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  1. Thanks!!!! Looking Forward to it!
  2. Hi, Very great work! Is there any possiblity that you could provide us a community creator version of coinop redux? Mine reslotuion is 16: 10 and it sometimes get little weird. Thanks!
  3. Ok! Thanks for the information. May I ask when the 1.9 version of Community Theme creator would be out Can't wait!
  4. Thanx!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could know understand how to make it work. What about the persentage? It won't show any word
  5. Hi, kindly could you inform me how to use battery indicator fuction? I have tried that but it wasn't working for me.
  6. Hi, Jason. Thanks for letting me try this out. I found the bigbox translation are not in the zip file. ( like theme specific option, etc)
  7. Yes , I am a native Simplified Chinese speaker . But I can also do traditional Chinese if you want since my mother is from Taiwan. I actually notice two small localization errors in Chinese. The previous translator misunderstand the word “ Completed” in Launchbox. The word in Launchbox should refer to finish/accomplish the game , however , he put the word “完整” which refers to (something is complete, no part is missing) another meaning of “completed”. I really like Launchbox and I would like to support it. Thanks!
  8. Hi Man, this is a super nice cache!!! Is there any way I could change the text localization? I would like to add chinese to the meun, simply change "quit save load ....etc" to Chinese
  9. I Got the same issue too. I have no idea what is going on
  10. Hi Thanks for the amazing theme, is there any possibility that you could share the community version of the theme with us so we could fix some of the screen adjustment difference by ourselves?
  11. Hi, Nice Theme!!! I really like it. Is there any possibilty that you could share the community version of this theme? I had a windows handheld device and it's in 800p which is 16:10 as the aspect, I would like to change the theme to 16:10 fit. Thanks for the theme!
  12. Thanks for the information. Your theme is really wonderful and I literally using your chrome metal theme to study how to use theme creator from the base Thank you
  13. Thanks ! Good to know ! Is there any possiblity that you could add multiple different UI sound packs to different platform?. I would like to use NS sound pack only in Nintendo Switch platform and using PS4 sound Pack only in PS3/PS4 platform.
  14. I Could do both because if you translating directly from Simplified Chinese to Tradition though Google would make it 99% right . I was a Chinese international student studying in CA with Simplified Chinese as my first language back in 2018.
  15. Hi, Thanks for the Creator!! Is there any chance maybe could add a 16:10 aspect ratio into the theme creator? It would really helped. If there is anyway that you could make Wheel image also display in theme creator it would be even better
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