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  1. I like that you've kept the blur effect feature as users can play with small values to get a faint blur without slowdown.

    It was Jason's 200 radius that caused my slowdown and not the shadows whatever they are. A zero radius returned my scrolling to normal.

    Nicely done but I still prefer to use your bad old monkey theme due to the overall style of Jason's new default one.

  2. I only have a very small MAME platform in LaunchBox. I started out doing 3dboxes for my MVS games but then decided to do the full MVS official releases set, eight of which are in the db. I also added UGC type 3dboxes I did for my six Konami games to the db. Maybe that's what you saw?

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  3. Hi @viking

    I have the following videos if they are of any use

    An MP4 platform video for the EACA Colour Genie
    H264 640x480 25 fps 36.5 secs with sound

    A collection of 16 MP4 game videos for the Enterprise
    H264 320x240 30 fps of various lengths (29 secs to 37 secs) with sound

    A collection of 9 MP4 game videos for the Memotech MTX 500/512
    H264 320x240 25 fps of various lengths (20 secs to 50 secs) with no sound

    And for the Colour Genie images these are the best I have without infringing.
    One is Public Domain and the other is LaunchBox Dropbox repository.




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