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  1. Hi, Could I ask for a Nintendo Super Famicom platform background? I really really like the design of it, the file only contains Snes instead of SFC, I was wondering if anyone could make it. Thanks
  2. @faeran Never mind, really nice Theme, Thanks for the hard work! I Made a Street Fighter background
  3. Hi, Thanks for the fantastic Theme! I really like you theme, however, is there any possibility that you could provide other platform's background with PSD files? I would like to replace the shader(The one with word "Detail") in each platform. Thank you very much!!!
  4. @Rincewind Thanks a lot! I will try to change it by myself. But I am pretty bad at that, what I would like to do is to change the Vertical Game Wheel one ( upper left side in the cover art box) . It by default is 3D box + Platform device, I would like to change platform Device to disc/cart .
  5. Hi man, Thanks for the hard work. I really like your theme, however, I would like to change one thing, hope if you could help me. </TextBlock> <TextBlock x:Name="Prop_Image6_FileName" Visibility="Collapsed"> <TextBlock.Text> <MultiBinding Converter="{StaticResource GetMediaFileName}"> <Binding Path="." Source="FileName;Platform;Device-FallBack.png;pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/Pyramids/Media/Devices"/> <Binding Path="." Source=" "/> <Binding Path="ActiveGame.Platform"/> <Binding Path="ActiveGame.ApplicationFileNameWithoutExtension"/> </MultiBinding> I would like to change the upper left of the game to 3D box plus disc instead of 3D box + platform device as it right now. Kindly could you please inform me how to change it. Thanks!@Rincewind
  6. Hi! If possible , I would like the following game please: 1) Terraria 2) Sekiro 3) Don't Strave Together 4) Stardrew Valley 5) Monster Hunter World Thanks a Lot!!!
  7. Hi That's looks so great! How could I download it
  8. I use my portable disk to copy my launch box file from one computer to another. However, I miss click and performing two different launch box in the same pc. afterthen I get strange bugs. Big box way too long loading time, launch box will get no responses if I click the option. I tried to use retroarch in this PC also get no response. I restart my pc, it get back to normal for the first time , few mins later when I tried second time. It getting non response again. sorry for my poor English but I actually get very sad and it drive me crazy now. It’s a brand new PC. I bought it just for big box. Please if anyone could help to solve my problem. I know the disk has no problem.
  9. Dear Cemfundog! I experiece some trouble and really need your help I tried every wheel, but for the game list, only Nintendo Entertainment System and Nintendo Game and watch has device background for the game list. (Like what you show in video, you have TVs, Arcade, Handheld background for each specific platform games) I really want that design but I could not fix it. Kindly If you could help me to solve my Problems
  10. Hi, I am currently using your theme and it is very good! However, I want to add some collections (but I still missing some logo) Kindly could you provide us a templet for clear logo? Thank you very Much!!!
  11. I experience the same issue, I found that my bigbox tooks around 2mins to startup with my desktop (i9 9700 and 1080Ti 16G DDR4 ) , however when I bring my bigbox to my company and it only took a few sec to launch, they both are same and my company's desktop is much worse than my home one. From this point, I test a lot (rebuild system, change SSD, ect) but It still not working. Besides that, I found retroarch also took different startup time.
    you are amazing! I used your video for steam platform! Kindly if you are interesed, could you please consider if following game you would like to try for updated video theme. 1) Seikiro 2)Dota2 3)Divinity_ Original Sin II 4)Don_t Starve Together 5)Portal Knights 6)Farm together 7)Human Fall Flat 8)Overcooked 2 9)Darkness Dungeon 10)Monster Hunter World Thanks again for your amazing work!
  12. Wow, this looks amazing!!! I will try this out and give you some feedback. Hopefully will get updated with other platform as well.
  13. I have experienced an issue that I can's display any logo (neither Platform Logo nor Game Logo) I did not know what is going on, I tried to fixed it but still not working. It display only words but I am pretty sure my Logo is fine since My other theme could recongnized them.
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