to prove once and for all that you are the Street Fighter 2 battle master to your brother in Maine? Not an issue. Wanna enjoy a fun day of Kirby with your significant other in another country? Don't even sweat. While this definitely isn't the only cool thing on the poll, it is really exciting, and should have more votes in my personal opinion. Thank you all for your time, and thank Jason for all being extremely involved in this community.
  8. You sir have inspired me to do the same thing. Thanks for the project!
    They look really sweet! thanks for all the hard work!
  9. Was having this issue, and this fixed it, thx!
  10. I would love a playlist. You are the true hero
  11. Just noticed, on the Pikman 2 video, the front of the case is Paper Mario. Other than that it looks good
  12. Thank you so much! Just as a whole, thank you for all this work!
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